Rockstar Games must improve these things in GTA 6

Rockstar Games must improve these things in GTA 6

Undoubtedly the experience of the GTA players has aroused a large number of diverse opinions, both for better and for worse. Today I return with the same but with a format to the contrary, since  I would like to focus on all those points that the fans would not like to see in an upcoming Rockstar title that's right, I'm talking about the things that players don't want to see in a next GTA 6.

There are many things that Rockstar games need to improve in GTA 6. Some of them, have been listed below:


As for the filler missions, it is nothing new to see Rockstar attempt to innovate with each game, but they do all they can to ensure that the player continues to engage with the experience.

Although each business attempts to reach a monthly activity level via updates or micro-transactions, it is difficult to accomplish this goal, without eradication of unnecessary weapons that are in Game.

Lack of Interaction with Others

Digital material of all sorts is available for purchase via this company. 

In order to provide fans with more digital material, 75 has included downloadable content. 

This is where the problem comes, since everything sold should be controlled to fit into the story or setting of the game, rather than just being placed into a DLC pack for everyone to enjoy. 

If we have already seen it with lasers and future weaponry, then the lack of human connections such as lovers or friends should be incorporated in the game. A girlfriend or close trusted pals were out of the question in Grand Theft Auto V.

Beyond Michael and his immediate family, the individuals are forced into the story without any genuine emotional connection. 

We hope he continues to refine his skills, since more reliance on them may make the game more entertaining for all players. Advances and inventions that are realistic

As far as sequels go, we've already seen what they're capable of. There is no better company than them. It is delivering a strong triple-player game to the market. 

Nevertheless, they serve as a model to be emulated. Consider the possibility that we should This is particularly true after experiencing Red Dead Redemption 2's amazing realism for yourself. 

It would be nice if the game didn't get repetitive. It is presently the greatest open-world game ever created, according to many critics and players alike.

Characters have very low stamina

They operate on the same level of reality as your soul interfering with the lights on or your horse being tired while running.

 A player becomes frustrated as a result of this, and they are always concerned that it may happen at the worst possible moment. 

In order to keep the game's pleasure and entertainment value high, it is essential to include extremely realistic mechanisms with a certain amount of regulation in GTA 6.

Missions that are required to be completed with compulsion

Even while having a schedule to follow is beneficial if we want to complete the game, there is something else to keep in mind: 

Because of the filler missions, it is obvious that they were expected to see them as a duty in order to continue enjoying the story. 

In your opinion, don't you? Rockstar's real intentions would be revealed if they made that choice, which is to produce a video game that is focused on what they want while ignoring user input, which is still less significant than what we have already done.

Those looking for a varied array of people that contribute to the game's world rather than detract from it will find it in Grand Theft Auto 5. As far as I'm aware, they don't play a significant role and disappear very immediately. 

Same story-line

Building a story that is repetitious feels like a waste of time and effort. Because Rockstar has consistently selected storylines that follow the same game pattern, they have a clear understanding of what their customers desire and can profit on that understanding.

Using it in every game is a given. They each do something amazing, displaying a ground-breaking breakthrough in their respective fields of expertise. 

I'm not going to linger on it since there will be a clear link later on, but please let me know what you believe is going on here. Do you believe they must continue to use the same old model, or would you like to see something more modern and forward-thinking. Those will be read.

GTA has deteriorated with updates

As previously mentioned, Rockstar has published games with poor graphics and feature sets on occasion, and this is not uncommon. Following GTA SA, GTA ctw, GTA 4, and GTA Ballad City were all inferior than GTA SA in terms of gameplay and visuals, respectively.

Almost eight years have passed since the release of a badly designed and optimized game. It should go without saying at this time, but it bears repeating since we have seen how these expectations are not always fulfilled. 

The phenomenon was most recently shown by a highly popular game that ended up disappointing its whole audience due to an overwhelming amount of pointless items to locate.


GTA fans are used to a diverse range of items placed around the area that enhance the player's experience and reward those who discover them, but doing so in excess feels needless. Alternatively, it might be just me.. Share your thoughts on maps that aren't utilized properly.

Exceptional theft automobiles, in my opinion, cannot do this. Imagine amazing maps that formed the central axis of the entertainment, enabling you to go to a wide range of locations while also including an essential point inside each one of them. 

And how does it seem on the outside? Personally, I believe they could make better use of it. The deserts may become more hospitable in GTA 5, but I think they will be decreased in order to make room for new ways to engage with the GTA universe. Wishing you the best of luck in the upcoming match.

They liked GTA5 since we might have enjoyed it much more in GTA6, and they did not take advantage of the opportunity to engage with additional aspects of the environment, such as NPCs, that GTA6 provided. 

It is possible to have interactions with people in the real world. Non-player characters (NPCs) are individuals who do not interact with players. Open-world games are given new life by these individuals. 

Failure to take advantage of their interaction would be a major problem. As a result, it is necessary to establish this kind of connection in a systematic manner. In order for you to be completely immersed in your environment, you need wear comfortable shoes. On every given day, there are robberies. Keep in mind when we came to the main point of the story.

The majority of the missions are robbery-related.

Robberies, on the other hand, are continuously generalized throughout the game. My desire is for something different, something more creative, something that does not constantly depict four hooded guys entering a bank and introducing it exclusively for a new generation of customers.

Limited Support for the operating system (OS).

This game should be available on the PS4 and Xbox One, I'm certain many of you will agree. As of right now, the majority of people cannot afford a next-generation console, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Rockstar recognizes and acknowledges this as well. 

As a result, I anticipate them making the most of the six cards available to them from the previous generation. Does Melo believe that this goal is still attainable with three characters to choose from?

Multiple characters is not very good Idea

Even if it's a matter of opinion, I included it on the list because I believe that having three playable characters in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto is a terrible idea. 

It's because rockstar games are constantly attempting to establish a connection between protagonist and player, even when there are many people on screen at the same time. 

Identifying with or at the at least developing an intimate connection with one single well-developed character, like we did in Red Dead Redemption 2, is essential if we are to connect with and enjoy the content of video games.

Improvable things in Grand Theft Auto: Online

Please let me know what you think of the final three items. Starting with decreasing the level of GTA Online, since I'm certain that the majority of gamers have encountered an unexpected and unjustifiable level decrease in GTA Online at some time in their gaming careers. But it's worth saying since I believe it's a bit better regulated in GTA 5.

So this is it, hope you enjoyed reading, if you have any further suggestions, comment down below.

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