SEE Result 2079: Release date, how to check, Marksheet Online

SEE Result 2079: Release date, how to check, Marksheet Online

Do you want to check your SEE Results 2079?

If yes, you might also want to know, how to get the gradesheet or marksheet of your SEE 2079 exam results as well.

Today, I am going to share everything related to SEE Results 2079.

SEE Results 2079 : Release Date

SEE results will be released on 2079 Bs - Asar - 32, according to National Examination Board Controller of Examinations Arjun Rayamajhi. The office has announced that work will be completed by inputting the score by the 20th of Asar, missing matches on the 21st and 22nd, tabulation from the 23rd to the 29th of July, and making the results public on the 32nd.

How to check SEE Results 2079 with Marksheet Online?

  1. Open your browser and go to -
  2. Enter your symbol no. and Date of Birth that is in your entrance card,
  3. Click on 'Submit' button,
  4. Your results will be displayed on the screen with Gradesheet/Marksheet.
How to check SEE Results 2079 with Marksheet Online?

Click here to check your SEE Results:

New SEE Letter Grading :

How to check SEE Results 2079 from

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your entrance card symbol and date of birth,
  3. Press "Submit",
  4. Your scores will be shown on a Gradesheet/Marksheet.

How to get full Gradesheet of SEE Result in

To see full gradesheet, click on 'gradesheet' and Enter Symbol no. and D.O.B to see the gradesheet.

You can simply use above method to get the complete gradesheet of your SEE Exam, but if you want any further information or want to try different method to see your SEE Result. You can simply try out these methods. These methods might cost you some balance deduction.

How to check SEE Results 2079 in NTC or Ncell via SMS ?

  1. Open your message app,
  2. Type SEE<space> your symbol number. Example: SEE 1234567U.
  3. Send the message to 1600,
  4. You will get your SEE Result in reply message,
  5. Dial 1600 in NTC to know results. (Balance will be deducted).

Methods of checking SEE Exam Result:

You may check SEE 2079 three ways!
  1. Visit to get result.
  2. Type SEE Symbol Number and send it to 1600 to get your SEE result.
  3. Call 1600, then follow the IVR instructions to enter your symbol number.

How many students gave SEE Exam 2079?

514,977 students from 11,615 schools, comprising 257,924 female and 257,053 male students, took the SEE Exam at 2,007 places.

Wrapping Up

Thus, I taught you different methods by which you can simply get the SEE Results 2079. I hope that you get your expected marks in your exam. Thank you for visiting!