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Hi Dear Readers! 

This article is not about any note, PDF, guide or anything but it is going to be all about me, who I am, how I started, how far we have come, what hurdles I had to go through to reach this, how I managed time for handling whole The SR Zone Platform without a team along with my +2 studies. 

So, it will be kinda boring I guess? But, I will make it shorter and quicker as much as possible. It might be a motivation for those who often are demotivated by the lack of resources, time, or age to pursue success.

I am Shriram Lamichhane, and I am the one who found and manages this 'The SR Zone' platform. You might have probably heard or seen my name on different notes, questions answers photos etc. 

Founder of The SR Zone, Shriram Lamichhane
"Started with literally nothing and hustled a lot. I vividly remember myself wandering from one hill to another just to find a stable data connection for uploading videos. Those sleepless nights! That struggle to balance time between my +2 science studies and all this! It was all worth it." 

How I started ?
I started The SR Zone YouTube channel back in 2020 lockdown. Despite the lack of good mobile/laptop, good internet and being young/ naive, I rented a phone from my neighbour and began teaching class 11 content while I myself was studying in class 11. 

"This Samsung phone, with a Huawei battery rubber-banded onto it, is the phone that I had rented from my neighbour, with which I started my channel back in 2020. It instantly made my heart heavy, remembering how far we have come."

I started uploading Class 11 Nepali Notes by making a slideshow video of the notes that I have written in my note copy. 

Since, the course was very new, there were literally no materials, guides, notes and solution on youtube, website or any android apps. I thought of why not start sharing these materials I am making for myself on YouTube so that more people can get benefitted from my work. 

Since, my content was genuine, original and my answers were short and concise, my English and Nepali notes uploaded on YouTube started gaining popularity and the channel also started growing slowly. 

At the end of session, I prepared the first Online Guide of Class 11 Nepali and English subject in Nepal which were distributed via this website - tsz.com.np and YouTube Channel - The SR Zone.

Then, Class 12 session began. Academic pressure was increasing. I was having very hard time managing my studies along with this platform. Students were pressurizing me to make Class 12 English and Nepali notes as well. But my college course was not going in a good pace. 

I was contantly getting pressure from my youtube audience to bring class 12 english notes, while myself was in grade 12. Then, time has begun to do something on own. 

There was no content on google or youtube as it was new course. I did not ask any help from my teacher as I was not so close to my English teacher in college. I started studying all chapters on my own.

I finally completed writing the full notes of class 12 English on my copy. But the problem was, I had made handwritten notes. Now, I did OCR and converted them into the text format. Then, published the Class 12 English Guide on website - www.tsz.com.np, which was again the first Online Guide of English Subject in Nepal. 

I also kept making contents of Nepali subjects side by side, but personally, it was very tough to make Nepali Notes and typing and stuffs really take hell a lot of time. 

How I managed time for my studies?
I was not getting enough time to focus on my studies, since I was a science student. I cut down my sleeping hours from 6 hours to 4.5 hours per night, to focus on my studies as well. After website, I made videos in rush and at least finished completing the upload of all notes in my youtube channel as well before class 12 board exam. 

I dedicated 80% of time on this YouTube channel and website and only 20% to my +2 Science Studies. But, my strategic study methods helped me secure A+ Grade in Class 12 NEB board exam. 

My content got tremendous support from the students and teachers. But, I always thought hiding my identity would be better for the sake of credibility. But, I later realized I should personally connect with my audience for better harmony and relation, and did a face reveal video after our channel crossed 100k subscribers on YouTube.

I am truly thankful to my parents for never putting pressure on me. They did not ask me to do home chores, but allowed me stay in front of the computer screen. They believed on me.

How I handle copyright?
Once, you make and publish any content online, no wonder, it will be copied by many people. Many people copied my work too and distributed my notes through their youtube channels, android apps, websites, blogs, facebook pages without asking permission from me. I reach out to them and warn them to remove the content for the protection of my intellectual property. 

How much do I earn from this platform?
I do not earn much from this youtube channel, website or my android apps. Educational content on Nepal do not earn much money. I also have not even done a single promotion on my YouTube channel till now, even after crossing 100,000 subscribers. So, basically, I cannot rely on this youtube channel, or website to make a living out of it.

Why am I doing this?
I just want to build to community where every students have access to free education. Though, not many people know me, I am happy that I am being the cause for someone's success.

What I am doing currently?
I am currently studying Bsc. CSIT under Tribhuvan University. I am still hustling for students. I am still fighting for free education.

What I have learned? 
People won't give a F until you make it ....

During the struggling phase, I was underestimated, doubted and demotivated by many. People always found ways to demotivate me the best way possible. Nobody believed in me except my parents. 

I got banned from a couple of large educational pages and groups because they feared that my existence would attract more students to my channel, ultimately helping it grow. Got my work illegally distributed from various pages, websites, apps. Even got my channel hacked once. Lost many so-called "precious" friends on the way. But, also met many awesome people along the way.

But despite all of this, we finally made it. And all the credit goes to you, yes you!

Started with literally nothing and hustled a lot. I vividly remember myself wandering from one hill to another just to find a stable data connection for uploading videos. Those sleepless nights! That struggle to balance time between my +2 science studies and all this! It was all worth it. 

We have come a long way, and we still have miles to go before I sleep. I am constantly learning and will continue to learn.

As time went on, I found myself managing one of the largest Educational YouTube channel and the most visited educational website in Nepal that has garnered significant popularity and a couple of Android apps, all achieved independently at the age of 18, which is really a Big Deal for me. 

To everyone out there hustling, just believe in yourself and keep grinding. You are surely going to make it. To all the people who have doubted on you and underestimated your strength, you have to show them that you can, and I am sure you will. Keep hustling!

I am happy that my dream of free education is getting recognition it deserves...

Balancing my +2 science studies and YouTube was challenging. I kept working very hard for students though I do not earn much from youtube adsense and I have not done any kind of promotion on channel till now. 

With over 240 educational videos, my channel The SR Zone has grown to over 115,000 YouTube subscribers. Content provided through The SR Zone is 100% genuine and original and I manage everything alone without a team, from coding apps to writing Nepali Notes, to editing videos.

I always hoped to provide notes with HD quality on my own, and I think my dream is going to be true. 
Due to low end device, many of our old videos on YouTube are of low quality, sometimes images were shaky and also many students do not really like to watch long boring videos. I will not let you down now. You can access everything in this website in HD quality. 

It has always been a goal of mine to provide free and high-quality notes to students, and I am doing all I can to make that dream a reality. Students can enjoy NEB notes and materials absolutely free of cost via our official website - www.tsz.com.np , enjoy our top notch quality videos from our YouTube Channel named "The SR Zone", and even access all the notes for free from The SR Zone Android Apps as well. 

For the students from remote areas, I have added the feature in this website to download PDF of all contents, notes, and guides, so that students can study even when there is no internet. Furthermore, I have programmed our android apps to run offline as well, which will help students even more. 

If you are following me from long time, you are already familiar with with the fact, how much effort I had put in Class 11 and 12 to provide students notes free of cost, via youtube channel and website.  I've committed myself to share the notes and instructional resources to help NEB students and will continue to help. 

Connect with me :
If you want to ask me anything, or want to connect with me, here are my social handles! 

We're on YouTube with channel name " The SR Zone " if you'd want to check us out there. Make sure not to miss any Facebook updates, by liking our official facebook page, "The SR Zone". In addition, if you want class 10, 11 or class 12 educational materials, you can add our website to your homepage or bookmark this site. 

Here is the full video of our journey starting from 0 subscribers to 100,000 subscribers!

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