YouTube Thumbnail A/B Testing Feature 2024 : New Updates

YouTube Thumbnail A/B Testing Feature 2023 : New Updates

Finally, A YouTube feature all content creators have been waiting for is going to finally be available to us: YouTube Thumbnail A/B Testing Feature.

But you might ask " How the did you know this info? Do you work there  ?" 

Nah, I don't. I got to know this from Creator Insider channel. It is an informal YouTube channel to share information from the YouTube Creator technical team with the wider Creator community.

Biggest hurdle for many aspiring youtubers, even grown youtubers is getting less views, getting more youtube views is all about thumbnail game, Click Through Rates and with tools like YouTube A/B thumbnail testing, youtube is getting more helpful and insightful with the content creators.

Similarly, another feature that is re-brought on the platform is “sort by oldest”. There are also some new YouTube policy updates going into effect, and more. I have many YouTube related news and updates to share.

Let’s start right now with Thumbnails.

At VidCon, which is happening right now, YouTube let the secret out of the bag: the feature that content creators have been wanting for a very, very long time is finally going to be available to everyone!

YouTube Thumbnail A/B Testing

YouTube Thumbnail A/B Testing is one of the major updates that YouTube is experimenting with. What this means is that you’re going to be able to upload three YouTube thumbnails when you publish your video.

YouTube is going to test those thumbnails against the people that they’re showing your content to, and whichever one wins in terms of accumulating the highest amount of viewer satisfaction or Click Through Rates and watch time is going to be the thumbnail that gets chosen automatically.

This is fantastic and opens up tons of experimentation for you as a content creator. I personally got access to this feature a while back. 

I was fortunate to be one of the 200 testers on this, and I have to say it is super easy to use. This type of insight is extremely helpful to us as content creators because it helps us make the most impactful thumbnail.

So, this is huge news, and I’m really excited for everybody to get this. As it currently stands, this is only going to test thumbnails and not titles, and it’s going to roll out to everybody next year.

“Sort by oldest” is Back

“Sort by oldest” is Back

Sort by oldest is back, and content creators and viewers all over the world celebrate. 

My theory on why YouTube brought back the “Sort videos by oldest” feature is related to clickbait and algorithm-exploiting channels. These channels often cover celebrities, pop culture, movies, and similar topics. 

I’ve noticed a trend where many of these channels originally had unrelated content before becoming clickbait hubs. This suggests that one person or group owns multiple channels, transforming them into money-generating clickbait platforms. 

Without the “sort by oldest” option, it’s hard for most YouTube users to discover this.

AI Video Transcription

Next, YouTube is testing and rolling out a tool where your videos are going to get transcribed into multiple languages through AI. This is huge news, and the reason for that is because it’s going to make your content accessible all over the planet. I mean, more than it already is, because they’re going to be able to hear you speaking in their own language.

To my understanding so far, it works like this: you upload a video, the system is going to transcribe that video, and then AI is going to read that transcription and then deploy it into the video.

Overall, it’s a game changer, in my opinion.

Audience Overlay Card

Audience Overlay Card

Next, we have an audience overlay card that has been added to our YouTube analytics, which shows us how viewers interact with our different formats of content. It looks like what you’re seeing on the screen right now.

You can find this by going into your analytics and then into your content tab, and then just scrolling down the page, You’re going to see it there. If you want to see more data than what’s displayed right there, make sure you press into it, and then it gives you the comparisons against everything that you’re publishing.

Final Words

Great news this week as well! YouTube is introducing long-awaited updates, benefiting creators and viewers. “Sort by oldest” improves content discovery and exposes clickbait practices. 

Thumbnail A/B Testing optimizes thumbnails for impact. AI-based transcription enhances global accessibility. The audience overlay card provides valuable insights for creators. Exciting developments lie ahead for YouTube creators as the platform evolves continuously.

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