10+ Practical Tips to boost your Adsense Earnings in 2024

10+ Tips to boost your Adsense income in 2023

You have taken much pain to make your blog. You may want earn money through your blog. For this you have to participate in Google Adsense programme. 

Google Adsense is the best way for your website to display relevant Google Ads and earn money. Adsense delivers relevant Ads that are targeted to your site and your site content.

How to join Adsense?

For participating in Google Adsense programme, you need to open an account for adsense. The programme is free and google will pay you for valid clicks on the ads. 

After opening adsense account, you have to apply your blog. Then, you will get a message from google if your site is a good fit for adsense or not. To get approved on Google Adsense, make sure to read carefully the google programme policies.

You have to do a simple work. Just open your account copy a block of HTML and targeted ads and paste it in the right place in your website template. You may interested in how much will you earn through the programme. In fact advertisers pay only when users click on ads.

You will receive a portion of the amount paid for clicks on google ads on your website. You will be able to see the total number of impressions, ad clicks, click through rate, effecteive CPM and your total earning through your report tab.

How to increase Adsense Earnings?

In this article, I will share you in a very easy way how to earn maximum money through Google Adsense programme. 

It is assumed that you have read google adsense programme terms and conditions. I hope you have already visited that google adsense policy page.

In adsense programme, advertisers pay when users click on ads and google will give you a portion of amount paid for clicks on google ads on your site. 

Google is as interested as you to perform better. I think you have already visited some sites about adsense tips but you are puzzled what to do exactly.

Here you will get the summary of Adsense tips. I will mention here what is to be done point wise in a very few words. OK. Let us start earning through adsense quick tour.

  • Try to increase targeted traffic to your site by following the search engine optimization tips. More traffic means more income. Promote your blog in right way.
  • Write unique and relevant articles. Content should not be too small or too large.
  • Don’t modify or tamper the google adsense HTML code or don’t ask any body to click on it. Google may disable your adsense account.
  • Whole content is important for contextual ads. First few lines are even more important to determine what type of ads will be advertised in your site. So concentrate on the first few lines very carefully.
  • Add google search box in the right hand upper corner. Generally people prefer to have the search box in their right hand side.
  • Responsive Display Ads are the best paying ones. Do not listen to others who say "fixed size 336X280 large rectangle and 160X600 wide skyscraper ads(in the sidebar) and Large rectangle is the best paying ad". Adsense does not work that way anymore.
  • Use relevant color palettes for inarticle ads. Colors which tend to blend into your content do better.
  • Place the ads just above the content or middle of the content. Because these are the prominent place and viewers use to navigate.
  • Always make sure that first ad unit is displayed in the best location.
  • In general older websites do better in search engine. Continue your site for long time.
  • Use channels to know what advertisements are making money and what ad position is the most profitable. Analyse it and do accordingly.
  • Block low paying advertisements with filter. If you see that an ad is not performing better for a week, replace it by other well paying ads.
  • Don’t reload your pages frequently.
  • Don’t place more than three ad units and one link unit.
  • Don’t place ads on an empty page. Join adsense discussion group for more help.
  • Join adsense discussion groups on reddit and quora for more help.
  • Some top ranking sites suggest to prefer text ads. That is because text ads do better than image ads. But, this selection is not possible today, so do not get puzzled for this optimization.
  • Last but not the least test, test always, keep on testing, you yourself can find the best way how to optimize google adsense.

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