How to find PERFECT YouTube Niche for you channel in 2024?

find PERFECT YouTube Channel Niche

If you are somebody who doesn’t know where to start with the niche of your YouTube channel, the very first thing to do, of course, is to start looking at the things that you’re already interested in. Your interests are indeed the major factor that can help you choose best YouTube niche for your youtube channel.

Start with Your Interests

What do you think about during the day? What do you spend your time doing?

Do you have any specific hobbies that you really love and that you just can’t wait to get to?

Those are the types of things that you want to make content about.

If you are publishing videos on your YouTube channel about stuff that you don’t really care about, you can do that for a period of time. But eventually, it’s going to start becoming extremely dull, and you’re not going to want to do it, and it’s going to become a task instead of something that you enjoy doing.

Committing to Your Niche

So, because of that, what you want to do is make sure that you are thinking, ‘Okay, if I’m going to be doing this, then, first, I’m going to commit to it for a period of time.’ That might be a year; it could be two years, three years, or however much time you want to give yourself.

But what you want to do is commit to a certain amount of time, and then you want to think about, ‘Okay, out of all the things that I enjoy doing, what are the things that I enjoy doing the most?’ What types of things do my friends always ask me about?

If somebody in my social circle says something, what about me? Do all my friends say, ‘Oh, you should talk to them about that?’ Those types of things are what you want to think about, when you are considering to select a youtube niche.

Because when it comes to YouTube, it’s advantageous. It’s not a requirement, but it’s advantageous to make content about things that you are passionate about or that you legitimately care about. And the reason for that is that when you make a YouTube channel, you are going to eventually get known around that YouTube channel.

So, all the people that are interacting with your content, when you meet them, eventually some of them walk up to you and they’re like, ‘Hey, aren’t you such and such from whatever channel?’ You’ll be like, ‘Yeah,’ because you’re going to get known for it.

The Power of Passionate Content

You’re going to be constantly immersing yourself in it because you’re always going to be trying to come up with new stuff that you can do. And you’re just going to be constantly doing it. You just want to make sure that you’re publishing content about things that you really enjoy.

And when you do that, it’s also reflected in your content. Because people, when they’re interacting with you through either the videos, shorts, or live streams that you’re doing, can tell if you’re into it or not. They can tell, like, ‘Are they just kind of halfway doing this, or are they really into this?’ They can tell.

And for the people that are really into stuff, like legitimately into it, what ends up happening is that you are so into it that you no longer have to seek motivation to make videos for it because you just love doing it. And if you can take that approach when it comes to your niche and finding those things, then in that particular case, it’s going to create a really great situation for you in the long term. Because, again, it’s going to be something you’ll be known for.

Research & Strategy

But when it comes to trying to uncover that thing that you want to do, you also want to do some research. So, if you have a very specific goal that you’re trying to accomplish—for example, if you’re trying to use YouTube for money—you’re going to need some type of crossover with your passion and something that’s monetizable.

But you also have to think about, ‘Okay, if I’m going to be publishing this content, I’m doing it for the sake of generating income of some kind.’ Whether it’s full-time or a side hustle, whatever. Then, in that particular case, I also need to make sure that I’m doing something that is as easy to monetize as possible so that I can maximize what I could get out of this as well. So, definitely do some research.

Power Tip!

Go and look at all the other channels that make content, like whatever it is that you decide to make. And you go and look at all their video descriptions over time, and you’ll see all the different things that they promote, all the different sponsors they work with, and things like that for all the different channels that make content that’s similar.

Then you have to build that bridge between, ‘Okay, this is stuff that I love to talk about and do, and everyone knows me for this already in my personal life.’ You’ve got to mix that with, ‘How can I utilize this but also do it in a way that’s easily monetizable?’ It doesn’t have to be easy, but just do it in a way that’s monetizable so that I can definitely get a return out of the efforts that I’m putting into all of this.

And hey, if you are somebody who’s starting a YouTube channel for the purpose of generating an income from it, you can read this article about YouTube CPM and RPM Rates by country.

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