Best way to Earn Money from Tool Website without Blogging in 2024

These are my earnings from one of my websites. About $3000 dollars a month. This site does not contain any content. No published blog. 

Still, this site is getting about 100,000 visitors each month. This website is none other than a multi tool website built in a single page.

Best way to Earn Money from Tool Website without Blogging in 2023

All this happened in less than 6 months. In the next few minutes, you will also know how I did it. If you follow exactly what I will share with you today, in 2024, you can build a steady income online. 

Don’t worry about blog posts and writing content ideas. And wait for Google for six months to rank your website higher. If you are ready, let’s start!

How to money from Website without Blogging?

I’m not here to talk about e-commerce or selling products or online shopping. Of course not! I’ll talk about something much easier, and you don’t need any paid ads. 

The Idea of what we will build is a specific “Tool Website”. This is a special kind of website which enables you to make money from me without writing any post. Now, we will build a tool website.

Best way to Earn Money from Tool Website without Blogging in 2023

Secondly, how to create this website. I will share with you some of the secrets of my website and my personal practice to help you build something really super fast. 

Without wasting more time, let’s start with the idea. So what will we do? Simply put, it’s about building a website using one or several free tools. Let me show you some examples from my website.

For example, large files Sender Tool . A simple tool that allows you to send files online. Quickly, a simple tool allows you to search for website names. Text sharing tool, simple tool that lets you share text online etc.

After a few seconds, I will share with you some secrets about how I created these tools, especially AI tools, and how can you do the same thing without being modified or modified and so on. 

So all these websites are private. What I’m trying to do is build multiple sources of income, so that every website is an electronic source of income. You can also do the same.

How can we create tool websites?

Let’s now see how we can create similar websites. How can we do that? We have both free and paid methods.

How to make tool websites for free using AI Tools?

It takes considerable planning to build a non-blogging platform with Google AdSense income. You can use AI coding tools like ChatGPT and BARD AI to build tools. 

You can use prompts like, ” Give me html css and javadscript code for the tool that can convert Images into PDF”. Since the code will be longer, you can further use “Continue Genrating” to keep the code being generated if it pauses in the middle.

You can also create user profiles, include AdSense, and improve the placement of ads. You can further utilize AI tools to analyze user behavior and optimize content. 

You can make your tool website more secure, and you can also look for new income sources, and keep improving depending on user input and data analytics.

Different Platforms for Creating Tool Website

Another way is to go to the Code Canyon website. But be careful. If thousands of people buy and build the same program based tool website, the competition will be very high. 

So the advice is simple. If you want to buy from Code Canyon, make sure you choose the correct script first. You also need to make sure scripts and programs are of excellent quality.

Number two is the competition and the number of sales. An additional tip is to buy multiple scripts and host them on the same site. So you can get multiple tools on a single website. This will make you unique and set you apart from the competition.

Another way to create a website for tools is simply by paying to freelancers to build the site for you. If you have an idea and a budget, you can always go to or upwork and hire somebody to build it for you.

Use of tools without programming

You may also make use of almost-free software solutions like Anvil, which are similar to Webflow and 

Last week, I tried using Anvil to create a email address generator, and in about 15 minutes, I had built the tool. It’s an excellent utility that just requires one line of Python code. Even a website may be quickly constructed using drag and drop. 

The greatest feature is that you can embed the tool inside your WordPress website, doing away with the requirement for additional hosting or a new website. 

You might also post it on your sub-domain. You can boost the number of backlinks to your website and improve its Google rating using either strategy.

How hard is it to earn money from these websites?

If you feel like the idea I just shared with you is difficult to implement and requires a lot of skills, time, and effort. Let me be honest, yes, this is true. It takes some time and some effort. 

But think about it. Think about working for two hours or an hour for six months. Don’t you think this is worth the effort? In my humble opinion, yes, it is worth the effort. And in my experience, this is one of the best ways and best strategies I use to build an online income stream.

If you open your mobile phone now and moved to screen time, how many hours you spend on your mobile phone? An hour or two, maybe seven or eight hours. Just dedicate an hour every day to learn the skill. Maybe development and programming, digital marketing. 

And you will see how your life will really change within a few months. One hour per day, and you will have all the knowledge and wisdom to build a real business online and change your life.

How to create AI Tools Websites?

Let me reveal some of the secrets of my website and how to create these websites/tools. Especially AI tools. Maybe you’re wondering how you built this tool. 

It’s simple, for the interface, as I told you, you can use Anvil or any tools without programming instructions. You can create an interface by dragging and dropping.

What about the backend and the data, how will I get the content generated by artificial intelligence?

We can simply use two programming interfaces, ie. open Ai and NLP Cloud. Simply invoke the API and you will get the generated text and present it or give it to the user. This is the way I did it. 

If you go to NLP Cloud Playground now, you will see many ideas and many tools that you can create now with a simple line of programming. You can create interfaces using tools without programming. Just give it some time and do some research.


We have now built a website. What’s next? You simply need to generate the income from it. We need to earn money from this tool-website. You can do this by using advertising spaces and adding ad networks, commission marketing, promote affiliate relationships. 

You can also side by side integrate Google Adsense ads and combine them with your site to double your income and build multiple sources of income through affiliate marketing.

I hope this article helped you to create your tool website and helped you earn without blogging.

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