Relationship between culture, society and media with examples

Relationship between culture, society and media with examples

Relationship between culture, society and media

The society, media and culture are interconnected with each other in a triangular relationship. Society can only be updated with various information and recent updates due to the media. 

Different types of programmes and cultural series that are broadcast on radio, TV, etc, help to create and protect the typical culture of a place. Society, which has lost contact with the media, will miss most of the parts. 

As we know, every coin has two sides. We can not only appreciate the media for promoting cultures. 

Various programmes which are related to different parts of the culture are unique or different cultures may influence the people to adapt different type of culture. It is the negative side of cultural broadcast via media.

Relationship between society and media:

The media is a society's collective voice. No media, no message.

Once a message is delivered, society may decide if it is good or bad. Media hype and over-commercialization are not healthy tendencies and should be avoided.

Even society can maintain order. Even in the most rudimentary civilizations, media exist. Folkdance, music, and nautanki (dramatic performance). From entertainment to knowledge, the media is a social catalyst.

In terms of the media and society, they provide voice to those who do not have one. The most solid democratic cornerstone. The media is a major source of democracy and cannot survive without it.

Despite this, social media was able to connect with the ordinary person. It enabled society to express itself more effectively and to keep the mainstream media accountable. Like many others, prominent and important mainstream media figures are seeking identity and presence on social media sites. 

Media evolves to meet the demands of society. The media will lose relevance and ultimately become obsolete if they do not function in line with society's demands. Consider the evolution of social media platforms. Following many allegations, the credibility of the mainstream media was questioned, and its shine eroded over time. 

Thus, social media was created. The mainstream media had a grip on society and often printed articles that were popular with media corporations and prominent people rather than the general population. With the rise of social media, conventional media outlets found themselves in jeopardy. Also, social media coexisted with traditional streaming media.

Relationship between media and culture

Culture is a part of life. Neither exists alone. Culture and society are not same. That culture is made up of information and artifacts, whereas society is made up of people.

Individuals make up society. Culture is basically whatever they create.

Civilizations mingle in society. Language, career, dress, cuisine and festivals are all part of culture.

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