20+ Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment in 2024

earn money online without investment

One of the most searched topic of the teenage students, Youngsters and graduated people on google or youtube is " How to earn money online without investment from home or from mobile?". The question is, Is it really possible, to earn money without investing any money? 

Can we earn money online without investing?

Yes, you can make money online without investing any money. But it doesn't mean everything is freely available. You have to invest your time and work hard in order to make decent money working from home.

I am going to share with you Not 1, or 2 but 20 different ways by which you can make money online, also with the possible scams or the thing to be aware of. And at the last, I have shared a bonus tip as well.

You have to spend 1-2 hours per day to do some small tasks on a computer or mobile phone to be able to earn money.

These are the most legit ways which never betray you and will provide you genuine money if you work honestly and patiently. 

These are the best ways to earn money online without investment 2024:

1. Create a Website and Earn from Advertisement

20+ ways to earn money online without investment in 2021

Do you love writing articles? Do you prefer sharing knowledge with others? then what are you waiting for?

Create a website right now and start writing blogs and articles.

First, choose the category in which you are writing the articles. 

Choosing the category is also called a selecting a niche, but while selecting a niche, you need to care about many things like your interest and AdSense friendly category so that you can make a decent amount of money in the future. 

Considering these things help you to avoid the situation where you need to change the niche.

Now you may ask,

How to make a website for free?

Making a free website is very simple. We will first learn to create a free website using blogger.  

The problem is that making a website using the domain.blogspot.com seems amateurish and unbranded. Now if you can adjust these things, you can build a nice website with no investment.

  • Log in to www.blogger.com 
  • The title of your blog should be decided at this point.
  • Choose a web address.
  • Your blog's subdomain, such as yourname.Blogspot.com, will be created after you've done so.
  • Install a custom theme now, and your website is complete.

How to make a website (Paid Method)?

If you have a some money to invest in the beginning, then WordPress is the way to go since it offers a lot of customizing options. 

As a business, if you've got the money, then go ahead and get domain hosting and set up a WordPress website. There are several websites that provide hosting and domain services.

Yeah, I am not going to teach you how to make a website on wordpress because there are a lot of video tutorials available on YouTube. 

If you write quality content with some SEO optimizations, then, google pushes your content on the top. 

Your website starts getting traffic. 

Later, when you complete the minimum criteria of AdSense, you can apply for it and then You will be able to monetize your blogs articles with it. 

It is that simple. 

Talking about initial investment, it does require a domain to be purchased. But if you are initially not willing to invest any money. Then, You can make a free website from Blogger with google web hosting free of cost.

2. Earn money from a Youtube Channel

20+ ways to earn money online without investment in 2021

I have not put YouTube in the first place, because I know there are a lot of people today who are struggling to be a Youtuber. 
But they could not succeed to complete the minimal criteria of YouTube of 4000 hours of watch-time and 1000 subscribers all achieved within 365 days. 

If someone completes that criteria, there stands another problem which is YouTube review, if your content is not your own unique, or if it doesn't follow Google AdSense policies, you won't be approved to run ads on your videos.

Even, Google AdSense approves your YouTube channel for running the ads, in the countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, very low revenue can be generated if you are niche is a general niche and if your traffic is coming from native country only. 

It is much logical to start a YouTube channel targeting the audience from abroad or starting a channel with the type of content which is preferred by the people who are living abroad. 

Now you may ask, 

Why should I start a YouTube channel?

Youtube is the second preferred search engine in the world. 

Even you may have asked many questions on youtube like how to do this and how to do that, But have you ever seen on yourself, what can you answer? What can you contribute? 

Youtube is a community of different genres. You may not have talent on one aspect but, may have specialist knowledge in certain fields. Start, sharing knowledge with quality content. The main advantages of youtube are-

  • It increases your face value.
  • You can make side money from it
  • You can promote your affiliated products to your followers.

As already mentioned above,

You know everything takes time, for making good money on youtube. You need patience and dedication towards your content. Otherwise, your journey may become complex more than expected. First, you need to complete 4000 hours of total watch time on your channel, and 1000 subscribers connected on your channel in gone 365 days. Yes, It needs hard work, dedication towards your niche, and obviously a lot of patience. 

3. Start working as a Freelancer

20+ ways to earn money online without investment in 2021

Do you have a laptop or computer? Can you make beautiful apps or websites? Do you have fast typing skills? Are you good at language translations? Do you know, how to edit cool videos? how to design a logo, or How to make youtube intros and outros? 

If you have any of such technical skills, Congratulations, You are good to go!

Freelancing is:

Where, a party creates a vacancy with minimal requirements and wages for the tasks like writing an article, designing a website, translating some stuff, image video editing, etc. 

They provide the money to Freelancing platforms like  Upwork, Fiverr, and these platforms provide that money to the person who does that job. 

Hence, it is a good way of making money only if you have some programming skills, technical skills, video audio editing skills, or anything else.

Freelancing is a perfect job for anyone who wants to independently work based on their skills and earn money. In spite of wasting time talking with your friends, or crush and replying to them with your lightning speed typing. Use your skills to do the freelancing jobs by being a freelancer. It is very simple to get started and pays you money on the basis of your work. 

And, Of course, none here to negotiate you about your wage. You can set your wage on your own, like $3/hour or $10000/hour. 

But yes, You need to be super patient and learn the things, how they work to start a decent amount of money from freelancing.

Popular Platforms like Upwork, freelance, Fiverr, etc provide the freelancing service.

How to get freelancing jobs?

Finding a decent-paying work isn't impossible once you've gotten your first job, since it may bring you money for years to come. However, to obtain the first job, you must first have a quality portfolio. 

If you have specialized expertise in a given area like web design, graphics design, or web development, you may earn money for your talents. Try to build some trust and quality reviews by working for less prices in the initial phases.

Here are a few platforms where you can earn money by freelancing:

1. www.fiverr.com


4. Earn money via Facebook Monetization

We only use Facebook to talk with our friends, important moments photos, memes, opinions, and so on.

Do you know that people are generating loads of money from Facebook?

Facebook has its own advertising network, Facebook audience network, which helps you to advertise your content if you are eligible. 

In this method, If you have a FB page with a certain number of followers and likers, and if your content is eligible certain criteria of engagement in order to get approved with Facebook audience network. 

Then, Facebook starts showing ads in reference to your content and you can earn money.

5. Dropshipping 

Making money through dropshipping in 2024 requires quite strategic efforts. It is not something that will earn you 2$ or 5$ per sale, but it can be lucrative full time business.
  • First, select the right items. Opt for products that people want and that can make you a decent profit. To figure this out, do some research to discover what's popular and likely to sell well.
  • Next, create an online store. You need a virtual shop to sell your products. Look into options like Daraz, Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce. It's important that your store looks professional and has a nice design.
  • Find reliable suppliers. Seek out trustworthy suppliers and makers on platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, Oberlo, or specialized supplier directories. Test shipping times and quality before you start selling.
  • Promote your store. Get the word out about your store and what you're selling through PPC ads, social media marketing, blogs, influencer marketing, email marketing, and more. Make sure your ads convince people to buy.
  • Ensure a great customer experience. Respond to customer questions fast. Be clear about when orders will arrive. Strive to maintain good quality to prevent too many returns or refunds.
  • Keep improving. Use the information you get from sales and customer feedback to make your products, pricing, marketing, and operations better and more profitable. Get rid of products that aren't doing well.
  • Grow with care. Once your first few products are a success, think about adding more items to your store slowly and thoughtfully. This way, you can keep giving great customer service.
  • Stay updated about changing customer wants, trends in the industry, and what your competitors are doing. This will help you adjust your business as needed.

Can dropshipping be done without investment?

Absolutely, dropshipping can be started without any initial investment. Here's what you'll need to begin for free:
  • An online selling platform - Platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Shopify offer free store options that are sufficient for a start.
  • Suppliers/manufacturers - Websites like Alibaba and AliExpress provide the option to place initial orders for free.
  • Marketing - You can promote your store without spending money through:
  • Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies
  • Email marketing tools with free plans like MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • Customer service - Communication with customers can be managed for free using email, social media, and your store's contact form.

Initially, the only potential expenses or the area of investment might include:
  • Your time (researching products, suppliers, building your store, marketing, customer service)
  • Transaction fees from payment processors and platforms like Daraz, Shopify
  • Shipping costs reimbursed by customers and forwarded to suppliers

As your store gains momentum and starts making sales, you can consider reinvesting some profits into paid advertising like Facebook ads, Google Ads, etc, delegating tasks you can't handle alone and upgrading your online selling platform.

At the start, dropshipping can certainly be started without investing any money, either as a side hustle or to experiment with it. The key is to make the most of free or budget-friendly choices available.

6. Start Affiliate Marketing

20+ ways to earn money online without investment in 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the various ways to make money online by encouraging products or websites to earn a certain percentage as a commission from the sales made. 

You get a commission on each of your sales.You have a job of marketing the goods of others. From your blog, or youtube channel or any social media you may use this technique to promote their goods.

Sales are done through web traffic. This simply means that money is made through the sale of promotional products. What you need to know is that the services or products you advertise are offered to others and not to you. 

Any social media account where you have some amount of followers, you can influence them to buy the affiliated products. When they buy the product from your affiliate link, you get a certain commission.

As of 2024, Amazon is one of the top affiliate marketing provider.

But your audience must be of that group, which are interested in buying the things after reading your article.

The only work you need to do is provide a place for marketing or sales. 
You can promote other goods and services and if your audience buys those goods, you get a certain commission

This is a very good idea of earning money if you are just a beginner, and have a good traffic website or a youtube channel that is not monetized by Google Adsense.

As an example, you have seen your favorite YouTuber, unboxing various things on youtube. Do you even know that they sometimes tell you to buy that product from the link given in the description? They do so, because if we download that software or buy that product using their link. They are paid, a certain amount of advertisers. It is the perfect example of affiliate marketing.

If you want to know further about affiliate marketing and how does it work, Read our comprehensive article on "Affiliate Marketing and getting started on it".

7. Start making your own E-books and sell them

Ebooks are high volume, low-selling things which means that you have to sell many at relatively low prices to compete on the market and make large profit. 

You can also Sell your eBook and earn money with your skills. Many people use their knowledge gained from their intense research and create their own course or some sort of ebook. Then, they publish it for sale. 

To get started with, Amazon is, without a doubt, the best online book store. Writing is a source of income for those who can write. Students who are well-known for doing in-depth research have always had a great chance of earning money by producing e-books. You may make your books available on several websites with a price quote of your choice.

8. Create Videos/ clips/ Images and sell them online

There are plenty of people who have made a profit via creating videos/clips/images and selling them online. In order to earn money, you can make videos, shoot your own photos and make money from the platforms like Shutterstock, Pixabay, Dailymotion, and other websites. 

Now, here is the list of some websites which you can use to sell your photos/videos online.

  • Shutterstock.
  • Adobe Stock
  • Alamy.
  • Etsy
  • EyeEm
  • Fotomoto
  • Getty Image
  • Crestock
  • Dreamstime
  • 500px
  • Picfair. 
  • Foap

9. Earn money via Online Tutoring 

If you like teaching and are searching for work that you can perform from home, online tutoring jobs should be a wonderful fit. Numerous websites allow you to sign up as an instructor and earn $20 or more per hour. They are growing in popularity, and you may earn a good income teaching online to students from all over the globe.

You can simply search the methods on google for websites that provide such services.

10. Start searching for bugs & vulnerabilities in websites or softwares
You may already have listened to many news, which states that some people on $5000 $10000 by finding bugs on Facebook and Instagram.

So before moving on, I want to introduce you to what is a bug?

Any error in the website or a system that is not functioning properly is known as a bug. And such type of bugs that hamper the security and privacy of the user is eligible for rewards.

As an example, you are running Facebook and you found out that you could see the private phone numbers of your Facebook friends. Yes, that is the bug. In such circumstances, you need to report to Facebook that you found that special loophole, And the Facebook team reviews your report.

If your report is not duplicate and points out some significant security risks by the evaluation of the Facebook security team, you will be rewarded.

Bug bounty programs are not only limited to Facebook. You can start searching for bugs and problems on Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

You can also stay updated about bug bounty programs and if you are lucky enough, then you can report a bug and on a bunch of money.

See our comprehensive article to earn $500 to $80,000 from facebook bug bounty.

11. Start crafting website templates/ themes/ plugins/ useful scripts

This method is not an easy method as we discussed above. If you have enough knowledge about the programming language, you can start crafting various website templates and can sell them. 

If you have a website you have noticed that you have to buy a premium blogger or WordPress template in order to get the full functionality of the template, same way you can also craft and design the templates and plugins for the website on your own, and you can publish a demo version of your creation. 

If people like your creation by trying your demo version they will definitely try your product as well.

There are many video tutorials on YouTube on how to craft blogger templates and WordPress templates. 

You can follow them as well. 

Undoubtedly, it requires hours of long work in front of the computer, but you can definitely make money if your work stands out.

12. Start Developing the software/apps and monetize them

You require technical expertise in languages like Java, PHP, and Python to be able to develop software or apps. 

In order to develop a decent marketing strategy, you'll first need to do a thorough study, language practices, watch many of the tutorials, read various books. Once you build the app, you can integrate AdMob ads, Facebook ads and earn loads of money. This is a technological way of money but it has an added level of complexity. 

You can either make money in two ways, one, by providing a free app and setting price for your premium features. Or, simply, make a free app and earn money by Ads.

Now you may ask, after making a free app, how would you earn money?

For earning money from apps with admob ads, follow these steps: 
  1. First, signup with google admob
  2. Submit the details of the app
  3. Choose the best ads suit for your app
  4. Then, Get the code and place the code in your app
  5. Then it will show ads in your app, if it is done correctly

The AdMob Earnings depend upon active number of users in your App. You can also select other advertising platforms. You can find many advertising platforms on the internet and choose the one that best suits you.

13. Local marketing via social media

This is also not a very old concept. If you have a group with many numbers of people joined in, you have a Facebook page with a considerable amount of likers and followers, if you have a lot of followers on Instagram / Twitter, you can use your audience for making money.

If you have a lot of followers for a fan base on social media then even the big brands approach you on your email for business collaboration.

If you only have a small audience, then you can approach the businesses on your own through their email addresses. 

There is another way in which you can promote the things in your local area and ask for some amount in order to advertise their content. It is the same thing as advertising someone's company products on calendars, radio, and televisions.

If you have a specific audience, you can always take advantage of that.

14. Start searching for LEGIT Data Entry Jobs

This is one of the easiest job to earn money without investment. But, always be aware of frauds that are on the internet who are ever ready to deceive upon you. The safety measures from data entry job scams are provided in the last of this article.

If you want to earn money with Data Entry Job, you'll need a legit social media profile to get these type of jobs. You'll be given basic tasks, including signing up for websites, commenting, like, and sharing content. On simple free clicks, you can make some amount of money.

Data entry is a kind of technical job. It involves inputting data into computers. This includes different methods such as typing and voice recording. That is why it has the name "Data Entry Job".

For those who are just starting out, this isn't very well-paying work, but it may give you something to do. Though it does not pays well for beginners, you can still try it out.

Data Operators are those who do data entry jobs. They are employed in a wide range of sectors. It includes commerce, medical field, banking, and transportation.

How to get Data Entry Jobs?

  1. Sign up for freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc
  2. Build trust by having a valid and legit Instagram and LinkedIn profile to seem like a Data entry professional
  3. Make sure to post your profile on social media and business networks like LinkedIn. For someone to get in touch with you and contact you for such jobs.
  4. At initial phase, work for free to obtain positive feedback and high ratings from the users, then businesses will start approaching you.

15. Earn money via paid Guest Blogging/ writing for others

One of the best methods to earn money is through Guest Writing. If you're interested in guest writing, then you should check out various websites. You must be knowledgeable about the field or topic before taking on new projects. This is because future assignments will need the client's confidence. Also to accomplish so, you'll need to grasp the relevant area through and out.

When your content is approved or published, you may next submit it to these websites to get paid. If you can properly do the work, you may make a earnin performing the online writing services offered by these companies. It is advisable to search for websites and other publications that pay authors.

Question: Do you actually get paid for Guest Blogging?

Answer: It depends on the blog. If some claimed guest blogging service providers do not provide any payment to the writer, it discredits all creative effort. A guest article should be paid if the site is profitable, much as a magazine of the same quality. 

However, it depends on whether a blog is a hobby, business or non-profit. Guest blogging on a blog is usually an honor and a chance to attract new readers. In such cases, there's no money involved. So, you need to search for such websites which offer actual payment for writing.

16. Earn money by doing Transcription Jobs

In this method of earning money, you need to convert video, images, audio into text. Your typing ability should be exceptionally good with good sense of hearing. 

The people who do such transcription jobs are called transcriptionists. Transcriptionists need to be passionate researchers. They should also have a solid grasp of software applications for word processing. Transcriptionists make written records of voice recordings. Accuracy is important; mistakes must be avoided in such jobs.

If you're a beginner, you may start with general transcribing tasks and work your way up in the career ladder by specializing in medical, law, or other disciplines after you have more expertise.

There are many places through which you may get employment as a transcriptionist, data entry expert, copywriter, or designer, among others.

For instance, I've been working as a freelancer for many years. I began my freelancing job by doing basic assistance duties such as quality control calls, transcribing, copywriting, and translations. 

At first, I enrolled on many freelancing sites and experimented with the best method to spend less on bids while earning more. 

Several excellent sources for transcription jobs include the following:

  1. Insolvo
  2. Scribie (a good place to start for newbies);
  3. GoTranscript (another excellent service for newcomers);
  4. Rev (provides complimentary training);
  5. Verbal Ink.
  6. TranscribeMe;
  7. Communications Kendall Creek;
  8. Daily Transcription;

Transcribing often includes everything that is recorded: lectures, meetings, hearings, and anything else that is saved on tape and has to be turned into text. Many organizations turn to transcription to turn written content into spoken content such as articles, conferences, phone calls, and so on.

Accuracy in typing is very important in transcription jobs to claim desired amounts.

17. Earn money by Advertisements and Marketing client's product via Email

This method is also called email marketing. To create more revenue, you may use establishing a mailing list through your website to market to customers. To draw attention to newly launched goods, online retailers often dedicate themselves to spreading the word about their discounts and products by getting others to click on their links. 

When done correctly, email marketing can be very profitable.

Email marketing falls under the type of Affiliate marketing. It is the most simple method. Commissions may range from a few percent to fifty to sixty percent. You include links in your emails and get paid when a recipient clicks on them and makes a purchase.

What are the software useful for email marketing?

Businesses want you to promote their products, which is why so many affiliate programs exist. Few of the softwares you can use for email marketing are as follow:

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Drip
  3. MailerLite
  4. ActiveCampaign
  5. Moosend
  6. Hubspot

Email marketing is a basic part of every successful website. It can also be a highly profitable business. Attract customers by offering them deals, and have them sign up for your email, and get paid, simple.

18. Earn money by accepting Sponsorships, and paid advertisements

In this method, You may seek of somewhat ignored items, such as tech-related goods, if you have a website of that kind. You may have sponsored ads from many businesses that are all trying to get your visitors to see their goods and services.

You may also choose to include Sponsored Reviews. A good way to earn money online in 2021 without investment, if you have a blog with traffic and followers is to take advantage of sponsored ads. 

And for the payment, you can choose PayPal. There are three ways to establish a PayPal account, and they are all very simple and legal. In order to gain their customers' confidence, certain companies rely on the information you provide. In order to be paid, you only need to submit product reviews. Making money in 2021 with this method is, without a doubt, an easy matter.

19. Search for LEGIT Online Typing Jobs

 A job in the typing industry requires minimal investment unless it is an upper-level one. Data entry tasks are a staple of the typical typing job. Even if you don't find you're all that skilled at a task at first, you'll gradually improve once you begin working.

In these type of jobs, You'll be doing writing work like research, drafting, and filling in data in spreadsheets and word processing documents.

Typing is crucial, as is having some computer expertise. However, what you must have are the abilities and will to always study and grow.

So, among the best internet jobs in are those in the typing jobs.

Beware of this Scams in the name of Data Entry Jobs and Online Typing Jobs

Today, most of these jobs are scams. Never trust these data input, form filling, and capcha verification jobs without having proper knowledge.

They use the following strategies:

  1. You submit an application for the job. Receive message rom these scammers. You are briefed on the task.
  2. You begin working day and night for the project.
  3. After submission, your work is evaluated to quality inspection. They criticize that you have not achieved accuracy of  70%. 
  4. They create false reports of your task in order to show that you committed many errors.
  5. Then, They will charge you a penalty saying that the job is not completed properly. The amount will range from $50 to $5,00 or perhaps more.
  6. If you pay, the money is gone. You will have been fooled.
  7. If you do not pay, they will begin threatening you with court dates, claiming that they are bringing a " Breach of Agreement " complaint against you. 
  8. They will send fake court notices, fictitious emails, and fictitious messages in order to threaten you into giving them money. Simply disregard them.
  9. Ignore them by telling them to do anything they want. You may also criticize if you want. 
  10. They only threaten you, but do not worry they cannot do anything else.

20. Passive Income via Honeygain

We personally don't recommend any apps or software which claim to give free money. Such apps are just craps. I personally have used many of them, which make you download something, and give little "credits" which equal to 0.00001$.

But, honeygain works quite different. This app pays you for your internet. if you have a wifi in your home, just install this app, and run in background. You can try both android and Windows version of the software. It makes you do nothing, It just runs in the background, transfers the internet, and gives you the money in the rates that they pay.

Note: This method is not suitable for Data Users as money earning from honeygain really takes so long. But, it can be passive source of income as you can earn money without doing anything.

The following methods can make you Earn money with little investment:

21. Earn money by T-shirt Designing and printing job

It is a new type of trend of earning money.

Do you remember there was a time, everyone used to wear the t-shirt, that writes "I love Nepal" " I love India" "I love USA".

Why not start the same business on your own?

If you don't like any of our methods which are mentioned above. 

But want to really earn money, 

And also have some graphic designing skills.

Then this job is perfect for you.

Basically in this job you have to make a design of the t-shirt on such hot topics which are trending at that time. For example, today, Khaby Lame is a hot topic, make a design of him, and sell the tshirts.

Then you have to go to t-shirt printing companies, where you could offer them your design and print some t-shirts. If they worked for you, then you can print the t-shirts in large quantities.

Advantages of this method:

  • Low investment and high revenue.
  • Not much risk, as you can print very few samples in order to test in the market.

Bonus Tip on Earning Money

If you have started investing your time in looking to earn decent money on Google, 

many websites out there claim that you can on a specific amount of money by playing some games, downloading games or applications, clicking ads, or filling out various surveys, and more. 

Study shows that 60% of websites are a scam, 

Look! The website can easily be made and designed.

But we should not be too impatient to judge a website by its design and look. 

Some websites may even ask you to enter your bank account or other details, unless you know that the website is legitimate you never have to enter your own Gmail bank credentials.

Still want to know which are the websites that are genuine in terms of filling out surveys searches and reviews. We have discussed some of those websites which are are genuine till now in terms of that field.

Bonus Tip : Filling out Surveys, Searches, and Reviews

20+ ways to earn money online without investment in 2021

Another way to earn money is by filling out surveys. Some special companies offer some reward points. Branded surveys, survey junkie, Swagbucks, etc are some of the companies which pay cash or vouchers for filling out surveys. You can also earn legitimate money from here.

You may find this article about ways to make money without investing anything interesting.

Be Aware of these scams of "Free Money Websites"

Nobody pays money for free, Do you do? Stop searching for such things as searching for ways to earn absolutely free money. 

Many scams and frauds in google stay ever ready to search for someone like you to deceive upon. Some websites even claim to give you instant money or credits but in reality, that money is never withdrawable, they will make you do a lot of tasks which will pay them a lot of money, but you will not be paid as promised.

Then, how to earn real money? Such money which is legit, that is not fraud. The above methods are the genuine ways of making money online. I hope this article opened up many new insights on you regarding making money online. 

Online making money is easy but without hard work, dedication and a strategy, most people fail to make a decent living out of it. Keep researching, keep learning! Good luck !

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