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Here are the direct Google Play Store Links for different guide apps of Class 10, 11 and Class 12. You can download any Guide app and take advantage of these free and offline apps. 

The SR Zone Guide Apps with Google Play Store Direct Download Links

Do you know what is the secret of toppers that they get highest marks in class every exam? The reason lies in their smart study. They do not study or labor hard in a mindless way. They have multiple methods to ace in their exams. They study smart, not hard. They use various online resources like websites, applications to get higher marks in exams. So, today we announce that our bunch of android applications are now live on play store.

Unlock the secrets to acing your Class 10, 11, or 12 English and Nepali exams with our comprehensive Class Guides! Featuring complete exercise solutions, chapter summaries, grammar tips, and detailed explanations - our apps have got you covered. With a sleek and elegant UI design, our apps are the perfect companion for offline exam preparation - requiring internet only for first-time opening. Say goodbye to exam stress and hello to exam success with our Class Guides. Download now and unlock your full potential!

These apps were developed by Shriram Lamichhane, the founder and manager of The SR Zone platform. From coding and developing every bit of code to writing the notes, preparing the guide, making the first complete digital solution of textbook, editing the youtube videos, managing the website, android app, youtube channel and facebook page, Shriram is dedicated for student's success.

It took 3 months to code these apps. Shriram has dedicated many days and nights to make the notes first, then building these fully functional apps. Please rate 5 stars or give feedbacks in the app. It would really motivate the developer to keep working hard for you.

Features of Apps

Our apps are designed to help students ace their exams with ease! We've created these apps based on the latest syllabus of SEE and NEB, 2079-2080, and they are all 100% offline. Just open the app with an active internet connection for the first time, and it will work without internet afterwards. 

We use easy language to help you better understand, and provide video lessons and YouTube links for more effective learning. Our chapters contain relevant information and explanations of rules to make learning simpler. The clean, fresh, and elegant UI and design make the app a joy to use. 

All notes were prepared by The SR Zone, ensuring they're reliable. Our apps are the best for exam preparation, so download them now and prepare for success!

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