Class 12 Nepali Book PDF Download 2080 : New Syllabus

Class 12 Nepali Book PDF

Are you a student of Grade 12? or a teacher teaching in Grade 12? Then, this article is going to be helpful to you. Today, You will be given a direct Google Drive Link to download class 12 Nepali Book PDf. 

How to download class 12 Nepali Book PDF 2080 (New Syllabus)?

Class 12 Nepali Book PDF download

To Download - Compulsory Nepali - Grade 12 PDF, you have to click on the 'Click to Generate Link' button, then, Server starts loading the download link for you and it gets unlocked within 20 Seconds, once the timer finishes, you can download the Nepali book PDF  directly by clicking the "download" button below.

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Some thoughts Regarding Class 12 Nepali Book PDF:

When and how was the class 12 Nepali Book Published?

CDC released the class 12 Nepali book digitally in 2078 BS - Bhadra 3. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is insane to physically release the books. That is why CDC published the book via an online medium.

Is this book a new one or an old one?

This could be the confusion among many students. You might wonder whether this is a New Course or the old one. But, it is the latest Nepali Book, that is published by CDC. The old course was quite different, But this one is comparatively easier and more advanced. The specialists of the Nepali subject have designed this book very wisely and in logical way. You can download the book from the link given below:

What is the content inside this book?

The following are the contents that you are going to study in this book in class 12.

Chapter No.Chapter NameGenre
Chapter 1Amako SapanaPoem
Chapter 2Birahini DamayantiStory
Chapter 3Ghanaghasya ko ukalo katdaTravelogue
Chapter 4Byabasayik Patra

Commercial Letter

Chapter 5Ek chihaanEpic
Chapter 6Stephen Willian HawkingsBiography
Chapter 7Hamilai bolauchan HimchuliPoem
Chapter 8MatrittwoStory
Chapter 9GrokheStory
Chapter 10Nepali PahichanDialogue
Chapter 11SahakaariEssay
Chapter 12Jiban MargaReport

How to download class 12 Nepali Book Notes 2080?

As in class 12, we will definitely help you in class 12 as well. Despite our own busy time schedule, we are working really hard to create quality and free notes. Though we don't get or paid anything to do this, we hope that these steps should assist you with both note taking and test - revisions for the class 12 board examinations as well as the class 12 graduation and college entrance exams. Most likely, we'll be done doing all of the chapters accordingly as the time flows. 

For the better relevancy, you can either contact us and make us aware about which notes you want. For doing so, you can either comment your thoughts and demands on youtube video, or the comment section of this blog. Also, you can comment that on our facebook page. After completion of the notes, we'll create a article that will connect you to all of the class 12 English chapter notes on a single page. As we work on this new Nepali book, we are constantly making notes of all chapters.

Is class 12 Nepali book model question paper 2080 published yet?

Model question needs to be Ideal. Because of this, designing takes time. We hope that CDC  Team will anticipate it in a month. Until now, the model questions have not been made available to you. We are constantly updating our model question paper in collaboration with the CDC and the concerned team of book producers. We will update the model questions papers here once uploaded or updated by CDC. Update: Model Question of Class 12 Nepaliis out now!


We own no copyright over this book. The book is totally copyrighted by CDC and PDF is openly available on CDC E-Library. We are just sharing this book so that many needy students can get it. We do not intend to infringe anyone's copyright or intellectual property by any means.

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