Class 12 Model Question 2080/2081 [All Subjects]

Class 12 Model Questions PDF [All Subjects]

National Education Board (NEB) has finally published the final model questions of Class 12 for the year 2080/2081. You can download class 12 model questions 2080/2081 PDF using the download link provided in this article. These are the official Model questions papers of class 12 has been followed based on CDC textbooks.

The links to download the questions papers have been embedded below, you can use those links to get the questions papers along with specification grid of newly revised curriculum of 2080/2081 BS.

Download Model Questions PDF ( New 2080 )
Download Model Questions PDF ( Old 2079 )

The above download links are for all subjects for class 12. However for specific compulsory subjects, you can use below links: 

Download Class 12 Nepali Model Question PDF

Download class 12 English Model Question PDF

Download class 12 Mathematics Model Question PDF

Download Class 12 Social Model Questions PDF

About Class 12 Model Question 2080 PDF:

Are you searching for class 12 model question? Well, your search will finally stop here.

The National Examination Board (NEB) has finally released the model questions for Class 12 examinations for the new academic year 2080. Students can now access and download model question papers for all subjects to prepare effectively for their final board exams.

The model question papers released by NEB serve as a good reference for students to understand the exam pattern, weightage of questions, marking scheme and difficulty level of questions. Students can assess their readiness and identify gaps in their preparation based on these model questions.

There are sample questions and specification grids for every subject in this post. This is a set of model questions for class 12. All subject's model question paper that are taught all over Nepal will be in one PDF file  along with specification grid. 

I will give you all of the English, Nepali, or any other subject that is taught in Nepal's schools. This is for the new syllabus 2080 for grade 12. It has been released by the Sanothimi Bhaktapur Curriculum Development Center. 

To help students better prepare for the exams, the National Examination Board has made available sample questions from the Class 12 examination. According to the board, the examination will be conducted in accordance with the model question papers.

When you look at model question papers for class 12, in most of the subjects 75-mark questions are asked. The rest of the marks will be given from practical. 

The questions this year are very different from the questions from last year.  MCQs seems to be compulsory in all model questions of 2080 including class 12 biology model question paper, class 12 chemistry model question paper, class 12 physics model question paper. There are less fixed questions in the class 12 chemistry model questions paper this year than in the past. In the same way, the questions in the Economics model question seem to be more difficult. As a result, a lot less of what was asked in the chapters has been asked in the model paper. Class 12 Physics model question 2080 has been made more conceptual and more practical than focusing on derivations.

Therefore, for the clearance of the doubts of students like class 12 Marketing model question, Constitutional law model question class 12, class 12 optional Nepali model question 2080, class 12 optional English model question 2080, class 12 applied mathematics model question 2080, class 12 Business Mathematics model question 2080, class 12 general law question 2080, class 12 finance model question 2080, class 12 computer model question 2080, class 12 account model question 2080, class 12 CDL model question 2080 , class 12 Hospitality management model question 2080, class 12 Education Model question 2080, class 12 business studies model question 2080, class 12 Population model question paper 2080 are provided here.

Important Details about New Model Questions Class 12

Here are the important details about the Class 12 model questions 2080 PDF:

• Model questions have been released for all compulsory and optional subjects taught at the Higher Secondary level. This includes Nepali, English, Mathematics, Accountancy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Social, computer and others.

• The question papers follow the revised curriculum and syllabus for 2080 BS. So the questions are designed to test students on what is included in the new syllabus.

• There is an increased focus on MCQ type questions, especially in subjects like Biology,Chemistry and Physics. Formula based lengthy questions have been reduced.

• Instead of just memorizing, the questions push students to think deeper and understand the concepts. You'll find a mix of moderate-level theoretical questions and derivations.

• Specimen grids are also provided for each subject along with the model questions. The specimen grids detail the distribution of topics and marks for the final exams.

• It's a smart move for students to carefully go through these model question papers for all subjects and give them a try within the given time limit. Doing this helps figure out where they stand and where they need to work harder.

Frequently Asked Questions about Class 12 Model Questions PDF

Q. Where do I get and save the PDF of Class 12 model questions for the year 2080?

A: You can save the PDF of Class 12 sample questions for 2080 from the official website of the National Examination Board at They have papers for all subjects, including compulsory and optional subjects.

Q. I don't understand a model question paper for a specific subject. Who can support me?

A: Our website and youtube channel - The SR Zone, has solution and guide videos on how you can write answers in specific subject. You can take help of those content. Your school teachers, subject tutors, or online study resources can also help you. Doing practice questions and looking at solved examples can also clear up any confusion you have about these sample questions.

Q. How much do model questions help for getting ready for exams?

A: Sample questions are very important. They show you how the real exam will be - the types of questions, how they are marked, how hard they are, and what topics are there. This helps you find where you need to study more and where you're good. Doing these questions well will make you feel sure about the real exams.

Q. Do I have to try all the questions in the model question paper in the given time?

A: Yes, you should try to solve the whole sample question paper in the time ie. 3 hours, just like the real exam. This helps you see how you manage your time. Then you can get better at working fast and not making mistakes.

Q. Do they ask the same questions from the model papers in the final exams?

A: They usually don't ask the exact questions from the model papers in the final exams. But the questions are like them - they look the same and are about as hard. So, the sample questions give you a good idea of what you might get in the real exams.

Q. How often do they change the model questions?

A: Every year, the National Examination Board gives new model questions. These new questions match what they are teaching and testing that year. So, if you're studying this year, look at the newest model questions.

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