Download Class 11 Nepali Guide App 2080

Download Class 11 Nepali Notes App 2080

This App is available on Play Store. You can download this app from this link.

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080 has been released by The SR Zone. This is an android application which contains all chapter notes. By downloading this app, you will be able to access all Class 11 Nepali notes from single place. It also includes the summaries and revisory notes, which will help you to score better marks in exam.

The SR Zone Nepali Guide App:

This guide app contains following chapters notes along with English Summary as well for absolutely free of cost!

Chapter Name Notes Avilability
Bir Purkha   Chapter 1 Notes Yes
Gaunko Maya  Chapter 2 Notes  Yes
 Sanskritiko Naya yatra  Chapter 3 Notes  Yes
Yogmaya  Chapter 4 Notes  Yes
 Sathi lai Chithi  Chapter 5 Notes  Yes
 Tyo feri Farkala  Chapter 6 Notes  Yes
Paryaparyatanka sambhabana ra ayam  Chapter 7 Notes  Yes
Lau Aayo Taja Khabar  Chapter 8 Notes  Yes
Safalta ko Katha Chapter 9 Notes  Yes
Krishi sala ma ek din  Chapter 10 Notes  Yes
 Rara Vraman  Chapter 11 Notes  Yes
 Jal Srot ra Urja  Chapter 12 Notes  Yes

This app is developed by The SR Zone and all copyright is credited to The SR Zone. Re-Distribution without owner's consent may result in criminal penalties.

Steps to download this "Class 11 Nepali Notes " app:

  1. First, Download this app by clicking in the download button given at the end of this post
  2. You have to wait 15 seconds here to unlock download link
  3. Then you will land at mediafire page, simply click on "Download" button and download will begin shortly
  4. Then, click on downloaded apk file "Class 11 Nepali Notes" to install it.
  5. Google Play Store may give you a caution to download this app, since it is not registered on Play Store, it will ask so, click on "Install Anyway" 
  6. Now, App Icon will be visible on your mobile phone.

Hence, you can download class 11 nepali notes app.

Key Features:

  1. Contains all chapters notes of nepali book class 11 of new course 2080
  2. Low Application size - 8MB
  3. Contains Summary of all chapters

Screenshots of Class 11 Nepali guide App:

How to download Class 11 Nepali Notes

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Class 11 Nepali Notes 2080 App:

Is this Guide App free?
= Yes, this app is completely free of cost.

From where, can I download this App?
= You can download this app from official website of The SR Zone. - as well as Google Play Store

Is this app available on Play Store? 
= This App is AVAILABLE on play store by the developer name " THE SR ZONE", If you saw any, they are pirated app made without the consent or permission of The SR Zone, then they are illegal.

What is the size of this App?
= The size of this app is 8 mb.

Is this App online or offline?
= This app runs offline, it requires Internet data or WiFi to be turned on only for the first time to fetch data from our database.

Who developed this App?
= This App is solely developed by The SR Zone.

Why was not this App is on Play Store previously?
= This app was not on play store, because at the time we published this app, we did not have time to publish it in play store, since play store itself usually takes more than 9,10 days to review app. That is why, thinking, Medicine After death is useless, to provide timely help, we distributed this app via our website.

Is this app available on Android and IOS?
= App is available Android devices. not iOS. 

Does this App have Offline mode?
= This App has offline mode for now.

Update: This App is available on Play Store. To ensure the app is ours, please confirm app is developed by The SR Zone. Click above to download class 11 Nepali Guide App. As of 2023, the notes are available through app as well as via web-based system. We have continued both app and web service for now. We are providing our guide from our website You can download each chapter notes as PDF if you are on IOS or windows.

Final Words on Class 11 Nepali Notes 2080 Application 

Nepali Book of class 11 just released, and not only management students but also science students were forced to study the subject of Nepal in grade 11. 

Nepali isn't always a bad subject, despite what you may feel. It has always been my desire to provide students with free and quality notes, and I am doing all I can to make that a reality via this website. 

Finally, I've created an application named "Nepali Guide Class 11". So you don't have to spend your time searching the internet for Nepali Notes in high definition Quality or on YouTube or Google to get what you're looking for. By downloading and using this App, you will be able to easily access all chapters from Chapter 1 to Chapter 12.

Despite this, the process of helping began on Facebook, and we started expanding it to include YouTube videos. This time around, Nepal's Book in grade 11 was the most challenging task for everyone. Nepali Notes that we uploaded on YouTube were sometimes of low quality, were blurred, and were sometimes obstructing the YouTube logo. It is possible that students will not have good internet access at all times.

And here we are, with the publication of the guidebook to Class 11 Nepali Book. Nothing will seem to be more difficult if you take the time to think about it properly. Certainly at this point, I'm not going to fail to meet your expectations. This software has been designed to satisfy your expectations.

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