7 best Internet Service Providers (Wi-Fi) in Nepal with price, speed - 2022

What are the best wifi in Nepal

There are many Internet Service providers and hundreds of WiFi companies in Nepal which claim to give fastest internet service. But, the reality is what costumer feels. So, Today you are going to see which actually the best ISP/WiFi of Nepal is according to customer's votes and reliability.

Many career providers in Nepal like Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart cell are available but their internet really sucks. They do have a very high cost packages which do not last longer if we start online videos/movies streaming or online gaming. Rather than spending your hard earned money on something like these is not much logical, rather you could get yourself a wifi that's available near you and has best services. Today, this article exactly aims to provide you enough information about the best wifi in Nepal.

Best ISP of Nepal According to Audience Ratings

What are the best Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal
Source: GadgetByte Nepal

List of best Internet Service Providers (WiFi) in Nepal:

The word 'Best' is not suitable to judge any WiFi Network. Because many factors like geography, plans, suitability etc. come into play when we talk about the network performance. Here is a detailed list which will help you understand this thing better.

WiFi Speed Yearly Price
Worldlink 150Mbps-600Mbps Rs14,400 - Rs 30,000
Subisu (FTTH) 50Mbps- 150Mbps (+TV) Rs 11,947 - Rs 26,549
Subisu (Home Net) 50Mbps - 150Mbps Rs14,159 - Rs 28,318
Vianet (with TV) 125Mbps - 250Mbps Rs 13,200 - Rs 18,000
Classic Tech 150Mbps - 1000Mbps Rs 14,388 - Rs 47,988
Nepal Telecom 25Mbps - 80Mbps Rs10,500 - Rs20,500
CG Telecom 50Mbps - 120Mbps Rs 7,718 - Rs 11,988 

But, we all are not always free to use the internet. Some WiFi users in Nepal use internet seasonally or occassonally. In spite of paying the bunch of cash to ISPs at once as a annual payment, such users can pay monthly. On calculation, paying monthly WiFi charge just because you don't use for a month or two, won't be much economical, if such case, you can pay full sum annually. In case, you only need Internet in festivals or any special occasions, you can go with monthly payment. Here is the list of WiFi Company which provide monthly payment facility but the list with N/A don't provide monthly payment services.

You can calculate which suits you the best by yourself:

WiFi Monthly Price
Worldlink Rs 1400 - Rs 1800
Subisu (FTTH) Rs 1,195 - Rs 2,124
Subisu (Home Net) Rs 1,195 - Rs 2,124
Vianet Rs 1,400 - Rs 1,900
Classic Tech Rs 1,500 - Rs 2,400
Nepal Telecom Rs 1000-Rs 2000
CG Telecom Rs 649 - Rs 999


We have already shared enough data with you about which Wi-Fi is best in Nepal. You can self evaluate it and use it on your own suitability. Because, In our capital, Kathmandu Many ISP provide faster internet, while expecting same internet speed outside valley may alter the internet speed. Till now, all internet providers have been providing satisfactory internet service though they claim to give better speed. Let's hope, recent launch of CG Telecom will be promising and won't deceive we (Customers) what they have stated on their statement.

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