7 Best Internet Service Providers (Wi-Fi) in Nepal with Price, Speed - 2024

What are the best wifi in Nepal

There are many internet service providers and hundreds of WiFi companies in Nepal that claim to offer the fastest internet service. 

However, the reality is based on what customers experience. Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at which is actually the best ISP/WiFi in Nepal according to customer votes and reliability. This article aims to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about the best WiFi in Nepal.

Best ISP of Nepal According to Audience Ratings

The best Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal
Source: GadgetByte Nepal

List of best Internet Service Providers (WiFi) in Nepal:

The word 'Best' is not suitable to judge any WiFi Network. Many things like where you live, what plan you choose, and if it fits your needs, are important to consider. So, here is a list that will help you understand this better.

WiFi Speed Yearly Price
Worldlink 150Mbps-600Mbps Rs14,400 - Rs 30,000
Subisu (FTTH) 50Mbps- 150Mbps (+TV) Rs 11,947 - Rs 26,549
Subisu (Home Net) 50Mbps - 150Mbps Rs14,159 - Rs 28,318
Vianet (with TV) 125Mbps - 250Mbps Rs 13,200 - Rs 18,000
Classic Tech 150Mbps - 1000Mbps Rs 14,388 - Rs 47,988
Nepal Telecom 25Mbps - 80Mbps Rs10,500 - Rs20,500
CG Telecom 50Mbps - 120Mbps Rs 7,718 - Rs 11,988 

We may not use the internet all the time and some people in Nepal use it occasionally. Instead of paying a large sum of money to ISPs annually, you can pay monthly. However, it's more economical to pay the full amount annually if you don't use the internet for a month or two. If you only need internet for specific occasions, you can go for a monthly payment. Here is a list of WiFi companies that offer monthly payment options, and those that do not.

You can calculate which suits you the best by yourself:

WiFi Monthly Price
Worldlink Rs 1400 - Rs 1800
Subisu (FTTH) Rs 1,195 - Rs 2,124
Subisu (Home Net) Rs 1,195 - Rs 2,124
Vianet Rs 1,400 - Rs 1,900
Classic Tech Rs 1,500 - Rs 2,400
Nepal Telecom Rs 1000-Rs 2000
CG Telecom Rs 649 - Rs 999

Mobile Data V/S WiFi, which is best in Nepal?

Many internet service providers in Nepal, such as Nepal TelecomNcell, and Smart Cell, are available, but their internet service is not very good. They have high-cost packages that do not last long when streaming videos or playing online games. 

Spending your hard-earned money on such mobile data packages and services is not logical. Instead, you should opt for a WiFi service that is available near you and has the best services. 


We have given you enough information about the best WiFi in Nepal. You can use it and decide which one is best for you. Keep in mind that internet speed can vary depending on where you live. In the capital, Kathmandu, some ISPs offer faster internet, but the speed may be different in other areas. Although all ISPs claim to have better speed, they have been providing satisfactory service. Let's hope that the ISPs will improve their performance and provide good service as they have promised.

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