How to transfer balance in ntc to ntc?


How to transfer balance in ntc from mobile to mobile ?
Most of the people in Nepal carelessly put their sim card slip anywhere, which contains the security code needed for transferring the balance. Otherwise, there was an obligation to go to Telecom office Service Centre to get the code by Citizenship card.

But, it seems like Nepal Telecom company has understood this difficulty of the users, and has brought the new feature where a SIM user can transfer the balance by getting his code from mobile, not by going to Telecom Office.

Here are the processes to do so. If one has to transfer balance from one mobile to another mobile in NTC Number, Security Code of sim card was required. Transferring Balance from NTC Number to NTC Number was little bit harder previous times.

What are the limitations of this balance transfer service?

Nepal Telecom does not impose a service fee for balance transfers. From Ntc, the lowest amount that may be sent is Rs 10, and the highest amount that can be transferred is Rs 500. 

Another restriction of the Ntc balance transfer service is that when a balance transfer is made, the recipient's mobile phone's validity date is not increased. You may only transmit the money twenty times each day. 

Similarly, the Receiver's sim also need to prepaid or CDMA.

What are the methods to transfer the balance from ntc to ntc?

The methods to transfer the balance from ntc to ntc are as follow:
  1. Using transfer Balance Feature in NT App
  2. Using USSD Code (*422*Code*No.*amount#)
  3. Using Selfcare option from
Among these methods, 1, 3 are the easier methods. But, No 2 requires little bit of work. Here is how?

How to transfer balance from NTC to NTC?

Follow these steps to transfer balance in NTC to NTC.
  1. Send a message "Scode" to 1415.
  2. You will receive your 8 digit Code.
  3. Dial *422*Security Code*Destination Number*Amount#
  4. Eg: *422*12345678*9847600000*100# (Sent Rs. 100)

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