Unit-1 Education First Exercise & Grammar: Class 11 English

Unit: 1
Education and Humanity
Education First PDF Notes

Full Exercise questions answers Solution and PDF notes of class 11 english chapter 1 is here. This chapter is named "Education First" and is part of the unit "Education and Humanity". The speech of Malala Yousafzai, delivered before the United Nations General Assembly, is covered in this chapter. You can download PDF of this exercise solution with the free pdf download link provided at the last.

Education and Humanity Class 11 Handwritten Notes PDF

Education and humanity class 11 pdf

Education and humanity class 11 pdf

Education and humanity class 11 pdf

Education and humanity class 11 pdf

Education and humanity class 11 pdf

Education and humanity class 11 pdf


This chapter's keynote address emphasizes the need of ensuring equality and freedom for all children and adults in the country, as well as providing them with access to a free and high-quality education. All countries should be aware of the situation and act together to resolve it.

Children are the future of the country. Unless they are educated, the country would not be able to exist. Our constitution protects every child's access to education, including the right to receive a free secondary education. 

Unfortunately, many children and teenagers in our country do not have access to this basic right. In order to thrive in the twenty-first century, the government and parents must work together to ensure that children attend school and get a good educational experience.

We need safe, friendly schools with competent teachers who are committed to providing a high-quality education. Many rural schools, on the other hand, lack the necessary facilities and teaching staff to prepare enough financial resources. 

The government must provide school leaders and teachers the authority and resources they need to set high expectations for students and fully support them in their endeavors.

Parents are responsible for providing for their children's basic needs. They don't send their children to school and blame it on poverty, despite the fact that education is provided free of charge. Instead, they are willing to squander their resources. 

By providing basic learning materials, they may help to create a pleasant learning environment at home for their children. Children should be encouraged to learn on a daily basis. Parents are actively involved in school events as well as activities at home.

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