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The SR Zone's Class 12 English Guide 2079-2080 is a collection of Class 12 English Notes and Summary of all chapters! You can use any of the links below and click on the chapter name to be taken to the solution for that chapter's exercise. The exercise, grammar, textbook solution along with summary for the Class 12 English Book is listed here. You can also download Class 12 English Notes PDF using the download button provided at the end of every article.

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Section - I - Language Development:

Unit 1 Critical Thinking Exercise

Unit 2 Family Exercise

Unit 3 Sports Euro 2020 Exercise

Unit 4 Technology Exercise

Unit 5 Education Exercise

Unit 6 Money and Economy QR Code Exercise

Unit 7 Humour Exercise

Unit 8 Human Culture Land of Plenty Exercise

Unit 9 Ecology and Environment Exercise

Unit 10 Career Opportunities Exercise

Unit 11 Hobbies On Walking Exercise

Unit 12 Animal World Exercise

Unit 13 History Exercise

Unit 14 Human Rights Exercise

Unit 15 Leisure and Entertainment Exercise

Unit 16 Fantasy Exercise

Unit 17 War and Peace Exercise

Unit 18 Music and Creation Exercise

Unit 19 Migration and Diaspora Exercise

Unit 20 Power and Politics Exercise

Section -II - Literature:


Neighbours by Tim Winton Exercise

Neighbours by Tim Winton Summary

'A Respectable Woman' Exercise 

'A Respectable Woman' Summary

A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Exercise

A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Summary

The Treasure in the Forest Exercise 

The Treasure in the Forest Summary

My Old Home By Lu Shun Exercise 

My Old Home by Lu Shun Summary

The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun Exercise

The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun Summary

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Summary

A Very Old man with enormous Wings Exercise


A Day by Emily Dickinson Summary

A day Poem Exercise : Questions and answers

Every Morning I wake Summary

Every Morning I wake Exercise 

I Was My Own Route Summary

'I Was My Own Route' Exercise

The Awakening Age Summary 

The Awakening Age Exercise 

Soft Storm by Abhi Subedi Summary 

Soft Storm by Abhi Subedi Exercise 


On Libraries Summary

On Libraries Exercise

Marriage as a Social Institution Summary 

Marriage as a Social Institution Exercise

Knowledge and Wisdom Summary

Knowledge and Wisdom Exercise 

Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Summary 

Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Exercise

Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Summary

Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Exercise

One Act Plays

A Matter of Husbands Summary

A Matter of Husbands Exercise 

Facing Death Summary 

Facing Death Exercise 

The Bull Summary 

The Bull Exercise 

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About Class 12 English Guide 2080:

Considering you're here, I'm going to assume you're looking for best English Notes for class 12. The SR Zone English Class 12 English Guide 2079-2080 are now available on website and on android app. 

Everyone's greatest burden is the Creativity in Class 11th and 12th English Subject. Nepali and English subject are the subjects where you need to think creatively and critically. But these subjects aren't all that terrible of a topic, to be honest. 

Since, This is a brand-new book, revised in 2079BS, not just management students are required to study English in Grade 11; but science students as well. Nothing will appear more difficult if you begin to think deeply about the given topicsubject and Questions.

All chapter's exercise notes and summary of literature section and language development section are available here. To access the chapter notes for any of the chapters listed above, just click on the chapter title.

As a result, neither on the internet nor on YouTube, you will have to waste time wandering around like this to find a note. You can also access these notes through Class 12 English Guide Android Apk, which includes all Class 12 English Notes. 

How to write best answers in English Class 12?

For many students, English has never been an easy subject to study. The students don't want to think, they don't want to write answers, they want to copy, then who will develop the creativity on their mind? 

No matter how many grammatical mistakes you make, don't get caught up in how perfectly your writing is grammatically constructed. Students' ability to answer questions properly is hampered by poor spelling and creativity in English subject, as well as numerous grammatical mistakes. 

Never let your discomfort to get the better of you. Continue to put down what you've learned in your writing. As a result, go to work on your language skills. Learning to write comes first, and then making it comprehensible is the challenge.

How I singlehandedly made Nepal's first E-Guide of Class 12 English Subject?

I am Shriram, and I made this guide when I myself was studying in Class 12. Since, the course was new, there were literally no materials, guides, notes and solution on youtube, website or any android apps. My college course was also not going in speed pace.

I was contantly getting pressure from my youtube audience to bring class 12 english notes, while myself was in grade 12. Then, time has begun to do something on own. I started studying all chapters by myself with the help of dictionary. I did not ask any help from my teacher as I was not so close to my English teacher in college.

I finally completed the full notes of class 12 English on copy. Actually, I had made handwritten notes. Now, I did OCR and converted them into the plain text. Then, uploaded them on my website -

I was not getting enough time to focus on my studies, since I was a science student. But, somehow I made videos in rush and at least finished completing the upload of all notes in my youtube channel.

Since then, many people have copied my work. I try to reach them out to ask them to remove the content. But, still many people have copied my work and distributed them through their youtube channels, android apps, websites, blogs, facebook pages without asking permission from me. I take actions against such people who do not respond even after 5-6 warnings.

I am still hustling for students. I am still fighting for free education. I do not earn much from this youtube channel, website or my android apps. I just want to build to community where every students have access to free education. Though, not many people know me, I am happy that I am being the cause for someone's success.

If you are my follower, you are already familiar with with the fact, how much effort I had put in Class 11 to provide you notes free of cost, via youtube channel, and my facebook page. Though, we have many videos on YouTube regarding class 12 Notes, but they are sometimes shaky, low-quality, or many of my followers do not really like to watch long boring videos. Yes, I will not let you down now. You can access all notes here. 

I always hoped to provide notes with HD quality on my own, and I think my dream is going to be true. It has always been a goal of mine to provide free and high-quality notes to students, and I am doing all I can to make that dream a reality via this website.

I've committed myself to share the notes and instructional resources on my Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and website. The answers to the questions have already been provided. We're also on YouTube if you'd want to check us out there. Also, be sure not to miss any Facebook updates. In addition, if you're looking for notes from grade 12, you've come to the correct spot. This websites is full of class 11 and class 12 Materials.

If you've found this helpful, please consider sharing it to others who may be looking for a English Questions answers for class 12. I hope my collection of class 12 English notes 2079 pleases you.

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