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'A Respectable Woman' Exercise (Kate Chopin) Class 12 English PDF "A Respectable Woman" Exercise Questions Answers PDF of Class 12 English by Kate Chopin


Understanding the text 

Answer the following questions.

a. Why was Mrs. Baroda not happy with the information about Gouvernail’s visit to their farm? 

Mrs. Broda was not happy with the information about Gouvernail’s visit to their farm because she had worked long hours on the sugar plantation throughout the winter and was looking forward to spending time with her husband. Furthermore, she was anxious about Gouvernail coming to their property since he was a total stranger to her.

b. How was Gouvernail different from Mrs. Baroda’s thinking? 

Gouvernail was drastically different from Mrs. Baroda’s thinking because she had thought him to be a tall, skinny, unsociable and unlikable guy. He wasn't the tall, skeptical man as she had expected him to be. He didn't wear spectacles and wasn't at all what she expected. When she met her, she had a completely different impression of him because she didn't think he was bright or intelligent.

c. How does Mrs. Baroda compare the guest - Gouvernail with her husband? 

Mrs. Baroda compares Gouvernail as not interesting, adaptive, friendly, interactive, and funny like her husband Gaston. 

d. Why and how did Mrs. Baroda attempt to change Gouvernail’s solitary habits? 

Mrs. Broda wanted to change his solitary habit because she wanted Gouvernail to be more open and talkative to her. Despite Mrs. Baroda's efforts, Gouvernail ignored her. He enjoyed his lonely lifestyle and his preference for being alone. 

Mrs. Baroda hoped to entice him away from his lonely tendencies by accompanying him on his excursions to the mill and along the river.

e. How does Gaston not agree with his wife on Gouvernail’s character? 

Gaston disagrees with his wife on Gouvernail's Character by forwarding his opinions to her. She has reported to him that Gouvernail was not a friendly, talkative and interesting guy. He replies that Gouvernail is a very good and respectable person, He explains that he has many bright and outstanding qualities, but he has been disturbed by the work overload and she should not mistreat him.

f. Why is Gaston surprised by his wife’s expression towards the end of the story? 

Gaston is surprised by his wife's expression in the end because, the woman who was blaming Gouvernail for being less - sociable, uninteractive, self-centered, gloomy, unlikable earlier was later ready to welcome him again and be more hospitable. 

Reference to the context 

a. What is the reason for conflict in Mrs. Baroda’s mind? What role does Mrs. Baroda  ‘being a respectable woman’ play in this story? 

The cause of the conflict in Mrs. Baroda's mind is that she has started liking her husband's friend. 

Being a respectable woman, She has to protect her pride of being a woman. Even, the primary topic of this story is desire vs discipline. Her wish to show her affections for Gouvernail is blocked by societal norms, which prevent her from doing so. 

So, the feeling of being a respectable woman controls her urges and feelings for him.

b. Sketch the character of Gouvernail and contrast it with Gaston. 

We learn about Gouvernail through his outside portrayal that he is Gaston's college buddy, who is now working as a journalist, who is an unsociable and less-interactive guy and that he is a heavy smoker.

Gouvernail is an introverted type of guy, who does not talk much and who is simply boring from the view of Mrs. Baroda, while Gaston is a sociable and friendly guy.

c. Why does Mrs. Baroda not disclose her feelings towards Gouvernail to her husband? 

Mrs. Baroda does not disclose her feelings towards Gouvernail with her husband because Mrs. Baroda does not want to deviate from the ideal of being a respectable woman. Being respectable means living according to social norms or living our lives without regret. 

d. The last three sentences of the story make a kind of twist. After reading these three sentences, how will you analyze Mrs. Baroda’s attitude towards Gouvernail? 

When Mrs. Baroda tells Gouvernail, " I have overcome everything! This time I will be really kind to him," the story takes an unexpected twist.

Mrs. Baroda's statement at first glance seems that she has regained control of her emotions. Her victory over "everything" suggests that she has overcome not just her discontent with Gouvernail, but also her intellectually bankrupt emotional feelings for him.

But, on the other hand, from Mrs. Baroda's rejection of society's norms, it can imply that Mrs. Baroda learned more about her own wants and desires as a woman.

Reference beyond the text 

a. The entry of an outsider into a family has been a recurring subject in both literature and movies. Narrate a story real or imaginative where an outsider’s arrival destroys the intimate relationship between the husband and the wife and causes break up in marital relationship without the direct mistake of anyone. Anton Chekhov’s story ‘About Love’ is the story on this subject. 

"About Love" by Anton Chekhov depicts a man's strong love for a married woman with two children. Using this example, Chekhov aims to demonstrate that love isn't confined to a marital relationship.

The presence of Alyohin in Mr. Luganovich's home causes a divide between the husband and wife; it causes Anna Luganovich a lot of worry and emotional anguish.

Mr. Luganovich and his wife, Anna, are a married couple that live in the city together. Although the husband and wife have a large age gap, they are happy together. Anna is a twenty-two-year-old woman. Her husband is a Judge who is over 40. She is a young lady who is attractive, nice, clever, and interesting.

A six-month-old baby is the first child she has at the beginning of the novel, and she soon has another. She and her spouse had been getting along just well. When another guy enters her life, though, she suffers greatly. She eventually falls victim to a mental illness and breaks up with Alyohin.

b. Mrs. Baroda makes an expectation about Gouvernail even before meeting him. Suppose you are a mature girl/boy and your family members are giving you pressure to get married. Write in about 200 words describing what qualities you would like to get in your future husband/wife.

If my parents make me wed, this is what I look for in a companion:

1.Ability to do chores: My mother does most of the housekeeping, from laundry to cooking. I want her to be helping me and mother since I don't always have time. We should assign duties depending on our workload. 

2. Empathetic: I don't want her to believe I was uncaring. Instead, she would calm my nerves by talking, offering me advice, hugging me, or simply being silent. I'll be forever thankful.

3. Brave. Why? Life will always have ups and downs. I don't desire a life of stability and comfort. She must be brave to face her fears and join me in coping with challenges.

4. Intelligent: I need someone to assist me overcome adversity. While I'm drowning in code, I'm grateful she managed the family's funds. We must work together till the end our lives.

5. Loving: She must be loving and faithful to me, that’s all.

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