About Us

Have you ever wondered who The SR Zone really is? Inquiring minds may also want to know why and what the SR zone is for.  

Well, My name is Shriram Lamichhane, also known as S.R. Lamichhane and I am the founder of The SR Zone. I manage everything alone including this website, Youtube Channel and facebook Page as well. Every content you have seen in our youtube channel is created, edited and broadcast by myself. I don't borrow or copy notes from others, every notes you see on channel or this website is prepared by me. I have sacrificed my days and nights for this. 

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How I found The SR Zone?

Everything has been improved and changed thanks to Technology. Nothing is impossible on the internet if one has a solid understanding of how to use it. We are just trying to improve education by offering high-quality notes and exercise answers, as well as a variety of essays, notes, and articles, we use this website, Android Applications, YouTube to give free and high-quality education to all people.

The Ministry of Education of Nepal has proposed a new curriculum for grade 11 that will be implemented beginning in the academic year 2077 BS, making courses like Nepali, English, and Social subjects obligatory for science students. I saw that one of the most creative subjects, Nepali, was nearly the most difficult for science students, therefore I decided to start helping them by giving free notes. Then our adventure started.

What is The SR Zone doing up to these days?

It's no surprise that millions of students across the globe use internet platforms such as Google and Youtube to study or take at least one college course online. In today's education, online learning should be a significant turning point. It revolutionised the system and provided incredible possibilities for anybody who wanted to learn something new. 

The SR Zone has been uploading English, Nepali, economics, science, and social studies notes to YouTube on a regular basis, making them more accessible to everyone. Since there was no appropriate venue on Facebook for sharing the notes so that anybody could utilise them, I uploaded the grade 11 Nepali guide as my first video on channel. Seeing so many individuals benefit from that video gave me hope and inspired me to do more for students. 

This website is also a part of the effort to provide everyone with free and high-quality educational resources that are easily accessible. I want everyone to have access to free and high-quality notes.

Contribution of The SR Zone

For the present time, Nepali Class 11 Notes, English Class 11 Notes, and Social Studies Class 11 Notes are some of the popular subjects on which we are providing our services. We may also be found on YouTube and Facebook.

Similarly, High Quality Notes of All chapters of English, All chapters of Nepali, Summaries, Social Notes, Science Notes, Guide Book PDF etc are being provided via, The SR Zone website, YouTube and android Applications.

Students in Nepal depend on offline instructors, books, google sources (which are not always relevant), and Indian teachers due to a lack of excellent online educational platforms, so I wanted to make this platform the source for students learning.

In Nutshell, The SR Zone Provides:
  • Class 11 Nepali Guide
  • Class 12 Nepali Guide
  • Class 10 English Guide
  • Class 11 English Guide
  • Class 12 English Guide
  • Class 12 English Grammar
  • Exams Questions Papers
  • Textbooks PDFs
  • Every notes are made downloadable as PDF
  • Built 100k Community on The SR Zone Youtube

The SR Zone's Goal

We have committed ourselves to making students' experience more enjoyable than ever before. We think that everyone should learn how to use the internet correctly and make the most of their online time. We've also been providing through our YouTube channel for that. This adventure has continued, and we anticipate it to do so in the future.

The Long-Term Vision of The SR Zone

In education, the Internet is very important. Without a doubt, in today's society, everyone uses Google to find answers to their queries, issues, and uncertainties. 

Google, Yahoo, and YouTube, for example, are well-known search engines. People like them because they provide simple and fast access to a large amount of information in a matter of seconds. It includes a wealth of data that may be accessed at any moment. 

Technology advancements, communications, and online entertainment have all been made possible by the Internet. And I wanted to make a little contribution for those students who have access to the Internet but not to books, or who have a cell phone but not to books.

There are a number of issues with Nepal's current conventional education system. To begin, you must spend tens of thousands of rupees each term to attend a renowned institution. With all of the budget cutbacks, overcrowded classrooms, and a shortage of courses, you won't always be able to study precisely what you want.


Finally, The SR Zone is a free instructional resource for NEB students. The SR Zone's primary goal is to provide free and quality educational resources and to improve the educational method which has been working alone without the purpose of generating any money.

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