Class 12 Nepali Guide: Notes, Questions Answers & Exercise Solution 2079-2080

Class 12 Nepali Guide Notes All Chapters

"Class 12 Nepali Guide 2079-2080" is a collection of notes and exercise solution, which covers complete Nepali Textbook of Class 12. You can click on any chapter name and you will instantly be taken to the page with the solution of that chapter. These notes were written and prepared by Shriram Lamichhane, the admin of The SR Zone.

These notes are available absoluletly for free. If you want to support us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, The SR Zone.

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Some thoughts on Class 12 Nepali Guide 2080:

Who prepared these notes?

These notes are prepared by Shriram Lamichhane, the founder and manager of The SR Zone. Shriram is a talented student in Nepali Subject with a score of A+, 4.0 GPA in Nepali Subject in SEE and Class 12 Board Exam. Video explanation of the notes by Shriram can be found and watched in The SR Zone YouTube Channel.

How can I download these notes?

You can download Nepali Notes Class 12 2079 Apk which contains all the links to the notes to access all chapter's solution from a single application. 

If you want to download offline notes, you have to download PDF of each chapter from the link given at the bottom of respective post. 

Are these notes based on old curriculum of Nepali Textbook or New one?

The notes are based on latest and revised curriculum of class 12 Nepali textbook. All the materials and notes available in this website and distributed by The SR Zone are updated to the latest academic year for, 2079-2080.

How can I share these notes ?

You can share these notes by copying the URL of this webpage to your friends. However, redistributing the notes is illegal and strictly forbidden. This may result in criminal penalties as well.

You are free to use these notes for study/exam/assignment purposes. But, we have strict copyright policy against the individuals who share or distribute the notes from other facebook pages/youtube/website without prior permission of the author. 

Are these notes DMCA protected? 

The author of these notes is Shriram Lamichhane. The copyrights of the contents is held by The SR Zone. Notes are protected with DMCA Protection.

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