Class 12 Nepali Chapter 9 Gorkhe Exercise

In this article, I am going to provide you, Gorkhe Exercise Questions Answers PDF, which is the chapter in Class 12 Nepali book Unit 9. Free PDF download link of this chapter can be found at the last of this page.

Gorkhe Exercise : Questions Answers PDF

Gorkhe Exercise : Nepali Chapter 9 PDF

Gorkhe Exercise : Nepali Chapter 9 PDF

Gorkhe Exercise : Nepali Chapter 9 PDF

Gorke Exercise : Nepali Chapter 9 class 12

Gorke Exercise : Nepali Chapter 9 class 12

The remaining part of the note along with complete exercise solution of this Chapter have been uploaded to the youtube. You can watch the video here:

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Gorkhe Story Summary Class 12

Written by social realist, progressive and modern storyteller Bakhat Bahadur Thapa, 'Gorkhe' is an educational technology-based story, which depicts computer viruses and antivirus used to keep computers virus-free. In his novels and essays, Thapa has reflected his ambition to build a civilized and egalitarian society with the current dialectical and apocalyptic realities in the rural and urban social and family environment.

In this story, the protagonist of the story with an inventive thinking, Peshal, describes Satpal's attempt to get rid of the infected computer virus using the antivirus Gorkhe. Due to his ingenuity and creativity, Peshal developed an antivirus called Gorkhe. While scanning and inspecting all data on the hard drive, the five types of viruses suggest patching out certain virus-infected files to remove files and directories that Antivirus Gorkhe could not resolve. When scanning for viruses, the antivirus fights the virus hard and eventually wins. 

Consequently, it has pointed to the issue of facilitating human existence by developing new scientific and technological technologies. Conscious people use their knowledge, intellect, conscience and conscience to engage in some sophisticated creative work to make their life meaningful. In this novel, Peshal, a talented computer engineer, has created a computer antivirus application to protect or de-virus the computer. It also points to the nature of the person who wants to become famous by making a significant contribution to human civilization. This story depicts a man aspiring to earn fame and fortune by producing new products using his skills.

Overall, the narrator explains in the above story that man is a creature who maintains existence on the basis of his creative labor. Thus, from the above analysis, it can be concluded that man is a creative being.

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