Class 12 English book PDF Download 2080 : New Syllabus

NEB Class 12 Compulsory English Textbook PDF Download

We know that you want class 12 compulsory english book pdf , right? Don't worry, today we will provide you the direct download link of the PDF format of this book. Compulsory English Book (New Syllabus) for NEB grade 12 has been officially released by Curriculum Development centre. The date it was published is 2078 BS - Bhadra- 03.

Class 12 English book PDF Download

We recommend you following these instructions, so that you don't face any problems while downloading the book.

  1. Scroll down until you see, 'Click to Generate Link
  2. Click there, on timer starts loading
  3. Wait for 30 seconds, for the book to fully load the download link
  4. You can view the book sample by scrolling down the timer as well
  5. Once, Download File button appears, go through there
  6. You will reach Google Drive Download page.
  7. Click on the download button in the top right
  8. Now, you have successfully downloaded class 12 English Book PDF 2080 according to the new syllabus.

We are only sharing this book to help you with your study, we've included a PDF version of the book, Compulsory English - Grade 12/Class 12/Grade XII.  You can download this book for free by clicking on the download button given below:

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Disclaimer: This textbook is openly available on the websites of the Curriculum Development Centre  and OLE - Nepal's E-Pustakalaya. We've included the link here for the convenience of both students and teachers. We are not the owner of the book, nor we hold any copyright, we respect the hard work of the publisher, we are only helping students to find this book in convenient way.

If you are facing any problem to download the book, then this video tutorial might help you to download the PDF format of the book!

Are you are you facing any problem to download this book in PDF format?

If so you can also contact us on our Facebook page or email us we will send you the PDF of book right there.

Where can I find class 12 English book notes?

We are continuously making the notes of this new English book. We will probably finish making all chapters note soon. Then we will make a separate page which will link you to all chapters note of class 12 English. We are hoping that this step will help you to do both note making and exam - revisions of class 12 board and terminal exams.

Why was the new book introduced in Grade 12 ?

Class 12 English book PDF Download 2078 : New Syllabus

Before talking about other things, Let me explain you why was the curriculum improved or altered than in previous years. So that we could know the reason behind changing and bringing new book and syllabus in grade 12. 

What is the objective of this book?

The book has been scientifically created in the hopes of developing human capital that is dedicated to the country, nationality, and national integrity. It is the most important issue, since Nepal's education system is always being criticized for failing to create highly qualified manpower.

Literature is prepared with genre, and students may read both focused and deeply in this section, which allows them to improve their reading abilities across a wide range of genres and subjects for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students.

All four language skills are addressed in this book, and they are incorporated into projects and exercises along with contextual grammar and appropriate vocabulary to help in your language improvement. 

What are the sections of this book?

The book is split into two sections: language development and literature. Language development is the first part. An attempt has also been made to take into consideration the fact that learners' needs are always changing.

Each chapter is followed by an enough number of exercises intended to stimulate learners' creativity and levels of analysis. Not only this but also to develop their interpersonal skills and knowledge of cultural and traditional customs, after which the chapter is concluded.

An extensive collection of current issue-based local and global topic books intended to enhance intensive reading skills while also promoting competence in grammatical rules, language, speaking, and writing is included in the language development section of the curriculum.

The book is organized in such a manner that it will assist students in identifying and analyzing different aspects of literary works, as well as engaging in creative writing activities, as they go through it. 

How was this book released?

School education should be focused on acquiring talents and life skills, as suggested by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). That is why this book is created with aim of bringing motivation of employment possibilities and a feeling of personal responsibility.

Written in the spirit of the National Curriculum Framework 2076 as well as the Secondary Level Curriculum 2076, the English textbook for Grade 12 has been revised and updated, than in previous years.

Is class 12 English book model question paper 2079 published yet?

CDC and the concerned team of the book makers are continually making the model question paper. It is expected to be released within a month. By the name, we can infer that model questions really need to be model/ideal. Therefore, designing takes time. For now, the model questions are not published.

2080 Update: Class 12 English Model Questions have been published.

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