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class 11 social studies book pdf nepali

Do you want to download grade 11 social studies textbook pdf? Then, this article is exactly for you. Please click on the download button below to download the PDF format of the book. This book is new CDC Textbook for grade 11, formulated by curriculum Development Center.

The steps to Download social book of class 11 pdf are as follow:

  1. Open google or any browser.
  2. Search "The SR Zone " on google.
  3. Visit the official website of The SR Zone, ie.
  4. Click on search icon and then type " Class 11 Social Book" and click ok.
  5. You will get the article with link provided.
  6. Search for download button and clicking in that link takes you to google drive. 
  7. Click on three dots in top right corner then click download.
  8. Go to file manager in your mobile phone or computer and you will get "Social Book PDF" downloaded there.

 Download class 11 social book PDF from Google Drive:

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Some thoughts on Class 11 Social Book:

Is social book compulsory?

Social subject is not compulsory. You can option out computer or math instead of social. It depends on which stream is yours. 

The people in charge decided to make social studies compulsory in the eleventh grade. Now, you can choose not to study it.

Can I study and give Social Book of class 11 in English Medium?

The answer is between yes and no. If your school allows you to write in English. Go for it! But, the final exam in class 12 will only accept the answers in Nepali as per CDC and NEB decision.

When and how was this Class 11 social book published?

The CDC, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, has made this textbook that all students in class 11 must read starting in 2077 BS. A Social Studies question based on this book has also been released. Class 11 Social Studies and Life Skills has to be taught in Nepali because the CDC wants it to be done that way.

Samajik Adhyan Tatha Jeevan Upyogi, a social book for class 11 in Nepali, will be more practical than theoretical, and it should help students learn some very important life skills.

What is the reason behind making this book in Nepali language?

After reading this social book in class 11, students are expected to have moral character, harmony, and concern for the environment, as well as the skills to build a long-term peace. Education today seems to be more theoretical than practical, with an emphasis on remembering long phrases rather than learning new things. To make this book more useful, an effort is made to make it more meaningful and applicable by making it in Nepali language.

When will be this book implemented?

In 2077 B.S., the first edition of this book was written for the 11th grade. To assist students, the book is still available as an optional textbook for classes 11 and 12. It was created in the year 2077 B.S.

I hope this much information is enough for you to download grade 11 social book in pdf. Have a great day!

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