Class 11 Social Model Question with Solution and Answers 2080

Class 11 Social Model Question 2079 with answer

Class 11 social studies is taught and studied in Nepali medium in Nepal. That is the reason why many student find this subject as as a difficult subject since what they have learnt was in english medium. Still, some controversial decisions made by the government and collage administration has left students to get confused whether to study social in class 11 in Nepali Medium or in english medium. That is why, this article is providing you Class 11 Social Model Question 2080 with answer Solution in Nepali Medium.

Model Question of class 11 social studies 2080 complete solution PDF:

Class 11 Social Model Question 2079 with answer (Complete Solution)

Class 11 Social Model Question 2079 with answer (Complete Solution)

Class 11 Social Model Question 2079 with answer (Complete Solution)

Class 11 Social Model Question 2078 with answer (Complete Solution)

Class 11 Social Model Question 2078 with answer (Complete Solution)

 Social Studies and Life Sustainable Education

 Model Question Solution Social with PDF 

    Group 'A'.

1. Write the interrelationship of social studies and social science in 1 sentence

= In social sciences, subjects related to society such as geography, history, economics, law, etc. are studied extensively and scientifically, while social studies is a textbook based on a school curriculum made from a combination of these subjects.

2. Write in one sentence how you start a conversation with people in the community while working on the project

= I begin my project with an introductory presentation explaining the purpose and justification of the project.

3. Why use caution when using the Internet? Present any one argument.

Since all people who use the internet do not use the internet with a positive intention, caution should be exercised while using the internet to avoid cyber crime and online theft, fraud.

4. Write one of the characteristics of the Homo sapiens race.

The earliest Homo sapiens had short, slender, short, long arms.

5. Write the name of the famous history book written by Herodotus.

= Herodotus wrote a book called "The Histories of Herodotus".

6. Write down one of the environmental impacts you have on your life.

= Environmentally I live in a hilly area. Due to the steep terrain, moving from one place to another is a physical exercise, so there is a feeling of fitness and vitality.

7. Write the difference between caste and tribe.

A group of people with the same physical constitution, shape, temperament, temperament and place of origin is called a caste, while a group of people who have different religions, languages, cultures and traditions and have lived in a certain geographical area for a long time is called a tribe.

8. What electoral system has been adopted for the election of the National Assembly of Nepal?

= Single and transitional electoral system is adopted for the election of the National Assembly of Nepal.

9. What is entrepreneurship? Write in one sentence.

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the tendency or desire to start, run and be creative in a single capacity.

10. Write one of the differences between a rural settlement and an urban settlement.

= Urban settlements have higher population density than rural settlements.

11. Suggest one way to avoid drug abuse.

= Creating employment opportunities for the youth and engaging them in productive and creative work is the best way to keep the youth away from drugs.

 Exam Tips for social exam  

  1. Writing answers in Group A - Group C - Group B has a positive impact on time management, early energy utilization and leaves a positive impression on checker,
  2. Write the exact answer at the beginning, no matter what kind of question,
  3. When writing the answer to a long answer question, draw the margin of the copy a little closer,
  4. Answer Group A in 1 sentence, Group B in 1 page and Group C in 2 pages.
  5. When writing the answer introduction, body , conclusion, the answer looks very good and organized.


>Body Part


All the very best for your exams from my side.

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