Class 11 Nepali Model Question Paper 2080

nepali model question pdf

Curriculum Development Centre has published Class 11 Nepali model question Paper 2080 along with a specification grid. Here you will get these model question papers PDF in HD.

  Class 11 Nepali model question 2080 PDF  
class 11 nepali model question

Class 11 Nepali model question Paper

Why Nepali exam will be easier at this time?

According to Nepali Model Question of class 11, questions will be easier from this time. 

About 30% of the questions will be asked from Nepali Byakaran. This time the questions from describing the quotations (Byakhya Gara) have been removed so, it will be comparatively easier than previous models. 

Similarly, Sentence making questions (Bakyama Prayog Garahave also been removed from this time. In previous years, 2 hours 15 minutes was specified for 75 marks. But since 3 hours is assigned from this time, it will comparatively be easier to manage time in exam hall. 
  1. Easier time management as 3 hours is assigned for this paper
  2. More priority in Grammar hence, easy marks can be obtained
  3. No more describing questions
  4. Easier textbook and contents 
Here is the model question of Class 11 Nepali Subject only. If you want all subject's model question in PDF Format, you can follow the given link.

Sample model questions are always required to make the questions that fulfill the Specification grid. That's why the model question paper of the Nepali subject has been provided here. Various queries like class 11 Nepali grammar and the question pattern in the Board exam will be cleared from this. Especially, the model question was published because of the changed curriculum of 2080BS for class 11. The book is new and so are the questions and question papers.

About Class 11 Nepali Book-
This book is based on the new NEB curriculum by Curriculum Development Center.

The book is written by Begendra Subba, Shri Devi Prasad Ghimire, Ram Chandra Khanal, and Shri Gyaneshwar Niraula. Keshav Prasad Dahal, Director General of the Institute, Dr. Lekhnath Poudel, P.D. Ramesh Prasad Bhattarai, Dr. Nawaraj Kattel, Dr. Januka Nepal, Dr. Geeta Kharel, Bishnu Gyawali, Narayan Jung Thapa, Mr. Tukaraj Adhikari, Ganesh Prasad Bhattarai, and Purushottam Ghimire donated.
The theme is edited by Indu Khanal, the language is edited by Chinakumari Niraula and the composition is edited by Santosh Kumar Dahal. The Curriculum Development Center would like to thank everyone who participated in the development of this textbook.

As teachers, students, parents, academics, and all learners have an important role to play in furthering this textbook, the Curriculum Development Center warmly invites constructive suggestions for all involved.

I Hope the "Nepali model paper" is helpful for you.

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