Class 12 Nepali Unit 5 Ek Chihan : Exercise Questions Answers

In this article, you will get Ek Chihan Exercise Questions Answers PDF, which is the 'Upanyas' in Class 12 Nepali book chapter 5. This is a literary composition based on various societal problems and realitites prevalent in contemporary society of Nepal. Ek Chihan Free PDF download link is given at the last of this page.

Ek Chihan : Exercise Questions Answers PDFEk Chihan : Exercise Questions Answers PDF

Ek Chihan : Exercise Questions Answers PDF

Ek Chihan : Exercise Questions Answers PDF

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The notes and complete exercise solution of this chapter along with grammar have been uploaded to the youtube. 

Ek Chihan Byakaran Exercise Solution

Ek Chihan Exercise: Questions Answers

Ek Chihaan Class 12 Summary

Ashtanaran is an industrious farmer. Latmaya is his wife's name. He has four children, including his oldest son Shivnaran, Punnaran, Harshanaran, and a daughter Nanithaku. Shivnaran is a farmer as well, while Punnaran is a carpenter and Harshanaran is a jammy. Latmaya and Nanithakun's jobs are to boil rice and sew tan at home. Ashtanaran is a fantastic guy who is honest, kind, unselfish, altruistic, and does not obey to society conventions. Despite their poverty, Ashtanaran is a wealthy guy with a giving attitude. 

One day, Ashtanaran becomes unwell. He instructs his family not to treat him, and he has already saved twenty-five rupees and put it beneath the ground someplace in the home. Ashtanaran urges everyone to perform the ritual after his death with the same money. 

Ashtanaran's illness worsens day by day. Shivnaran, Latmaya, and the rest of the family stay no longer quiet. Ashtanaran's family starts to consider therapy after realizing that protecting lives is more important than preserving money. 

First and foremost, Ashtanaran is treated by the village's Gubhaju, but nothing is cured. Even the country's famed Jharphuke Vaidya Tuyu Gubhaju fails in treating Ashtanaran. They bring a Kaviraj treatments as well, but nothing occurs. Later, Ashtanaran's family determines that if he is treated by a doctor, he can be healed. 

Shivnaran consults with Dr. Godatta Prasad. He expresses all of his sorrows. He claims his father is very ill, but Dr. Godatta Prasad seems unconcerned. Dr. Godatta Prasad travels to Ashtanaran's residence for treatment after paying merely five rupees. Dr. Godatta Prasad begins to cure Ashtanaran. Ashtanaran's health improves as a result of Dr. Godatta Prasad's therapy. Ashtanaran starts to feel better. Dr. Godatta Prasad visits Ashtanaran's home on a regular basis to see how he is doing. As a result, Dr. Godatta Prasad is drawn to Nanithaku's youth and beauty.

Ashtanaran dies unexpectedly a few days later. The Naran family as a whole is in grief. There is no money for Ashtanaran's burial or other rituals since all of the money has been spent on his treatment. Despite requesting a loan from others, the Naran family completes the full event after Ashtanaran's death. Dr. Godatta Prasad arrives to extend his condolences to the whole Naran family on Ashtanaran's death. Dr. Godatta Prasad's tremendous grandeur and sublime compassion help to lessen the Naran family's anguish to some degree. 

As soon as the Ashtanaran rites are over, all of the brothers return to their job. Shivnaran is the family's oldest member, thus he handles all of the family's business both within and outside the home. Talsing Subba Surman fascinates Ashtanaran's family. Subba Surman's debt to Ashtanaran's family must be returned. People from Subba Surman, Ram Bahadur visits Ashtanaran's home. Only Latmaya is at home at the moment. Ram Bahadur Subba lavishes respect on his teacher (Subba Surman) in several ways. 

Ram Bahadur also mentions forgiving Ashtanaran's debt to Latmaya. He also requests that Latmaya get a sewing machine. Although Latmaya first refused, owing to Ram Bahadur's tax, Latmaya subsequently grants Ram Bahadur clearance for the tanning machine. Ram Bahadur Subba arrives to Shiv Naran's residence with a tanning equipment. Shivnaran is displeased with this assistance, but he remains silent. 

Similarly, Dr. Godatta Prasad begins visiting Ashtanaran's home on a daily basis. He arrives to Ashtanaran's home and begins flirting with Nanithaku. Ashtanaran's daughter Nanithaku and Dr. Godatta Prasad gradually fell in love. 

When the whole neighborhood learns of this, everyone begins circulating rumors. Shiv Naran became enraged when he found out about this afterwards. Ranjana Devi, Dr. Godatta Prasad's wife, recalls both Dr. Godatta Prasad and Nanithaku fondly, but the two loving pair do not speak to anybody. She tries remind Nanithaku that she is just seventeen years old, yet Dr. Godatta Prasad is a grandfather to numerous children. As a result, their love seems antisocial. 

Ram Bahadur informs Latmaya that Subba Surman is fond of Nanithaku. Ram Bahadur Subba advises Latmaya that by marrying Nanithaku to Subba Surman, Ashtanaran's family would exult in the ping of bliss. Latmaya concurs. Shivnaran becomes enraged when he learns about this later. He resolves to never marry his sister to Subba Surman. Shiv Naran becomes enraged when Ram Bahadur Subba visits Ashtanaran's home and discusses Nanithaku's marriage. Shiv Naran grabs Ram Bahadur Subba's neck and beats Ram Bahadur. Shivnaran's family did not return the machine that Subba Surman gave him later.

Harshanaran says he would be married in his home when he finishes building it. Harshanaran falls in love with the Tamang Caste women after a few days and wants to marry as soon as possible. This is what Harshanaran says in his home. Everyone in the house is overjoyed. He enjoys it a lot since she is a female of a different race. Ashtanaran believed in community harmony as well.

Harshanaran marries Tamang's daughter Putali a few days later. Everyone is content. 

Dr. Godatta Prasad and Nanithaku, on the other hand, love one other, but Nanithaku informs Dr. Godatta Prasad that their love is ended since there was no confession in their love. Meanwhile, Shiv Naran's farming is improving. Shivnaran's land is the first to be sown with grain. Shivnaran begins to accompany Nanithaku into the field. Shivnaran patrols the fields and crops at all hours of the day and night. Shivnaran is looking for a Madhesi guy for Nanithaku. Ram Khelawan Raut is his name. Nanithaku is a favorite of Ram Khelawan Raut. Nanith Kumar falls in love with Ram Khelawan Raut as well. 

Nanithaku and Ram Khelawan later marry. Everyone is overjoyed. As a result, Ashtanaran's family is linked to the Madhes, hills, and mountains, as well as the whole country of Nepal. In this manner, Ashtanaran hoped to preserve community peace. 

One day, there is a heavy rain. Floods occur as a result of days of persistent rain. The deluge starts to sweep everything away. Flooding destroys livestock, trees, crops, and residences, and the environment becomes terrifying and terrible. People are also beginning to flow at the same moment. The bodies float on the water's surface. Shivnaran's home is likewise destroyed by the flood. Shiv Naran family's corpse has been buried someplace by the water. Their remains are unaccounted for, and no one recognizes them; Ashtanaran's home is likewise devastated by the water; and Ashtanaran's whole family is crushed by the same house. 

The flood permanently wipes Ashtanaran's whole family's name. Ashtanaran's family is no longer obligated to repay any of Talsing Subba Surman's obligations. There is no pain or effort. Punnaran does not have to worry about constructing a home. Nobody needs to do anything since Ashtanaran's family name has been permanently obliterated from history. The whole Naran family was eventually buried by their own home.

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