Class 12 Results 2080 - Check Your NEB Results with Marksheet !

NEB Exam Result 2080

NEB has finally published the most awaited Class 12 Results 2080 in 30th of shrawan, 18:00 Nepali time. 

Here is the summary of Class 12 Results 2080 !

GPA Count
4.0 6,976
3.6 38,999
3.2 69,174
2.8 63,077
2.4 11,438
2.0 47
NG 182,926

To check your Class 12 Exam results, click above button and then enter your symbol number (Example: 17300927) and date of birth (DOB) (2061/19/20) in the entry box. Then hit submit button. You will see your GPA along with marksheet/gradesheet.

Check Neb Class 12 Exam Results 2080 

How to check Class 12 Exam Result 2080?

How to check Class 12 Exam Results 2080? 2080

The information and resources for students and parents to check the results of Class 12 exams in Nepal are available through online platforms, SMS, and potentially IVR service.

Screenshot your NEB Class 12 Results for Future Reference
Please save a screenshot or download PDF of your marksheet. This is very important because when you apply for IOE exam/ csit exam or any other entrance exams for bachelors study, you need to submit a copy of your marksheet. But due to various technical issues, you might not have your marksheet on your hands. So, having a digital copy of your marksheet is always the best decision.

NEB Class 12 2080 Exam Result Summary

Exam nameNEB Class 12 Board Exam 2080/2023
Result nameNEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023
Exam Start dateBaisakh 26, 2080
Exam End Date05 Jestha 2080
Result ModeOnline, SMS, IVR
Result Date30th of Shrawan
Exam LevelNational Level
Board NameNational Examination Board (NEB)
Result &

Methods to Check NEB Class 12 Exam Results with Marksheet/Gradesheet 2080

Here, we will explain how to check the results of Class 12 exams in Nepal. There are different methods and websites where students can access their results.
  1. and These are websites where you can check the Class 12 exam results. By visiting these websites, you can enter your Symbol Number and date of birth to access your results. Basically, both websites are almost same as they use similar website interface and same data.
  2. SMS service: You can also check your results through SMS. By sending a message to 1600 with the text "NEB SYMBOL No." (replace SYMBOL No. with your actual symbol number like 07907569), you will receive your results via SMS.
  3. Call service: There is also a IVR service to check class 12 exam result, which stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a telephony technology that allows you to access information through voice commands or keypad inputs. You can dial 1601 and follow the instructions to get NEB Class 12 Exam result.

While SMS and Calling services may cost you significant money, we recommened you using website method to check your results. Almost everybody has access to internet these days and you can get your whole marksheet using this method. The official URLs for checking the Class 12 NEB results online are and These URLs direct you to the respective websites where you can find the results.

How to check Class 12 Exam Result 2080 using

After NEB announces the results are out, website method might not work for some time. Not only you, but almost 5 lakh other students and teachers also try to check their results which causes sites to crash. It is advised therefore, to wait for some time to check your exam results. The website method of checking Class 12 Exam Result 2080 is as follow:
After visiting these websites, the process of checking your result with gradesheet/marksheet is as follow:
  • Visit to go online.
  • Enter Your Symbol Number & Birthdate
  • To see results, click "Submit."

How to check Class 12 Exam Result 2080 using Call Method?

To get your results, dial 1601 in Nepal Telecom and follow the instructions. 

Follow these simple steps to unveil your NEB 12th result for the year of 2079/2080 using the IVRS:
  1. Grab your phone and dial the number 1600.
  2. Sit back and listen closely as the voice guides you through the options to retrieve your 12th result.

How to check Class 12 Exam Result 2080 using SMS Method?

Sometimes, circumstances can make it challenging for you to visit the website and find out your 12th result. But don't worry, there's another way to access your result, and that's through SMS. Just type NEB <space> Symbol No and send an SMS to 1600.
  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Type "NEB" followed by a space.
  3. Send this message to the number 1600. For example, you can send a message like "NEB 17300927".
  4. In just a moment, you'll receive your 12th result in your message inbox.
  5. Feel free to save it, share it with others, or even take a screenshot for future reference.

About NEB Class 12 Exam Results 2080:

There were 4,067 students who earned grades between 3.61 and 4.00. Registration for the NEB exam was done by 428,067 participants. The exam was given to both regular and grade promoting students, as well as students from underrepresented groups.

A+ was achieved by 3,067 students whose overall performance was exceptional. The number of passed students was 292,153. 16,204 students have a GPA between 3.21 and 3.60, while the latter group has a GPA between 2.81 and 3.20.

In the range of 2.41 and 2.80, 56,503 students fall. There are 86,227 students with a grade point average between 2.01 and 2.40. Grade point averages for 62,619 students fall between 1.61 and 2.00, while the 292,153 have got Non-Graded GPA. It means they have to give re-exam in grade 12.

Just 78,744 people applied for the whole promotion, and another 57,170 for just a portion of it. 41.83% of students passed the exam.

For now, the result of Class 12 Board Exam 2080 is not yet published. If you are curious to know about your esitmated GPA, you can use our GPA calculator tool to estimate your GPA om the basis of your estimated marks. Our tool uses latest method of credit hour system to calculate our GPA which is the official method of calculating the GPA now, you can rest assured about the accuracy. 

There are a lot of fake news circulating around the internet regarding class 12 exam result for the sake of some money. So, you must have been confused which source to trust. 

Your search is basically stopping here. We are going to provide you all the information that is accurate, reliable and confirmed by National Examination Board regarding Class 12 Exam Result 2080.

It is said that NEB will publish result in 30th of Shrawan. But, it is Nepal and nothing goes as per plan. We can expect almost a delay of week. 

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