How to check Class 12 Exam Results 2080? 2080

NEB Exam Result 2080

Check Neb Class 12 Results 

To check your results, click above button and search for yourself by entering your symbol number (Example: 17300927) and date of birth (DOB) (2058/19/20) in the entry box.

How to check Class 12 Result 2080 from

How to check Class 12 Exam Results 2080? 2080

NEB Class 12 Results & marks ledger Gradesheet will check by following given methods:

You may check the results of class 12 at and The website, SMS service, and IVR service all provide access to class 12 exam results information. If you have a Symbol Number and date of birth, you may go on to and check your results. is the URL for the NTC Class 12 NEB Result 2080 page on the Nepal Telecom website. You may look up your Class 12 NEB 2080 Results online. Class 12 students and parents may check their results at, which is the NTC's website for checking class 12 grades. You can check results from SMS by sending message to 1600 by typing NEB SYMBOL No.

1. Website Method

  • Visit to go online.
  • Enter Your Symbol Number & Birthdate
  • To see results, click "Submit."

2. Call Method

Dial 1601 in Nepal Telecom and follow the instructions

3. SMS Method

Type NEB <space> Symbol No and send an SMS to 1601.

About NEB Results 2080:

There were 3,067 students who earned grades between 3.61 and 4.00. Registration for the NEB exam was closed at 428,067 participants. The exam was given to both regular and grade promoting students, as well as students from underrepresented groups.

A+ was achieved by 3,067 students whose overall performance was exceptional. The number of passed students was 292,153. 16,204 students have a GPA between 3.21 and 3.60, while the latter group has a GPA between 2.81 and 3.20.

In the range of 2.41 and 2.80, 56,503 students fall. There are 86,227 students with a grade point average between 2.01 and 2.40. Grade point averages for 62,619 students fall between 1.61 and 2.00, while the 292,153 have got Non-Graded GPA. It means they have to give re-exam in grade 12.

Just 78,744 people applied for the whole promotion, and another 57,170 for just a portion of it. 41.83% of students passed the exam

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