Class 12 Nepali Chapter 11 Sahakari Exercise

Sahakari means co-operative in English language. According to some, a cooperative is an autonomous collection of individuals who work together via a jointly held enterprise to achieve their shared needs and objectives. 

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Sahakari Exercise: Class 12 Nepali Chapter 11 PDF 

Sahakari Exercise PDF

Sahakari Exercise PDF

Sahakari Exercise PDF

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About Sahakari Class 12 Chapter 11 ( Co-operatives):

(a) What is co-operative?
Sahakari Bhan is a joint organization established by the partners who cooperate with each other for the purpose of mutual support for economic prosperity and development.

(b) The concept of modern co-operatives is believed to have originated from which country?
The concept of modern co-operatives is believed to have originated in Britain.

(c) What is the main basis of Nepali culture?
The main basis of Nepali culture is Guthi, Bharopram, Aichopaicho, Sarsapat, Melpat, mutual cooperation and collective lifestyle that our ancestors did.

(d) What are the guiding principles of cooperatives?
The guiding principles of cooperatives are voluntary and open membership, democratic control of members, economic participation, autonomy, independence, mutual cooperation among cooperatives, concern for the community, education, training and information.

(e) What is the meaning of the main slogan of the cooperative?
The main motto of the cooperative is self-reliance for freedom, reciprocity for development and cooperation for both.

(f) State the gist of the first and second paragraphs of the 'co-operative' arrangement.
Summary of the first paragraph of 'Cooperative' - Cooperative is a joint organization established for the purpose of mutual assistance and cooperation for economic prosperity and development, while summary of the second paragraph - The concept of cooperative which emphasizes collective rather than individual economic activity comes from Britain and it is for the welfare of the people. The essence of Eastern literary thought that cooperation is necessary for economic prosperity is the cornerstone of cooperatives.

(g) Why are Cooperatives necessary?
Cooperatives help people's happiness, prosperity, promotion of collective economic activities and development of self-reliant culture. It helps in creating jobs within the country, reducing dependency and strengthening the national economy. Cooperation is necessary because encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity will help make Nepal a prosperous country in the world.

3. State the main objectives of co-operative establishment in Nepal.
The main goal of establishing cooperatives in Nepal is to help the people become self-reliant through financial support and promote sustainable development in the community.

Cooperatives are running with the aim of improving the standard of living of the people and promoting the economic prosperity and development of citizens, creating jobs in the country to reduce dependence on foreign opportunities, developing self-reliance culture, strengthening the national economy and encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity. 

The integrated use of capital, talent and technology can contribute to economic progress, self-reliance and social reform. The primary purpose of cooperatives in Nepal is to achieve economic prosperity through collective economic activities. Ultimately, the goal of making Nepal a prosperous and happy country can be achieved through cooperatives.

4. Express your views on the suggestions given by the United Nations to all countries of the world to establish and operate cooperatives.
A cooperative is an organization formed by individuals working together to help each other and improve economic prosperity and development. It started in Britain in the 19th century and has now spread all over the world. The United Nations believes that cooperation is essential for social, cultural and economic development, and I strongly agree with it.

Cooperatives follow guiding principles such as democratic control and mutual cooperation. It can help people with less capital gradually strengthen their financial foundation. Cooperatives are relevant to all kinds of people, and many countries have even established cooperatives.

(a) How can Nepal be made independent?
Cooperatives have the potential to make significant contributions to Nepal's economic development, particularly in agriculture, water resources, tourism and manufacturing. By utilizing the talent and resources of the community, cooperatives can create employment opportunities, increase productivity and increase self-reliance. 

However, co-operatives do not have access to all areas of Nepal and there is a need to raise awareness and provide education and training on the benefits of co-operatives. Nepal can achieve self-sustainable and sustainable economic growth by establishing and promoting effective operation of cooperatives in all sectors.

(b) What measures should be taken to manage and market Nepal's domestic products?
In the context of globalization and increasing competition with foreign goods, cooperatives can play an important role in the management and marketing of Nepal's indigenous products. Cooperatives can provide a platform for small producers and cottage industries to come together, pool their resources and expertise, and market their products.

For this, it is important to create awareness among the general public about the nature and benefits of co-operatives and to educate and train members on issues such as product quality, branding, packaging and marketing. Cooperatives should also prioritize indigenous products and use the most relevant marketing trends like digital marketing to reach out to the wider masses.

Digital marketplaces and hubs can be a great way to connect producers with consumers within Nepal and globally. Such a platform can also help streamline the supply chain, reduce middlemen and ensure fair prices for producers. Overall, cooperatives can provide a sustainable and inclusive solution to managing and marketing Nepal's indigenous products while promoting local entrepreneurship, employment and economic development.

(a) What should be done to create employment in the country?
Effective management of cooperatives in water resources, agriculture and tourism can create employment opportunities in Nepal. It will strengthen the national economy, reduce dependency and develop a self-reliant culture. 

Active participation of creative youth is necessary for rapid development of the country. Nepal can become the most advanced and happiest country in the world if all industries can be managed systematically and new sectors can be included. 

By utilizing the potential of cooperatives in various fields, Nepal can pave the way for sustainable and inclusive development and lead to the prosperity of the country and its people.

(b) How can Nepal be made the most developed and happy country in the world?
In order to transform Nepal into a developed and prosperous country by making full use of the natural and cultural resources, it is necessary to establish cooperatives as the driving force of development in all sectors of society. 

Cooperatives can promote integrated economic activity by harnessing the talent and technology of the masses, creating employment opportunities within the country, particularly in key sectors such as water resources, agriculture and tourism. 

Active involvement of creative and innovative youth can accelerate the development of a nation, thereby reducing dependency. Self-reliance is promoted and the national economy is strengthened. 

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to conduct all the industries in an orderly and efficient manner while expanding to new areas that will inspire Nepal to become the most advanced and happiest nation in the world.

7. Write a critical answer:
(a) How has the cooperative helped in the development of Nepal?
A group of editors of Nepali textbooks for class 12 have prepared this essay highlighting cooperatives as an important element of economic prosperity. 

A cooperative is a common organization established by members of society to promote economic development and prosperity through purposeful collective activities involving friends, relatives and others in social, cultural, economic and other fields.

With the establishment of Bakhan Loan Cooperative in Chitwan in 2013, the cooperative was started with the aim of economic prosperity. According to the 2077 statistics of the Department of Cooperatives, there are currently 29 thousand 886 cooperatives operating in Nepal, which have been making significant contributions to the development of the nation.

Within a few years, the cooperatives have shown the possibility of making a significant contribution to the economic progress of Nepal by moving towards social development and personal independence by gathering the capital, talent and technology scattered among the people in an integrated manner. 

Cooperatives have enabled people with limited capital to connect and contribute individually, addressing the need for support in all sectors of society. Also, cooperatives have contributed significantly to social development by promoting human welfare through mutual support and cooperation.

Cooperatives integrate the capital, technology and talent scattered among farmers, artisans, workers and other low-income groups and common consumers to ensure equal ownership of capital and limited savings based on the profits of share capital. 

It creates employment opportunities in the country by prioritizing labor and skills and effectively deploying them in water resources, agriculture, tourism and industry management. Active participation of creative youth is important for the rapid development of the country, which can lead to self-reliance, self-reliance and a strong national economy. 

Cooperatives have contributed to the development of Nepal by systematically operating all industries including new areas.

(b) Consider that 'cooperatives have the facility to collect one drop and fill the gagro'.
The editorial team of the Nepali textbook for class 12 has prepared this essay highlighting cooperatives as a major contributor to economic prosperity. In this essay, cooperatives are presented as pillars of economic prosperity. 

A cooperative is a common organization established by the members of the society for economic prosperity and development. Collective economic activities are emphasized in cooperatives. This collective economic activity can become the basis of happiness, prosperity and development of the country.

A cooperative is a collective organization established by the members of the society for economic development and prosperity by emphasizing the importance of collective economic activities. 

By pooling their resources, those with limited capital are able to foster alliances between people for economic growth and development, pooling small sums and making large sums. The pooling of capital, talent and technology through cooperation leads to economic progress and promotes social freedom. 

The establishment of cooperatives at the local level reflects the need for mutual support and cooperation. Considering the importance of cooperatives, even those with limited capital get the opportunity to participate in cooperatives. By coming together, individuals can achieve things that they cannot do alone, for this purpose, promotion of cooperative organizations is necessary.

Overall, many low-income people in Nepal want to engage in industry and business, but are unable to due to economic conditions. The cooperative collects small amounts from everyone and uses the lump sum to support all members. In this way, the cooperative has the facility to collect one drop and fill Gagro.

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