Class 12 English Chapter 15 'Leisure and Entertainment' Exercise & Grammar

Class 12 English Book Chapter 15 'Leisure and Entertainment' Exercise PDF

Unit 15

Leisure and Entertainment

A Journey back in the time Notes PDF

Working with words


1. outdated, of or relating to the Middle Ages - MEDIEVAL

3. the character and atmosphere-ef a place - AMBIENCE

6. highly decorated - ORNATE

7. beat with a strong, regular rhythm; survive - THROB

10. with the agreement of all people involved - UNANIMOUSLY

11. the destructive effects of something- RAVAGES


1. a large city -METROPOLIS

2. wandering from place to place without any purpose - LOITERING

4. an unpleasant place; a place of extreme misery - HELLHOLE

9. an active revolt or uprising - INSURGENCY

8. paved with cobbles- COBBLED

9. prosperous and growing; flourishing- THRIVING

B. Look up the meanings of the following words +your dictionary.

= amenities- comforts, conveniences

= exquisite- extremely beautiful and delicate

= etiquette- good manners, protocols

= accommodation- living quarters, settlement

= mainstay- significant part of something

= antique- belonging to ancient time

C. Underline the content words in the following sentences.


a. cat sat lazily,  dirty mat.

b. gives performances, stage


c. count, chickens, hatched.

d. Came, saw, conquered.

e. life,identity.

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Answer the following questions.

a. Why did the author and his classmates decide to visit Bandipur?

They had had enough of the busy life in Kathmandu, so they traveled to Bandipur with a group of their friends.

b. What is special about Bandipur?

Bandipur is a unique area since it is a Newar town where ancient Nepal is still alive and well.

c. How has the business changéd in Bandipur today?

Bandipur's original industry has evolved into a tourism-related business today.

d. Why do the local people who have migrated to Kathmandu visit Bandipur time and again?

Locals who have migrated to Kathmandu return to Bandipur to relieve the city's hustle and bustle.

e. How do the local people learn to speak English in Bandipur?

Locals in Bandipur learn English from schoolchildren to communicate with visitors and for family business.

f. What does the author mean when he says that ‘time stops in the town of Bandipur’?

The author says, "Time stops in the town of Bandipur,". He intends to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the location, which he believes everyone may get lost in as it was some magical realm far from space and time.

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a. The writer seems to believe that rural life is better than urban life. Do you agree with him?

I wholeheartedly agree with what the writer has believed. He appears to believe in the benefits of rural living since he is fed up with the frantic lifestyle in Kathmandu and wants to see the actual beauty of Bandipur, a place where ancient Nepal lives. Because of this, he and his friends go there to get some peace of mind. 

According to the author, food is less expensive in rural locations than it is in cities, making it possible for a person to feed his or her family properly. Rural locations also have lower crime and traffic rates.

Rural residents run their own businesses, depend on local food and services, and enjoy beautiful landscapes. We can live there with all the open space and pure air.

b. Is the writer's way of looking at Bandipur just the gaze of an urban tourist? Why? Why not?

No, the writer's view of Bandipur is not that of an urban tourist. In fact, he is fascinated by the indigenous customs, mannerisms, and cuisine. He and his friends take a moment to look at the beautiful things in the area as if they were in a place called paradise.

Bandipur is a place where people go to relax and unwind from their busy lives. It is a city that is pollution-free, traditional, and has a lot of different cultures. One can see old palaces and temples, go on safaris, ride elephants, and more. People not only go there to have fun, but also to get some peace too.

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Write a letter to a business organization overseas describing the prospects of the tourism industry in your local place. Consider the following points in the letter.

* Propose to venture in the tourism business.

* Persuade the organization head ta visit the place once

* Clearly dig out the specialties and potentialities of the place.

* Explain its archeological and historical importance


The Chairperson

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Madrid, Spain

Namaste from Nepal ! 

I'm sending you this letter to provide some information on potential tourist attractions in my area. I told you that Nepal's tourist industry had a lot of opportunities for improvement. Nepal is also a diverse country in terms of its people, cultures, and religions. In my own locale, there are many opportunities for expansion in the tourist industry. 

Baglung is the name of the city where I reside. It is located in the Western Development Region of Nepal. Beautiful lakes, breathtaking mountains, and friendly people from across the planet are just some of the reasons why this place is so amazing. Baglung, a city with a rich religious and historical past, has been the major destination of all kinds of tourists ranging from religious to nature loving tourists. 

Baglung's most recognizable spot is the Temple of Goddess Bhagwati, located in the city's heart. The country's tallest and longest bridge connects Baglung and Parbat. Photographing the gorgeous surroundings is an extra way to enjoy the journey.

Recently, a number of new children's amusement parks have opened, including BP Smriti Park and others. Children and teens' definitions of enjoyment are being widened in a variety of ways. Minibusses, vans, and battery rickshaws are among the means of transportation that may be used to come to Baglung. There is also a semi-opened airport here. Visitors may enjoy fine dining and a comfortable bed at a few 3-star hotels here. An enormous number of tourists come here each year. 

I'd appreciate it if you could help me spread the word about the booming tourism business in my hometown.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully.

SR Sharma

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A. Tick the correct one. 

a. He has obtained full mark/marks

b. More than two boys were/was absent. 

C. One of the boy/boys was not found there. 

d. His wonder knew no bounds/bound. 

e. I will give you my words/word

f. He gave me much/many good advice/advices. 

g. He gave wrong information/informations. 

h. Give me two dozens/dozen eggs. 

i. Six miles is/are a long distance. 

j. The clock has struck four hours/hour.

k. Would you lend me a ten rupees/rupee note? 

l. The Nepal government makes a five year/years development plan. 

m. They went to Singapore on a four days/day trip.

B. Which of the sentences is correct in each pair? Rewrite the correct one. 

Correct ones have been indicated with an arrow.

a. My all books are lost. 

  All my books are lost. ←

b. His both brothers are ill. 

Both his brothers are ill. ←

c. Give me a hundred rupee. ←

Give a hundred rupees. 

d. Everybody except me was absent. ←

Everybody except I was absent. 

e. He was died of fever. 

He died of fever. ←

f. It is raining for a week. 

It has been raining for a week. ←

g. I have seen my friend long ago. 

I saw my friend long ago. ←

h. My friend has gone out before I arrived. 

My friend had gone out before I arrived. ←

i. He said he has never seen him before. 

He said he had never seen him before. ←

j. He assured he will come. 

He assured he would come. ←

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