A Matter of Husbands by Ferenc Molnar Summary Class 12 English

Summary of A Matter of Husbands by Ferenc Molnar PDF class 12 English

In this article we will talk about summary and analysis of A Matter of Husbands by Ferenc Molnar. You can download it's PDF too.

A Matter of Husbands Exercise 


  1. Earnest Young Woman : Innocent woman who goes to Famous Actress to plead her return her husband back.

  2. Famous Actress: The beautiful and cunning woman who is blamed to have an affair with Earnest Young Woman’s Husband.

  3. Alfred: Husband of Earnest Young Woman


Published in 1923, A Matter of Husband sheds light on the basic function of actors: to make the audience believe in illusion.

Initially, the young lady approaches the famous actress furiously, pleading for her husband's return. Famous actress firmly denies stealing her husband. Her claim is that he was awarded a contract for a case once, and she claims to know him from that.

The young lady claims that her husband has been sending flowers and writing love letters to her. She reads her husband's love letter to the actress out loud.

After hearing this, the actress blushes and continues to deny receiving any flowers or notes from him. In order to make Earnest Young Woman believe that she and her husband had a misunderstanding, she now claims that something strange happened.

The Earnest Young Woman convinces Earnest Young Woman that her husband is playing with her in an attempt to make her jealous and gain her attention and love. Then, the innocent young lady realizes her mistake and begs for her apology. Alfred is called from her bedroom by the famous actress after the eager young lady exits the stage.

A Matter of Husbands: Word Meanings

poised (adj.): in a state of balance

gilt (adj.): gold, or something resembling gold, applied to a surface in a thin layer

palpably (adv.): noticeably or clearly 

boudoir (n.): a woman’s bedroom or small private room 

gulp (v.): swallow or breath with difficulty, typically in response to strong emotion 

beseeching (adj.): (of a look or tone of voice) appealing or begging for something

implore (v.): beg someone desperately to do something

strut (v.): walk with a stiff, erect and apparently arrogant way 

lure (v.): to tempt or attract a person or an animal

appraisingly (n.): in a way that shows you judge the value, quality or nature of something or somebody

expedients (n.): means of attaining an end, especially ones which are convenient but possibly improper or immoral

scruples (n.): feelings of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of course of action 

contritely (adj.): in a way that shows you feel very sorry and guilty for something bad you have done 

impetuously (adj.): in an impulsive way, without considering the results

Who is 'A Matter of Husbands' writer, Ferenc Molnar?

Widely regarded as Hungary’s most celebrated and controversial playwright, Ferenc Molnár’s (1878–1952) primary aim was to entertain people by transforming his personal experiences into literary works of art. Out of his many plays, The Devil (1907), Lilion (1909), The Guardsman (1910), The Swan (1920), and The Play’s the Thing (1926) endure as classics. He immigrated to the United States to escape persecution of Hungarian Jews during World War II and later adopted American citizenship. Molnár’s plays continue to be relevant and are performed all over the world.

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