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 Unit 1
Critical Thinking
Know Thyself PDF

Critical Thinking Class 12 Exercise : All Question Answers with Grammar from class 12 English Book Chapter 1 know Thyself along with Free PDF Download link of the notes is provided in this article.


Working with words 

 A. Find the words from the text that match with the following meanings. 

 a. Shuffling : walking by dragging one's feet along or without lifting them fully from the ground 

b. Doodling : drawing pictures or patterns while thinking about something else 

c.  Plaque: a piece of flat metal with writing on it 

d. Percept : a general rule intended to regulate behaviour or thought 

e. Sneak : move or go in a furtive or stealthy way 

B. Consult your teacher and define the following thinking skills. 

a. convergent thinking

= In convergence thinking, the answer to an issue may be derived by using established principles and logical reasoning. Solving a problem within the context of existing knowledge and refining the answer based on logical inference is what this kind of reasoning entails. Variety of tests, such as multiple choice tests, standardized tests, quizzes, spelling tests and similar other tests require convergent thinking, because only one answer can be 100% correct. A convergent thinker would only regard a person be either sick or healthy. 

b. divergent thinking 

= Divergent thinking is a way of thinking that involves examining many options. It is a creative way of finding the solution of a problem,

c. critical thinking 

= Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process by which knowledge collected from or produced via, observation, experience, contemplation, reasoning, or communication is actively and skilfully conceptualized, applied, analyzed, summarized or evaluated, as a guide to faith and action.

d. creative thinking 

= Creative thinking is a talent that allows you to look at things in a new way and from various perspectives. It is an innovative style of thinking that leads to unexpected findings and fresh ways of doing things. Creative thinking may be helped to create ideas through brainstorming or lateral thinking.


 Answer the following questions. 

a. Who was Jack? How did he make children laugh? 

= Jack was a friednly and kind-hearted kid who used to make laugh childrens by cracking jokes and riddles.

b. Why are “Sharks” important to Reid? 

= Sharks are important to Reid because they help to keep ocean clean by eating dead organisms.

c. What does Mr. Browne think about the most important thing? 

= Mr. Browne thinks that the most important thing is to know ownself, or own character's and evaluate them to bring the best version of someone.

d. What is that has not been noticed by the student? 

= " The message in the notice board of the school entrance gate" that writes - "Know Thyself" was the thing that has not been noticed by any student.

e. How did Jack make fun of the English class? 

= Jack made fun of the English class by answering sarcastically the teacher's question of "Why are you here?". He answers in a funny way that they were there to attend english class while the answer was sensitive.

f. What were the students going to do at the end of the month? 

= Students were going to submit the essay on the basis of the precepts that the teacher writes as " Mr. Brownie's Precepts."

g. What particular act of students surprised a girl student? 

= Students used to come up with their very own personal precept, write it on a postcard, and mail it to Mr. Brownie (English Teacher) after their graduation, this thing surprised the girl student.

Critical thinking 

 a. Have you made your own precept after you read this lesson? What is it? Share it with your friends. 

= Precept is a rule or principle that we make to conduct our behaviour on the accordance of that. I also had many precepts even before reading this lesson. The major precepts of my life are: 

"Anything that happens, happens for good", 

"Always stay Positive" 

" Believe in Karma rather than fate" 

" What we are today is the result the choices we made yesterday, so we have to make choices wisely"

These some of the precepts which I don't only think are ideal but also try to ideally follow it in my daily behaviours. 

b. According to Josh Lanyon, “If there was one life skill everyone on the planet needed, it was the ability to think with critical objectivity.” Justify this statement with your logic.

= Critical Thinking is the biggest blessing that everyone wants. If someone has the skill to think creatively, she/he is sure to get name/fame/ and money. Creativeness brings the most out of someone. It brings newness, unqiueness and better ideas. From Handling any situations skilfully, communicate with people in a logical manner, to writing books, stories that everyone likes and interested in, Creativity is the one that matters. 

Josh Lanyon has said this very finest quote which I personally liked very much. Creativity enables us to more freely and innovatively examine and resolve issues. Creativity expands up your thinking. A civilization that has lost touch with its creative side is a society in which generations may be closed. It expands our prospects and may assist us to overcome obstacles.

In Nutshell, Creativity encourages group thinking.

Creativity fosters ideas.

Creativity promotes resilience.


Question Tag

B. Rewrite the following sentences adding appropriate question tag.

a.  Gill does not know Ann, Does he?

b.  I’m very patient, Aren't I?

c. They’d never met me before, had they?

d.  Listen carefully, will you?

e. Let’s have a break, shall we?

f.  Let us invite them, will you?

g. Hari used to live in France as a boy, didn't he?

h. You’d better not take a hard drink, had you?

i.  Sheep eat grass, don't they?

j. Mr. Pande can speak nine languages, can't he?

k. She’s finished her classes, hasn't she?

l. She barely managed to reach the goal, did she?

m. Don’t let him swim in that pond, Will you?

n. There are lots of people here, aren't there?

C. Read the following situations. What do you say in these situations? Use question tags.

a.  The sky is full of cloud. You can see lightning and hear thunder. 

It’s going to rain soon, isn't it?

b. You want to pay the taxi fare but you are short by 100 rupees. 

Shyam, you have to lend me Rs. 100, haven't you?

c. You have met a stranger at a party and you want to have a chat with him/ her. 

We will talk later, won't we?

d. You came out of the film hall with your friend. You enjoyed the film. 

The film was very enjoyable, wasn't it?

e.  You and your friend listened to a comedian on the stage and felt spellbound by his/her performance.

He gave an excellent presentation, didn't he?

f. You think your friend’s father has arrived from the US but you are not sure. 

Your father has not arrived from US, has he?

g. You think Susan will join the new job tomorrow but you are not sure. 

Susan will go to her new job tomorrow, won't she?

h. Your friend’s hair looks too short.

You have got too short hair, haven't you?

i. You want to go for a picnic with your friends in class. 

Let’s go to picnic, shall we?

j. You want permission from your father to go for a walk. 

Let me go for a evening walk, will you?

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