Class 12 English Model Question Solution 2080 / 2081

In this article, I will provide you the complete solution of Class 12 English model question of 2080 with PDF. This model question is based in the latest syllabus.

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Class 12 English Model Question
Class 12 English Model Question
Class 12 English Model Question

Class 12 English Model Question Paper

Class 12 Complusory English Model Solution 2080

Full Marks: 75

Time: 3 hours

Solved by The SR Zone

1. Read the text and complete the tasks that follow. (15)

 How to stay fit, happy and healthy

If you've been listening to the news you already know about our national obesity levels rising by the day. It has never been more important to watch what you are eating and to get an adequate amount of exercise and sleep to keep yourself fit and healthy. Though it may feel like really hard work at first, once you adopt an exercise routine and start to adapt to a new situation, you'll forget you ever did things differently. Here are the top four-top adjustments you could make make: 

Sleep is huge and almost a third of the US population doesn't get near enough to help them stay. physically and mentally healthy. If you are sleep deprived, try changing your habits in order to get a full eight hours every night.

Look at what you're eating now and make changes where you see fit. If you are susceptible to snacking, keep a piece of fruit or a few nuts at hand. The key is to eat small meals throughout the day. Reduce portion sizes, remove white bread and replace with whole grains and make sure each meal contains at least one portion of fruit and - or vegetables. Healthy food doesn't have to be expensive in the least bit, and you can get an abundance of low priced fruit and veggies, like apples, bananas, potatoes and peas.

Take a look at your current lifestyle and make a small list of everything you do that is not good for your health. This could be anything, from eating too much junk food or drinking too much caffeine, to smoking or drinking. Start the process of breaking these habits one by one. Some will be easy, while others may take months or maybe years to get rid of and eradicate completely from your life, but the sooner you start fighting, the better.


Some addictions (like smoking, drugs or alcohol) are incredibly bad not only to your health, but also to your pocketbook. If you smoke and/or drink, start by cutting back on how many drinks you have, or cigarettes you smoke, in a day, and if necessary, seek medical advice and assistance to make further steps towards stopping completely.

We all should be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise, 3 to 4 or more times a week, to maintain good health and keep fit. This can be pretty much anything that is physical, like walking, cycling, running, swimming to weightlifting, etc. This too does not have to be expensive, and you can get a great work out without joining any costly gyms. Most of these exercises are inexpensive, and just doing a cardiovascular exercise, like walking, jogging, or walking on a treadmill a few times a week will do your body (and heart) good.


A. Look at the highlighted words in the text. Complete these sentences using them.of them are not necessary. ( 5 * 1 = 5)

a. Disadvantaged people are deprived (they are not given the rights or opportunities) of social justice.

b. Nepal is a naturally rich country. In fact, it has an abundance (enough availability) of natural resources.

c. Older people with medical complications are susceptible (vulnerable)to Covid-19.

d. I have made a few adjustments to the design to give the shirt a new look.

e. It took me seven hours to complete the task. It was incredibly difficult.


B. Choose the appropriate headings for paragraphs 2-6 from the list below and write the paragraph numbers next to them.(5X1=5)

a. Strive for a better diet = Paragraph 3

b. Exercise, exercise, exercise = Paragraph 6

c. Overcoming addictions = Paragraph 5

d. Get more sleep = Paragraph 2

e. Stop all those bad habits = Paragraph 4


C. Answer the following questions. (5X1=5)

 a. What percentage of the US population gets enough sleep to stay healthy? 

Ans: About 66% of the population in the United States gets enough sleep to stay healthy.


b. Why is healthy food not always expensive?

Ans : Healthier foods like fruits and vegetables are inexpensive and plentiful sources of nutrients. That’s why healthy food is not always expensive.


c. What is the best way to get rid of bad habits?

Ans: The best way to get rid of bad habits is self evaluation. One has to evaluate his/her lifestyle with an unbiased mind and then she/he must start doing self-improvement.


d. Why do you think an addiction like smoking is worse than snacking on junk food?

Ans : Both of these things are harmful to health, however, smoking is comparatively more and severely destructive to health which can cause long term physical, social, emotional and psychological impacts on our body.


e. What type of exercise is good for your heart? 

Ans : Regular cardiovascular exercise, whether it's walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, or weightlifting, is good for our hearts.

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2. Write short answers to the following questions. (5X2=10)

a. Why were the people in the neighborhood surprised at the role of the young man and his wife within their family? (Neighbors)

Ans : The activities of a young couple which were unfamiliar to them, surprised the residents in the neighborhood. They were surprised when they discovered that the young guy stayed at home to take care of domestic responsibilities while his wife went to work. Men sitting at home while women worked outdoors was disapproved of in the community.


b. How does the author make fun using the words 'America' and 'the USA’? (A Devoted Son )

Ans : The author makes fun of the way people think about America and The USA. The USA Seems like a more weighty and prestigious word to Verma. That's why, he suggested to the family member as well, to call it "The USA" rather than 'America'. According to him, America is just a common nation like Nepal, India. But the USA is such a dream nation of students where students develop their career. Verma feels, calling it 'The USA' feels more sophisticated, disciplined, academic and career building nation rather than America. 


c. Explain the following lines with reference to the context: (The Awakening Age)

 Along the line may our lives rhyme

 To make a loving harvest of space and time.

Ans : It is the extract of the poem written by Ben Okri. These lines suggest the unity of people and the outcome of such unity. The given lines say that if people all have a sense of nationalism (Along the line), there will be peace, harmony, and friendship in any country. The phrase “along the line” suggests that people should have a common and united feeling of nationality and they should not be divided and discriminated against based on their ethnicity, culture, religion, politics, and economy. 

Space and time in a psychological sense means all 4 dimensions of the universe. It means that everywhere will be happiness when people are united. It is the Poet's belief that the people's life would be filled with happiness. They will be able to live in harmony and peace. The consequence will be a wonderful experience. Many people in Nigeria are united and they know how bad things have been in the past. Now, they are united by the common motto of nationalism and are on the way to making a happy harvest.


d. What is the central idea of the essay Knowledge and Wisdom by Bertrand Russell?

Ans :'Knowledge and Wisdom,' by British essayist Bertrand Arthur William Russell, makes a distinction between the two concepts of knowledge and wisdom. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. As he sees it, knowledge is the gathering of information, while wisdom is the actual application and use of that information to produce value. In order to obtain wisdom, one must engage in both formal and informal education as well as hands-on experience.


e. How can you say that history has been a major contested issue in this present world? (Humility)

Ans : History has been a major contested issue in this present world due to diversified cultures and beliefs and feelings of superiority. Author seeks to eliminate society's false sense of superiority and authority in this article.

In today's environment, egoism has made history a contested topic. Egoism has led to a worldview in which most people believe they are the center of the universe. Everyone thinks that their culture is better than any other. They believe that they have the oldest history and that everything comes from their culture.  


3. Write long answers to the following questions. (2X5=10)

a. Sketch the character of a Famous Actress. How is she different from Earnest Woman? (A Matter of Husbands)

Ans : ‘A matter of husbands’ is a famous one act play which shows how the talented actors and actresses can make the audience fall into illusion. The central characters of this play are the famous actress and the Earnest young woman.  

A well-known actress is a wise woman. She is well-known and quite attractive, as her name suggests. On the exterior, she seems innocent and harmless, yet she is a cruel and wicked person on the inside. Because Alfred was discovered at her house, the manner she tells that lady that her husband isn't cheating on her reveals that she is lying. It demonstrates that she has had inappropriate relations with other men.


Unlike the famous actress, Earnest Young Woman is shown in "A Matter of Husband" as a simple and scared woman who was easily fooled by the actress's fabricated story. She comes to the actress's house in tears because she thinks her husband is cheating on her because he is having an affair with the actress. After hearing her explanations, she comes back happy. She believes the story about how her husband tried to make her jealous to get her back. She trusted her and did not ask a single question. 

We (the audience) finally found out that her husband was in her room at the end of the story. 

In nutshell, the simple distinction between the famous actress and the ordinary lady was that the actress was smarter than an Earnest Young Woman.


b. Write a short summary of the poem “A Day” by Emily Dickinson.

Ans: Emily Dickinson's poem “A Day” is recounted from the viewpoint of a child. A child's perspective of dawn and sunset is presented in this poem. This poem can be interpreted by two means, one is by it’s direct meaning and another one is by metaphysical sense. The poem represents the passage from life to death.

In literal sense, morning sun means birth, day means life and sunset means death. Like we don’t know how we die, the speaker also doesn't have any idea how the sun set

The speaker starts by describing how the sun rises. The sunrays seem like a ribbon in the air. In the sunshine, the church steeples become a rich violet, like amethyst. Sunrise news spreads like a squirrel run. This lovely scene shows how swiftly things happen after the sun rises or in real life, how fast life goes on after someone’s birth.

The opening verse is cheerful and promising. In the second verse, the hills loosen their bonnets. The mist/fog that covers the hills disappears as the sun rises. After that, the bobolinks start their morning singing.

The speaker loses confidence in describing the beautiful sunset. When the sun sets, a purple gate emerges. The yellow kids climb the purple stile. The purple stile denotes a horizon, a line between land and sky. The owners of the child's take them to their home. It somehow tries to mean that the god takes us to paradise after our death.

A dominie leads the yellow lads and girls away at night. The dominie is a priest or a schoolmaster who softly raises the nighttime bars and safely returns the youngsters. Day is figuratively ended by night (death). Evening bars represent safety.

Overall, In this poem, metaphors are evident and spiritual. It offers insight into nature and life by Emily Dickinson. This is a great poem about life and death.


4. What is the most useful thing that you have ever learnt? Write two or three paragraphs about it. (7)

Most useful thing that I have ever learnt

The ability to communicate in English is by far the most valuable skill I've learnt. When you can speak in a language other than your own and others can understand you, it's a wonderful feeling.


It has taken me at least 15 years to learn English well, and it hasn't been an easy road since English instruction in Nepali schools (specially the government ones) is rare to nonexistent. The best assistant for me was Television. I used to watch a lot of English movies, cartoons, and shows and it definitely helped me shape my vocabulary and learn better english.


I was always a bookworm when I was a child. I used to have a lot of english books and also a big oxford dictionary. I used to study a lot of stories and make English familiar to my brain. Whenever I got stuck on some words, I used to search for them right then in the dictionary and started to use it in my own English so I could better familiarize with it. 


I never left any single chance to talk with tourists. Being a citizen of a tourism-blessed nation, a lot of people used to come to the locale as well. Whenever any tourist, I used to approach them, introduce myself, and start talking with them, without caring Grammar, pronunciations, or coherency. This way, It really helped me polish my English. In addition, I often watch English-language films in order to enhance my language skills.


English is widely studied all over the globe, as we all know, and we must do our best to master it.


It's a great language to be able to express oneself in and read and comprehend to the whole world, and I'm as enthusiastic about learning it as I used to be.


5. You have received this email from your friend Nitesh.

From: Nitesh

Subject: Holiday

Some school friends of mine are visiting your village soon for a week's touring holiday. They would like to travel around your local area and understand its history. Can you tell me about some of the places they could visit please? What's the best way to travel around-bus, car, bike or on foot?



Write a reply email to Nitesh.  ( 8 )


From: Ram

To: Nitesh

Subject: Re: Holiday

Hi Nitesh!

Great to hear from you, and what a treat it will be to see some of your old school pals!

They've found a beautiful location for a week-long vacation. There are several tourist attractions in our Baglung.

Baglung offers plenty of natural and cultural resources for exploration. Kalika Temple is the first spot they may visit while also enjoying the longest suspension bridge of Nepal, ie. Baglung - Aduwabari Bridge. 

If you guys want adventure, our place is the best pick for you. Here, you can enjoy rafting in Kaligandaki River. Not only this, Kushma- Balewa taller bridges, rope-cycling, bungee-jumping etc are some of the adventurous things you guys can do here.

Panchakot is another must see place in Baglung. They may witness Dhawalagiri Himal's beautiful view from there. Another lovely lake may be found away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Begnas Lake is a secluded and tranquil spot. The stroll around the lake here is really restorative.

Another interesting site to see is BhairavSthan Mandir. Trekking on foot to that temple would definitely help you collect some of the best unforgettable memories of your trip. 

In Baglung, you and your traveling companions may engage in activities including hiking, trekking, boating, and paragliding. With regards to cuisine, there is a wide range of options available in this area. Both Green Momo and Thakali khana are quite common dishes, and I highly suggest both. 

Traveling about Baglung is best done on foot if you want to get the most out of this place. 

Looking forward to meeting you all!




6. Many students in Nepal tend to choose to study abroad. To what extent does this trend benefit the students and the country? What are the drawbacks? Write an essay to explain your thoughts in about 300 words. ( 10 )


Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many Nepalese students. Traveling and getting a taste of a different culture may be a life-changing event. It contributes to making learning an experience. You'll be able to adapt to the new situation and have more fun at the same time. 

A new way of life and a new culture broaden your perspective on the value of the seemingly little details of everyday existence. To give you an idea of how minor things may add up while you're living overseas, here's an example. After studying German culture and language as a major, I didn't anticipate much difference between Germany and the United States, which are both more Western-style countries. Even though society is similar in both nations, the more time I spend living here and integrating, the more I observe how even tiny changes in behavior or the availability of specific services or goods can alter the way you see a place, your life, and the lives of everyone else. 

Additionally, learning a new language may be quite beneficial and provide a plethora of new opportunities. Making new friends and experiencing new things because you can interact with individuals who don't speak your original language is not only enjoyable, but it also gives you a greater awareness of how even the most minute differences in communication can have a significant impact.

Seeing more of the world makes you appreciate everything more, and seeing new things that aren't comparable to what you're used to back home simply makes you feel better.

In developed nations, there are new benefits. Healthcare quality is much higher. With student health insurance, which costs just a few dollars per day, students can see a doctor whenever they need one, undergo certain procedures, and even stroll into clinics for emergencies without paying anything.

The salaries are also often greater, so one may make more money than one spends studying abroad, particularly when fantastic options for scholarships, grants, stipends etc. exclusively earmarked for study abroad students are taken into consideration.

Every coin has it’s two sides. Without a doubt, the most significant drawback is the inability to participate in activities at home, particularly with family. This is less of an issue for other students, particularly those who are just planning to remain for a semester or a year. But, it's the most challenging and frustrating element of studying abroad.One of the less visible drawbacks of long-term international relocation is the difficulty in establishing a sense of home in each new location. 

In addition, depending on your long-term goals, you may have to put in more effort than you'd want. Some students are fortunate enough to complete their study abroad experience during their final year, when they still have a limited number of courses to complete before graduation. This gives them plenty of time to relax and enjoy their adventure. For other students, the opportunity to travel the globe may be overshadowed by the fact that they must work on a new major or take more classes in order to complete their present degree in a reasonable amount of time while abroad. 

As previously indicated, much of this will be determined by your course of study, your origins, and your intended destination. Studying abroad may be the finest choice you ever make if you know exactly what you're getting yourself into and choose a location you believe you'll love. It's also a huge plus for future job applications, especially for those with a global outlook. Not to mention, it looks amazing on resumes! If you're not already a global citizen, you may become one after studying abroad.

Not only this, some unethical practices may be adopted in their home countries as they learn and adapt to new cultural norms as a result of this constant exposure to other cultures. Because of this, students need to be very aware of what is good and wrong for themselves. The fact that they will be away from family and friends may cause them to feel alone and homesick. Experiencing prejudice and harassment in a new environment is another challenge for students. They'll need to be resilient and vigilant in order to be safe in such a scenario.

Most of the students who study abroad do not return to Nepal. You should consider relocating to another country if you're planning to do that. There are several benefits of studying abroad, but there are also a few drawbacks. Is it a good idea for pupils to take it or not?



7. Do as indicated in the brackets and rewrite the sentences.

a. I'm going to tell you something very important, so please listen carefully (Complete the sentence with an appropriate adverb.) 

b. The old man died of a heart attack. (Put the correct preposition in the blank.)

c. More than one person is going to have to find a new job. (Put the correct verb in the blank.)

d. You'll have to (has to/have to/must/had to) tell the police that your house was broken into. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.) 

e. He only realized he had lost his keys when he reached his front door. (Complete the sentence using correct forms of verbs: lose)

f. A lot of people are worried about losing (to lose/losing) their jobs. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)

g. Although the AC was on, the room was not cool. (Put a correct conjunction in the blank to complete the sentence.) 

h. Between 2000 and 2005 she wrote three novels,  none of which (neither of which/none which/none of which) were published. (Choose the correct option from the bracket to complete the sentence.)

i. I like people laughing at me. (Change into passive.)

= I like being laughed at.

j. Could you please open the window? (Report this with the reporting clause: She requested....) 

=She requested me to open the window.


8. Choose and copy the correct answer.

a. Which of the following words has a different initial sound? (5X1=5)

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