How to transfer balance in Ncell to Ncell ?


How to transfer balance in Ncell ? 2021 Latest Trick

Transferring balance from one Ncell to another is now simple. You may now send and receive money from your phone to the Ncell numbers of your loved ones at any time, anywhere with Ncell Prepaid. 

This post will go through the procedures as well as answer some commonly asked questions regarding the Ncell's balance Transfer Method.

Previously, we have shared a way to transfer money in NTC network, today, we will be talking about transferring balance in Ncell.

How to transfer Ncell Balance?

To transfer balance in Ncell, follow these steps:
  1. Go to your phone dialer app.
  2. Call *17122*Phone number*Amount#
  3. Eg. To send Rs. 10, dial *17122*98xxxxxxxxx*10#

Frequently Asked Questions about balance transfer in Ncell:

How much does Ncell charge for transferring a balance?

Every time you transfer money from one account to another, you will be charged Rs. 1.28, after the addition of 13% TSC and 13% VAT.

You'll get Rs 8.76 sent if you send Rs 10 from one phone to another. The service fee is deducted from the amount of money sent in order for the recipient to receive the full amount.

In the case of services such as loans, your recipient will deduct this amount from the total transferred.

What are the limits of Ncell's Balance Transfer?

  • The minimum and maximum amounts that may be transferred are Rs 10 and 200, respectively.
  • As of now, Ncell only allows three transactions per day, with a maximum daily transfer restriction of Rs 600.
  • Only Prepaid Numbers may be used to transfer the balance.

Is it possible to transfer the "Saapati" amount to Ncell?

No, Ncell does not enable Saapati Amounts to be transferred.

How do I move my balance from Ncell to NTC?

There is no way to transfer balances between Ncell and Ntc or other carriers' numbers, or even between Ncell's prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. Because of this, you can only transfer money between Ncell Prepaid numbers.

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