Class 12 Social Model Question 2080/2081

In this article, you will get Class 12 Social Model Question 2080 PDF. This question is released by NEB board for the year 2080 based on revised curriculum and updated syllabus.

Class 12 Social Model Question PDF
Class 12 Social Model Question PDF
Class 12 Social Model Question PDF

About Class 12 Social Model Questions 2080 PDF:

In Nepal, social studies in class 12 is taught in Nepali. As a result, many students find this course to be challenging, especially if their education has been mostly in the English language till grade 10. As a result of this, this page is presenting you with Class 12 Social Model Question 2080 PDF in Nepali.

Students and teachers, both will be benefitted by this model questions because they will help how to make questions as well as how to prepare for the exam. This will make it easier for the students to have a greater insights about the exams and how they should respond to the answers. 

How can you get good marks in Social Class 12 Exam?

  1. No matter what kind of question you're answering, start by writing down a precise answer.
  2. Draw the margins of the text a bit closer when composing a lengthy answer to a question. 
  3. Writing answers in the order of Group A, Group C, and Group B helps students better manage their time and use their energies in the early stages of the exam.
  4. Schedule your time as Group A: 1 sentence; Group B: 1 page; and Group C: 2 pages of answers.
  5. A well-structured answer has a strong beginning, middle, and end when written in these three parts. ie. Introduction, Body Part and Conclusion.
It's my hope that you do well on your exams.

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