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Unit Chapters Exercise
1. Bir Purkha Notes
2. Gaunko Maya Notes
3. Sanskritiko Naya yatra Notes
4. Yogmaya Notes
5. Sathi lai Chithi Notes
6. Tyo Feri Farkala Notes
7. Paryaparyatanka Sambhabana ra Ayam Notes
8. Lau Aayo Taja Khabar Notes
9. Safaltako Katha Notes
10. Krishi Sala ma Ek din Notes
11. Rara Vraman Notes
12. Jal Srot ra Urja Notes

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080 Notes App

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080 is an essential textbook-based android app that offers a comprehensive guide for Class 11 Nepali students who are studying under the revised curriculum of 2080 BS in Nepal. 

This app provides solutions and answers to all the questions presented in the book. With the offline functionality, students can access the app without any internet connection, making it easier for them to study anytime and anywhere.

This app is designed to help students prepare and excel in their exams in this subject. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand explanations, it provides an engaging and interactive learning experience. With Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080, students can improve their understanding of the subject and enhance their academic performance.

Features of Class 12 Nepali Guide 2080 App: 

  • Enjoy everywhere, anytime access to offline content.
  • With our clear summaries, you may quickly understand each chapter.
  • Get helpful grammatical hints and techniques for each chapter to improve your comprehension.
  • Investigate thorough and understandable rules and deeply connected explanations.
  • Enjoy a modern, elegantly designed UI that is sleek and beautiful.
  • Built with your faith in The SR Zone's for simplicity and accuracy.
  • With the proper study partner, you can maximize your test preparation.

Screenshots of Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080 APK

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 App

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 App

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 App

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 App

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 App

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 App

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 App

Contents of the App:

The application contains everything related to all 12 chapters of class 11 Nepali Book. 
Unit No.Unit Name
Unit 1Bir Purkha
Unit 2Gaunko Maya
Unit 3Sanskritiko Naya yatra
Unit 4Yogmaya
Unit 5Sathi lai Chithi
Unit 6Tyo Feri Farkala
Unit 7Paryaparyatan 
Unit 8Lau Aayo Taja Khabar
Unit 9Saphalta ko Katha
Unit 10Krishi Sala ma Ek din
Unit 11Rara Bhraman
Unit 12Jalsrot ra urja

Whether you're a student looking to prepare for exams or someone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the Nepali language, this app is an excellent tool to have. So download Class 11 Nepali Guide 2079 today and start your journey towards academic excellence!

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