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Are you stressing about acing your Class 10 English exams? Stop worrying now and download "Class 10 English Guide 2080"! This app is available now on Google Play Store. You can simply download the app from the link provided in this article.

Our app provides a complete solution with textbook solutions, notes, and guides of the Class 10 English book. With our easy-to-use interface, students can quickly access all the necessary information to succeed in their exams.

SEE exams can be very tough sometimes. You have to do equally well in all exams to get better marks in all subjects. For that, you should not take English subjects lightly. 

Our guide app provides comprehensive coverage of all topics within the Class 10 English book, including detailed explanations and examples. No matter what, if you need help with grammar and comprehension, our app has covered you. We also offer Class 10 English notes, summarizing important concepts covered in the book for quick reference.

We know that practice makes perfect, so our app includes various exercises, quizzes, and tests to help students reinforce their learning. With our app, you can take practice tests, track your progress, and receive instant feedback on your performance.

  • Our app provides a Complete Solution of Exercise for every chapter, with a Summar
  • The app is 100% offline, requiring internet access only for the first-time opening. 
  • Tips and tricks for grammar are included in each chapter, and Explanations and relevant information are provided to help students understand difficult concepts. 
  • The Clean and elegant UI design ensures ease of use, making it an ideal app for exam preparation.

Class 10 English Guide 2079 App

Class 10 English Guide 2079 App

Class 10 English Guide 2079 App

App contents

1World Guide to Manners
2Reporting Statements - A debate
3The Ant and the Grasshopper
4Memoirs of My Visit to France
5A letter to Kunsang
6Did I miss anything poem
7Expressing Conditions II
8Human Trafficking
9The Road Not Taken Poem
12I wandered lonely as a cloud
13The Chimney Sweeper
14Reunion of the Family
15Past and Present Poem
16Jitiya Festival
17Sushila's determination
18Habit Cultivation
19Interpreting Graphs, Charts and Diagrams

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