How to Grow Business on Instagram for FREE in 2024?

grow business on instagram
Want to build your company using Instagram in 2024? So, here are some Instagram marketing ideas for product-based businesses.

Yes. You're a product-based company and it seems like you're ignorant when it comes to Instagram how-tos. If you're a product-based company and you're struggling to develop your business on Instagram, you've come to the perfect spot. Because I'm going to discuss the four stages to establish your product brand on Instagram.

How to Begin?

And I don't mean simply making an account. You probably have one. This post will cover your profile, content strategy, engagement plan, and sales strategy. Let's go. 

As a product company, you must first look at your profile. Your profile is what a prospective follower or customer sees initially. So, for this stage, I suggest you read some of my previous articles on profile makeovers and writing a bio for your company. To give you a flavour of what I discuss in those pieces, I'm going to open a profile on my phone.

These are the strategies I used to grow my business on instagram:

Username Selection

It's a product-based company, so I'll swiftly examine the profile and highlight areas for development. 

In this case, the brand name is the username. Great. The name field mentions that too. IQ tools. Instead of repeating your username or business name, you may add keywords that your ideal Instagram follower would look for. 

If you rent or sell power tools, you may want to add California as a location or include power tool rentals as a keyword. Your profile image is excellent, and you can use the name box to be more precise about what people search for on Instagram. It's a simple logo.

Choose a right logo as Profile Picture

Product-based companies often place a complex logo there, but with just the IQ, it's simple to notice. If you're unsure if your logo is too busy for a profile photo, use a lifestyle image instead. 

So choose the picture that best captures what your product does for people, the lifestyle advantages it provides, etc. If you're a pizzeria, use your finest pizza photo. 

If you're not sure about your logo, go with a lifestyle picture and a bio. I prefer to start with who and how you assist. So, assist contractors convert clutter and lost time into money and safer work sites. That should be obvious. Second line: What distinguishes you? So 20,000+ contractors are dustless.

Okay. So dustless - must be a feature of your goods. You don't have me. You want to be transparent about why your consumers pick you over another company. Who are your competitors? 

The final sentence is a call to action, explaining why they should act. So use DM now to locate a local dealer. That's very intriguing. If you ever run a sale or a promotion, you may modify that last line in your bio to reflect it.

Okay. That was a fast profile evaluation. Let's talk about your brand's content strategy.

Marketing via Insta-Reel

My number one Instagram content advice is to create stuff that Instagram is presently promoting. Instagram is still promoting Reels as of shooting. 

Reels are 30-second videos that fill your phone's screen. And they still receive the greatest reach and views of any Instagram feature I've seen in recent years. So that's my top tip.

If you're short on time, abandon all other kinds of content and focus on creating Instagram-friendly material. Today it's Reels. Reels marketing is vital for Instagram company growth.

Avoid conventional marketing techniques

My second content strategy suggestion is to go beyond the message of purchasing my goods. Boring. What's in it for the customer? Your product's consumer benefit? I've created a list of content ideas that you may use to promote your product. Let me share a few.

First, customer outcomes. Like this Dyson hair care lesson, you may highlight your clients and demonstrate their product in use. 

Create as much of this material as you can. It's strong. Whether you develop it or encourage your consumers to do it on your behalf. 

The second content concept is reviews. This might be a stunning video clip like this one from Reels, or a snapshot of an email or DM from a delighted customer.

Using customer feedback

If you receive this kind of client feedback, certainly convert it into feed content. So here's a quick rundown of how it The demo may be a basic before and after of your product. 

If that's the case, don't overlook the importance of showing every step. These are all content ideas for Reels, videos, or feed items.

What are the strategies to grow my business on instagram in 2021?

Promote Product's features that stand out

The next content concept is to showcase lesser-known product features. Include tiny nuances that some consumers may have missed or surprises and delights them. Turn these product features into content.

Show your goods in action in your customer's hands or employ models if you need to. The goal is to produce material that makes your product seem as genuine and tactile as possible. 

User-generated material is another proven and tested concept. How can you encourage your consumers to record their interactions with you and share that material publicly or privately with you so you may republish it?

User-generated material is powerful, so be creative. Like your consumers are promoting your goods to their friends, and that's where a lot of purchases come from. 

The next content concept is to illustrate the manufacturing process. I know it seems dull, but this kind of material performs great on Instagram. 

People like seeing the creative process and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making the product they're holding in their hands. So go ahead and show it off.


Next, show someone packaging an order, whether it's you or a teammate. Again, this may seem dull, but according to YouTube and Instagram users, they like watching the packing and boxing procedure used to ship goods globally. So show it. 

Unboxing videos are a popular type of content. So you might ask your consumers to generate content for you.

Make memes

Last but not least, make memes. Instagrammers enjoy a good chuckle, so memes are a hit. 

Amazing if you can discover or develop a meme that relates to your business or product. That post will probably perform well for you. Last but not least, add a call to action in your content strategy. Was that great product?

You should have the Shops tab set up on your profile. To learn how, watch this video. But you need to make it obvious how they may shop and purchase it. Tell them in your call to action.

Next, let's discuss your product's engagement approach. My first piece of advice is to keep talking. Keep everything alive. What do I mean? I'm referring to responding to comments on your blog.

Then create a DM thread, a private discussion thread, based on the tales of targeted followers or prospective buyers. Relationships and transactions happen there. 

I also want you to re-share customer-generated material about you and your product to your feed. Maybe it's tagged. Maybe they write about your product.

Utilizing Customer feedbacks

Don't obsess about your feed or aesthetic. Share those customers. Y'all shout them out, Mention them, share their material with your audience, and keep talking. 

Second, interact directly with your client at the moment of transaction. What do I mean? It's fair to presume not all of your clients are on Instagram. So when you send a product, include a call to action for them to discover you on Instagram. 

Give your consumers incentives to promote you on social media, such as a discount for specific types of shares or a reward for following you. If they do. Maybe they get a discount or a gift. Last, I cooperate.

How does it help to grow business?

Consider working with influencers in your industry, whether it's giving them a free product in return for a shout-out or paying them to promote your company. If it seems like too much effort or too complex right now, consider cross-promoting with another company. 

Consider a company that caters to a similar demographic, but does not compete with you. Find someone with a comparable audience and cross-promote or scream each other out for a day.

Another approach to cooperate and increase engagement is to organise a giveaway. It might be a free product. Giveaways usually create a lot of interaction quickly. 

If you want to organise a giveaway, I suggest you research the rules and regulations in your state or province. And I know. Last but not least, knowing that information is essential before launching a contest. Let's discuss your sales plan. My first suggestion is to only display one product at a time. What?

Elise, I have hundreds. It's counter-intuitive, but focusing on one product at a time creates a mini-launch that people remember. I don't want a Cheesecake Factory with thousands of items. Because if there are too many choices, I won't choose one. 

Make it easy for me. Show me what I want to purchase one thing at a time. Second, create shoppable tags. If you haven't yet, Instagram has a strong built-in function. Instagram has given product-based companies a gift. Set up your Shop now.

Use DMs

Third sales tip: use direct communications. Finally, even if you don't have 10,000 followers, utilise the swipe up function. What? It is possible.

How to obtain the swipe-up functionality without 10,000 followers? The first is when you have an Instagram Shop set up and you can link to items in your catalogue from there. You'll notice the swipe-up functionality in your articles. 

Use IGTV for promoting your products

The second uses IGTV. Now, Don't be overwhelmed. One step at a time. You work things out, get results, and keep going. Look at some of my pupils' outcomes.

They, too, run product-based companies. And their company is reaping the benefits. For example, Lonnie, an artist, made over a thousand bucks in one month. 

Just by adopting my methods, Lonnie made $15,000 the next month. So you may use the momentum to take action. We didn't address your caption approach in your content strategy.

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