How to prepare for your final exams at home ? ( Secret Tips)

How to study for your final exams to score higher marks? (Topper Guide)

Final exams are always fearful, so to help you overcome this fear and do better in exams, I have some tips for you to prepare for your final exams by yourself at home in less than 1 months. 

I have got 97% in Class 8 Board Exams, 98% in Class 10 and 95% in Class 12, and I am going to share with you the tips that I followed to get good marks in exam. I used to follow these tips for final 1 months, and I always secured good marks and ranks ! 

Anyway, if you don't know me, my name is Shrii and I'm a university student. Without further ado, let's get into today's agenda and let's see some study tips for finals. 

1. Pomodoro Technique

My very first tip is to use the Pomodoro method. What is this method? 
It's actually something that I discovered on youtube and it helped me the most when I studied for my finals. 

It's actually very easy and free. Basically, what it is is that you have 25 minutes of study time and then five minutes of break. In those 25 minutes, the challenge is that you can not look at your phone, you can not get distracted, and you actually have to get work done. 

I'm the type of person who gets distracted by every single thing. It could be just a car and I would be like oh my gosh what kind of car is that? 

So this method helped me a lot because in those 25 minutes I had no chance of getting distracted. My tip for the five minutes is that you should not look at your phone because if you look at your phone you're gonna go on tick-tock and you're gonna spend time on it.
How to study for exam before one day?

2.Using Flashcards

The second tip is to use flashcards. Flashcards are like so good for everybody. There's actually a side quizlet where you can go and create your own flashcards. 

You should do these tests and quizzes as much as possible. I had two nights to study, so I used flashcards. They helped me so much. I actually didn't have to write out the whole definition. It was awesome because I saved so much time and I saved a lot of stress and anxiety.

3. Group Study

How to study for exam before one day?

The third tip is studying groups, because you might know something that the others don't or they might remember something from class that you don't. 

You can always quiz each other. You can practice together. Make sure that it's not a huge group and make sure that you don't necessarily study with your best friends or with the friends group that you actually hang out with. 

I'm not saying that studying with friends is bad, like doing homework with them is fine, but studying for a test is a little bit tricky. 

4. Make handy notes

Tip number four write out everything on a piece of paper that you know with one colored pen and then take another color and correct every mistake you made. Add everything that you didn't know and cross out everything that doesn't belong there or that you accidentally edited. 

I actually did this for one of my finals and it helped me so much. It saved me so much time. I only had to rewrite everything five times, which took me about an hour and a half, so it's super efficient.

5. Youtube Lectures

Tip number five is actually one of my favorites. It is to head to youtube and type in the subject or like the material that you have to learn for your final and watch videos about it. 

I actually did this for one of my classes because I was a little bit behind and I needed a lot of clarification about the subject, so I just went to youtube and typed in the subject and I watched millions and millions of videos about it and it helped me a lot.  

6. Speak out

Tip number six is to practice the material out loud. Even if you don't have a class that requires this, you should still do it. 

Let's say you have a final history. If you practice it out loud and you say it out loud over and over again, it's like another level, you know, so it helps a lot. Plus, you get used to talking about it, so when you have a conversation you can actually talk about it.

7. Record your studies

Tip number seven take a video I remember one class. I made a video of myself talking about the material and the subject. When I rewatched it, I was able to point out clearly what I did know and what I didn't know. 

I know sometimes it can be so cringy and awkward. I hated watching those videos that I made, but at the end of the day, I learned a lot and I got a good grade, so it was worth it. Plus, nobody ever saw it. 

If you don't want to take a video because you absolutely hate it, you can take a voice memo or something like that. Just get creative with it with number seven. 

I also want to mention drawing illustrations. If you have something in physics or geometry or whatever, it is so good to learn to draw the illustration of whatever you're learning about and then label the illustration. 

I've done this for numerous classes. You just have to get creative and if you can draw, you should still draw. I really suck at drawing, even though I love it, but this helped me a lot. 

For example, you can make small stick figures and label them with the Well, while you are drawing, you're enjoying yourself. It's a little bit relaxing because you can listen to music while you do it. You learn. It's gonna be so good because when you have your final, that picture that you drew is basically gonna trigger everything that you know about the subject.

8. Online tests

Eight is to find tests on the internet about the subject that you are learning about. Do those tests as many times as it takes you to know. Try to find a bunch of them and then switch them up and then just come back later. Yeah, the more you do, the better you'll know it. Wow, I should be like a quote maker. It's not a real job. 

9. Set an exact time for study 

If you like to study at home, set the mood so you get into that studying mindset. If you like to study at home, try not to study in your bedroom. 

Studying in your bedroom is not really good because you associate it with sleeping, watching netflix, and stuff like that. So, if you don't like studying at home, try going to a park to study, or reading in a park is definitely a good idea. So, for now, I love studying in my car.

10. Study consciously in every class.

This is number 10 and it's obvious and it's very important. Don't procrastinate, don't get distracted, and don't cram for finals. This does not mean that you have to study for hours and hours just for one class. I know we have a lot of classes, but if you just invest 15 minutes in every class that you have, you're not gonna get anxious or stressed for the rest of your life.

11. Don't study in bed.

How to study for exam before one day?

Funny I should say this because the first semester I started in my bed. Yeah asked me how that turned out. I was like I'm gonna be the top of my class because I studied in my bed. After two weeks, I was like I gotta switch it up because I honestly did not study anything.

12. Take frequent breaks

Number 12 is something else that I used to do a lot and it actually wasted my time a lot. Take breaks but don't take breaks on your phone. 

Like I used to do this, I was so fired up and I got so many things done, but then I got tired, which is fine, and I was like okay, I'm gonna take a quick break for like 10 minutes, and I immediately took out my phone and went on tip-top.

13. Recognize what makes you less-stressed

Do what is gonna help you be more productive. Pay attention to whatever gives you energy. When I take a shower, it helps me get fresh, it helps me get energized. 

So this is something that I do when I feel super tired and I just don't have the energy to go on. I actually have a friend who almost said the same thing, except the shower for her was brushing her teeth. Yeah, we all have these things.

14. Drink something cold

I don't know about iced coffee, but I bet all drivers do this. When it's too hot in your car, you turn your ac on. 

That's because your unconscious mind knows that you need something that wakes you up and that's gonna be cold air or something cold. So whenever you study, you should really try to drink something cold, even if it's just water and ice.
I'm not even kidding you, do not let yourself sleep if you have been studying hard. Don't push yourself to an extent where you burn out. The burnout is gonna come on the day of the final and that's not gonna be like you don't want it.

Hope these exam tips will surely help you out to study in one day for your exams. Thank you!

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