How to secure your Gmail account in 2024 ? (step-by-step)

secure your gmail account

Making an email is not a big deal, But securing it is still a big challenge for everyone. If email is not secured, than, it can hamper on privacy and may result in privacy leakage, Payments leakage, data piracy and many more that you link up with your account.

Various payments method on google like GPAY, make an adsense account, open a youtube channel, but, what if that email, from which everything you have done is hacked? So, for the privacy issues and security, we need to follow some of the privacy measures. So, today you will know best secure your gmail account.

Google Account Security:

So, if we just type in Google account security here using Google Chrome, we'll see a link at the very top or near the top. 

After a few ads, we'll want to click on it. After you click on it, you'll be taken to a screen where it shows you some menus. I'm seeing the screen because I'm already logged into my Google account.

You can reference and see all this information about your Google account security on this page or easily when you're logged in. See your icon. Then, follow these steps one by one!

1. Using Phone Sign In

  • Go to manage your Google account. Yo'll be taken to this screen from here. 
  • So here you get to see your recent security activity, you know, sign ins and so on.
  • Forth, and very important, sign into Google. Now by default, all this is set as off, 
  • but you want to make sure you go ahead and manually change it and configure it so that you can access and have an extra layer of Google account security for your new account or your existing account if you already have one. 
  • I'm going to click on this tab right here. How
  • it works: Instead of typing your password each time you sign in, you get a prompt from Google on your phone. You can still use your password if your phone isn't handy. Generally,
  • it's a little notification on your cell phone screen that says "Did you just sign in?" and you tap yes or no.
  • Now You need an android or iPhone 
  • 5s or later. Those are the instructions there for this. I'll be using an android phone. And
  • after doing everything, you'll eventually get to a screen where it says welcome and tap on agree. This is for your cell phone and it'll ask you to save the password to Google on your cell phone. I did that just in case. 
  • Here we're going to go ahead and click here to try again. It's loading and it recognizes the phone that I'm using. There's a check mark there for the phone. There's a check mark there for the screen lock ready to go. Here
  •  we get to add a recovery phone. Add a recovery phone, add a recovery phone number so you have a way to sign in if you lose your phone and forget your password. 
  • If you tap on that, you get to enter a phone number. Your phone number will be used for security purposes, such as helping you get back into your account if you ever forget your password for Google account security. 
  • After you click next, you'll be taken to a screen on the following page that looks like a little pop-up where you enter your details.
  • You hit next and then it'll send you a verification code right to your cell phone. It's several digits long. It's clearly visible on your cell phone. Type
  • that in onto the pop-up screen that you see here and hit next.

After you're finished, you'll get a confirmation that the check mark here is green for recovery. Let's tap next to get a feel for what it looks like when you sign into your Google account.

Click next to continue with Google account security settings for 2021 and beyond. So I'm going to look at the cell phone. It says trying to sign in from another computer and it lists the Gmail account associated with this cell phone.

I'm going to tap on yes and it worked. Turn it on, turn it on to start using your phone to sign in to your Google account. I'm going to turn it on phone sign-in.

2. Using 2-factor Authentication 

So, let me go back here to the security settings. We have your phone to sign on into. One of the last things we want to do is two-step verification, an extra layer of security for Google account settings and security to keep the bad guys out. 

  1. You're using your phone to sign in. You are currently using your phone to sign in. Turning on two-step verification will turn it off for your account. Are you sure you want to proceed now? 
  1. I always submit okay, like yes, because what I've noticed with the other accounts is that they're still working. You still get to sign in by tapping the screen on your phone. 
  1. Double check the message. It'll ask you, did you just sign in? and you type yes or no along with the location on your cell phone, your registered cell phone rather. So I'm going to tap on OK. 
  1. Use your phone as your second step to signing in after you've entered your password. Google prompts are securely sent to every phone where you're signed in. Just tap the notification to review and sign in, and that's the device. There are more options and continue. 
  1. Then, continue-turn on two-step verification. That's right, there's just one more thing and that is a setup authenticator app. Use the authenticator app to get free verification codes even when your phone is offline. It is available for Android and iPhone.
  1. Now this is really to set you up for the highest or one of the highest or the highest security for your new Google account or your existing one that you may not have ever used before, but let's go ahead and proceed to get the codes from your authenticator app. 
  1. Now you could download this authenticator app from the Google play store and, more than likely, the Apple store as we have two options here for this. I'll be using an Android and here we're going to scan it by opening the authenticator app on your cell phone at the bottom right hand corner of your cell phone. 
  1. After opening up the Google authenticator app, you'll see a plus sign. Tap on it and then it says scan a QR code. Next, once it's been done, enter the six digits entered to six digits from the Google authenticator app that was shown on the cell phone screen. Done! 
  1. Last but not least, let me refresh this page to show that this was done. Here we go, you see the authenticator on.
  1. Also, I'd like to get these backup codes just in case, now that I've done. I've downloaded them to my desktop and I'll put them in a folder called Google account settings for Google account security set up. 
  1. It will successfully secure your Gmail account.

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