How to be rich, happy and successful in Life?

how to be rich happy and successful in life

People search for money in order to be happy. But, at what limit, s/he stops asking for or looking for money? 

No Limit, There is not any satisfaction level, where one gets satisfied with money. So, Getting rich doesn't bring all happiness and satisfaction.

So, You might ask now, How to be rich, successful and happy then?

Don't worry because, today we are going to share with you 10 ways by which you can gain live a happy life.

No one gets rich by imagining or willing to be, nor by earning money. Because a person who spends all the money that he has earned will never be rich. 

However, the person who saves his money and invests more money is sure to get rich. If you want to know how a person can be rich, successful and happy all at the same time? Then, Yes Google has landed you on the right destination. 

Getting rich is not easy. People do not get rich just by earning nor by saving. Only those who can afford money in saving all the time are rich. Very few have the ability to do so. So today we are going to share with you the ways to be rich and successful.

Economist Stuart Rutherford says that money is not only for the rich but also for the poor. Poor people can be rich if they always save on their income. However, what about saving $20 and $40 and it is very difficult for someone.


how to be rich happy and successful

Small savings today can save you a huge financial burden tomorrow. So, save on your income. Calculate how much you earn first and be sure of how much you save on your salary. You can reduce costs to save more.

I don't mean saving a day, a month or a year makes you rich. You need to develop the habit of saving permanently. 

If you put in only $1 every day for a year, it will be about  $365 a year. If you smoke, reduce one cigarette a day. Also, save that money.

Also, keep savings in this way for banks, financial institutions or cooperatives. These institutions pay interest. Also, your money is better protected.

Bank interest alone is not enough. So insurance with the money you save in this way. With insurance, you can reduce your risk to millions. The amount spent on insurance is also saving.

Think 10 times before using money. Do not do more than you actually need.

The things that people want to get rich and succeed in must get rid of certain habits in their life!

Simply read it, it doesn't work!

You can't just talk or think of being wealthy and rich. 

Nothing will happen by building a palace in the air. You can never go further unless you think or speak. So, whatever you plan to do, you should start immediately.


Before giving you the ideas of being rich, successful and happy, first of all, let's understand, 

Why are you not happy or successful yet?

1. You have no goal or plan.

One needs to have a specific goal. You need to have a plan for your life. This will help you in the long run. 

If I say to you to stand in a ground and run here and there, in summer of 45 centigrades, What will you do? You simply deny it. But, what if I gave a ball to you and asked you to make 50 Goals, you will start doing it happily and passionately.

Saving is not a burden or obligation, but it must be a passion with a goal.

2. You lack focus on work

You have to be very discriminating with the help you give other people. You have to be patient in your work. Rather than spending time in unusual tasks, why not do your own task?


3. You don't trust anyone, Stop doubting

This is the worst thing you can do in your life. If the trend continues, the dream you see will begin to unravel instead of coming true.

So never hesitate and try to resolve your negative feelings and thoughts on the basis of the mind.


4. You always wait for the right time

There is no such thing as a perfect moment. You should anticipate potential dangers, but do not wait for the moment. Do not make the mistake of thinking that time will come someday.


5. You do not will to explore or read

Discovering new information is an ongoing process. 

So successful people do not stop learning. They read, talk to people and keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world.

So, self-evaluate about it, which habits are identical to yours?


Where can you find happiness?

We want to get high marks in exams . We want a good job.

We want to prosper materially. We want to have our own house and our own car. 

We want to have good relationships with our relatives and friends. Why?

Because in all of this, we want to find happiness. 

Happiness is the same area of ​​all our efforts and expectations.

Not only that, we eat sweets. We like the taste. Happiness is also found in that. We wear nice clothes. Everyone is saying that your clothes are good. Happiness also comes from that.

We eat nutritious food. Exercise, Stay Active Why?

because there is no pain in the body. We don't be sad. That means happiness.


Happiness is the power of life, and also beauty. But where is happiness to be found? How can happiness be found?

We think money makes us happy. Wealth brings happiness. Yes, it makes our lives easier. It solves our problems and difficulties. It makes life a little easier. But, these are ways, not resources.

If money made you happy, the richest people in the world would be happier. 

There is no difference between the happiness of one of the richest people in the world and one who lives on the sidewalk. 

The happiness of a billionaire when he earns millions is as much as the happiness of a person living on a sidewalk when he gets enough to eat.


how to be rich happy and successful

So the amount of happiness and the result is neither rich nor poor. Neither strong nor weak. Happiness is the same. 

Happiness is not outside, it is inside us. We ourselves are the source of happiness.

Happiness, don't buy it. Happiness, no need to ask. Happiness, theft can never rob, because the immense source of joy is within us.

There is a popular saying in Nepal, "Is hunger sweet or food?"

Really no material object or achievement is happiness. Not a source of happiness. Happiness is within us.


Where to find happiness?

Happiness is a human behavior, a tendency. 

We are always in search of happiness. 

We are also losing happiness in the pursuit of happiness. 

Because we think, happiness is in all the material things, the attainment of which makes us happy.

We don't need money to be happy. 

Ash does not need rest. 

No need for sweets. 

In order to be happy, it is enough to understand that the source is within oneself.


What are benefits of being happy?

When we are happy, cheerful, then the environment around us also feels good. 

The people standing in front of us are also happy. Family members are happy. Happiness expands happiness.

When we are happy, our mind gets calm. 

The brain becomes stable. 

We are happy, It removes disorders of the body. 

It reduces the level of rage, hatred, anger. 

That is, our mental state is washed away.

how to be rich happy and successful

So, we should be happy. Happiness is with us. We have to develop a tendency to be happy in small things, even in small things. Because happiness is the beauty of the world.


How can we be happy?

1. Take a deep breath

If you take a deep breath every day, the amount of oxygen in the body will increase, which will reduce the disorder of the mind along with the body.

When you take a deep breath, your body releases positive chemicals that help keep you happy.


2. Reduce the desire

If you want more, you can't fulfill it no matter how much money you have. If the wish cannot be fulfilled, one becomes sad. So you need to reduce the desire to be happy.


3. Don't be too ambitious

It is good to prepare yourself for this purpose with a purpose. But, if you have the ambition to achieve a quick result, it will put you under stress.

It ends your happiness. So don't be overly ambitious.


4. smile

Even if you don't like to laugh or have fun, try to smile. Try to get used to it gradually. If you keep on laughing, you will gradually get used to it.

Laughter also increases the body's excretion of positive emotions, which gradually makes you happier.


5. Smile at yourself looking in the mirror

Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. 

If your hair is thin, your face is scarred, your lips are chapped, or if you have a similar defect in your body, do not pay attention to such things and look in the mirror and smile.

If you do this every day, you will become positive and happy.


6. Don't try be like others

Prioritize what you want to be, rather than what others want you to be. Others want to wear heavy make-up, but if you like light make-up, do what you want.

It preserves your originality and brings you into the company of someone who agrees with your originality, which helps you to be happy.


7. Don't be shy

If you have made a mistake or feel ashamed of yourself and your surroundings, get rid of it today. It makes you confident.


8. Get creative

Do creative things like writing, reading, drawing, dancing, singing, playing, sewing. When engaged in creative work, the negative energies of the body are transformed into creative energy and the mind becomes happy.


How does laughter benefit the body?

If we laugh, it makes us happy. Not only us, but we also enjoy the environment around us. Those who stay together also become happy. It builds positive energy.

We don't have to spend money to laugh. No need to wait. You can laugh anywhere, anytime. Some even say, 'He who does not know how to laugh doesn't know how to live.'

Laughter has great value in life. We know this. 

Yet we are stubborn to laugh. We do not like to laugh when such traits as leprosy, anger, jealousy, grief, pain, domination. Or you can't laugh. 

While laughter is said to remove these conditions.


Free treatment

Laughter is the only solution. When we open our heart and laugh, our internal organs are activated. Blood flow is good. It keeps the heart-healthy. Just as clean air and healthy food are important to the body, laughter also contributes to good health.


To get rid of stress

There are many reasons to laugh. 

You can make a good laugh by making some excuses. It removes mood swings. Don't let worry, stress, pain hurt you. Don't let negative emotions get in the way.

Well, laughter is now being done. Laughter is taught in various yoga classes. Laughter in the fresh air in the morning is good for life.

According to health experts, laughter fills the mind with enthusiasm and joy. The positive energy flows through the body.


Healthy blood flow

Laughter helps to improve blood flow in the body. When we laugh, oxygen reaches the body. Oxygen helps to keep the heart pump rate up.


It strengthens the immune system

Laughter strengthens our immune system. It helps us to fight various diseases. You have to laugh for a healthy life.



If you have insomnia, have a good laugh. It produces a hormone called melatonin in the body. This hormone helps you sleep.


Benefit to the heart

Laughter helps our hearts work better. Also, regular laughter does not increase the risk of heart attack. There is no heart-related disease.


Looking young and beautiful

Anyone who wants to look young and beautiful. Laughter is a way of accomplishing something. When you laugh out loud, the facial muscles work just fine. This causes blood to flow around the face. It looks beautiful and fresh.

Reduces stress

Laughter is the best and most natural remedy for stress. Laughter changes our emotions. It soothes stress.


Fresh air in the body

When we laugh, the fresh air reaches our lungs. This allows the body to have a better supply of oxygen. Laughter also gives you strength.

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