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The Oval Portrait Exercise: Questions Answers and Summary Class 11 PDF Download

Summary & Complete Exercise Questions Answers Solution of The Oval Portrait Story class 11

The Oval Portrait Summary

In the opening of the story, a wounded narrator and his servant take shelter in an abandoned home in Italy's Apennine Mountains. They decide to stay on a room in the home.

The narrator is intrigued by the unusual oval picture and the painting in it that covers the walls of a room. By the time it's midnight, he moves the candle in the room closer to the books so it can be seen better. He discovers neglected artwork in an oval-shaped frame straight immediately. There are only the shoulders and head visible. This artwork holds a particular place in the narrator's heart because it was so lively. A picture is quickly explained by checking the book, and the narrator finds the history of that picture.

It turned out the woman depicted was his artist's young bride, and he cared more about his work than anything else in the world, including his wife. On the other hand, the woman was the perfect wife except for her jealous attitude toward her husband's creative ability. He starts painting his wife one day after being persuaded to do so by her artist husband. He was so focused on depicting her beauty that he rarely glanced away from the painting, not even to watch his wife or her dress. 

Despite her deteriorating health, the wife remained obedient and humble throughout the length of the project, maintaining the same posture for weeks on end without lifting a finger in complaint. When the artist was nearly done with the painting, he was delighted and proud of his perfect work. Looking at his wife, he finds she is dead.

The Oval Portrait Class 11 Exercise : Questions Answers Solution

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers

The Oval Portrait Questions Answers
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Complete Questions Answers

Understanding the text

a. Where did the narrator and his servant make forcible entrance?

Ans : The narrator and his servant made a forcible entrance into an abandoned Chateau in the Apennines.

b. Which special picture did the narrator notice in the room?

Ans : A miniature picture of a young girl in an oval shape caught the narrator's eye.

c. Describe the portrait that the narrator saw in the room.

Ans : A picture in the room featured a woman painted in the vignette style. Arms, body side, and the very tip of the woman's hair were all lost in the gloomy background. It was gold-plated and adorned in the Moresque style with an oval-shaped frame.

d. What is the relationship between the portrait painter and its subject?

Ans: Portrait painter and its subject have a husband-and-wife relationship. The subject's (lady's) spouse is an accomplished artist who created a portrait of his wife.

Reference to the text

A.What is the story's primary theme? In the oval portrait, who is the lady depicted?

In the short story "The Oval Portrait," the relationship between life and art is a primary theme. Art and love have the ability to raise anybody to a greater degree of perfection, but they also have the potential to harm those around us. The story's storyline highlighted the perils of developing a strong connection to anything. Art and love have the power to destroy everything that stands in their way.  

The woman in the oval portrait is the painter's wife, and he painted the oval portrait.

B. "The Oval Portrait" is a short horror story by Edgar Allan Poe involving the disturbing circumstances surrounding a portrait in a chateau. Elaborate.

The Oval Portrait is a short story about a portrait photographer and the woman who becomes his victim.

When the narrator stayed in a room of the chateau that had been abandoned and was no longer being cared for, despite its magnificent façade and interior décor, they noticed a very lifelike portrait of a lady. While many of the objects in the chateau were valuable and historic, many of them were in poor condition. Many pieces of art and architectural buildings were undiscovered, because of their unscientific positions and as a result, they were all regarded as worthless.

The painting was also hung on the wall of the chateau's furthest tower. Because it was concealed, the guests couldn't see it. The portrait was put in an insignificant location, lowering its value.

C. "The Oval Portrait" suggests that the woman's beauty condemns her to death. Discuss.

In his short story The Oval Portrait, Edgar Allan Poe not only examines the relationship between art and life, but he also makes many references, one of which is that the woman's beauty would lead to her death. We find out whether the young girl was dead just because of her beautiful appearance.

Her husband wanted to photograph her since she was described as a beautiful lady in the story. He put a lot of effort into making his wife's photo seem like her in real life. Because he was so dedicated to giving his art life, the portrait took him weeks to complete. Throughout the course of time, he viewed his wife as nothing more than a tool. He didn't think about the fact that she was a person who had been in a dark room for a long time and might have perished.

She eventually dies as he finishes and exclaims, "This is really life itself!" Her sole cause for death was her attractiveness. In other words, her husband would not have wanted to paint her if she hadn't been so breathtakingly beautiful, and she may still be alive today.

D. Discuss the story as a frame narrative (a story within a story).

The Oval Portrait, as a narrative frame, conveys a whole different story from the one shown in the mainstream story. The story's narrator gets wounded and struck at night in the first section of the story. He and Pedro take refuge in an abandoned house. While his servant sleeps, the storyteller remains awake. He is enthralled by a picture on his bedroom wall, as well as a well-written book. He learns about a young lady from the novel after seeing a realistic picture of her.

Then, here starts the story within the story. The story describes a lovely lady marrying a painter who is totally engaged in his art. Even though she doesn't like it, she is willing to sit behind the canvas for many weeks. At the conclusion of the picture, the woman's health deteriorates significantly. He gets a delayed realisation as he finishes painting her portrait: she is dead. Hence, the story describes another story.

E. The story is told in a descriptive style, with plenty of imagery and symbolism. Which images and symbols do you find in the story?

Throughout the story, there are many images and symbols used. The author has effectively conveyed his horror components through visuals in this story, where darkness and light are used to great effect. The audience was instantly captivated by a feeling of tension with the background of a lonely Chateau in the Italian Apennines. The image of two strangers in a lonely setting aroused the reader's attention. The author has used a variety of images throughout the Chateau to portray the setting, including houses, a creek, and more. Dark rooms, wall tapestries, trophies, an oval painting among other paintings, a candelabrum, a book, and light beams are just a few of the images on the storyline. The oval portrait uses oval forms to symbolise the transience of love and the indestructibility of art.

F. What does the expression “She was dead!” mean?

His expression of, "She's dead!" means his realisation of his extreme love for his mtaerialistic work and neglection to the living soul which ultimately caused the death of his wife. For a long time, his wife has been obedient to him. As time passed on the job, her health deteriorated. The painter, on the other hand, was completely oblivious of his wife's deteriorating condition while he worked feverishly on the painting. The painter is pleased with the vividness of his work as he turns to face his wife, but he knows she is dead.

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