Science or Commerce : Which one should you choose in Class 11?

Science v/s Commerce : Which one to study in class 11 ?

This is one of the most controversial questions ever asked. Both can be good, and both can also be bad. I'll give you two different points of view of my very close friends ; Shyam and Hari, and you'll have to decide what to do. Anyways, what is your interest or ambition is the major deciding factor whether you should study science or commerce.

Perspective of Commerce Student : Why is commerce better than science?

I am Shyam and a student studying commerce. There are several justifications for choosing to go on commerce field for me. Since I wasn't sure what I wanted out of life, I decided to pursue a career in commerce.

You must take the NEET or JEE (in India) / IOE Exams(in Nepal) to enroll in a public or private medical school (entrance test). I think this is the hardest exam I've ever seen. Parents of children can consider paying coaching fees to be ready for the NEET to be a waste of money.

I have seen many of my science friends going into depression because they didn't get one of their three chances to pass the admissions exam. Another problem is that many students must take out loans with higher interest rates since the cost of medical school tuition is so expensive.

Another major problem is that if you choose the science track in 11th year, you'll have to cope with a lot of useless information, such equations, formulae, and more.

Students that choose commerce as their major in high school start to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. In other words, you will officially be a working adult. You start learning the type of practical mathematics that would really challenge your brain. If you make it to the 12th Board, you'll be ready to start your own company.

Why commerce is better option ?

  • Commerce includes includes finance, business economics, tax, and accounting.
  • Any university or institution's admission procedure is straightforward.
  • They are quite affordable when compared to technical and medical colleges.
  • It's easier to study and build a career in this field.
  • To pursue further education in commerce, you must have excellent marks in Class 11 and in Class 12.
  • You can enroll in a CA foundation course to begin your professional career.
  • After Class 12, you are unable to enroll in the engineering, medical, or scientific programs, or switch to another one. After Grade 12, you may change to the Arts.
  • Studying commerce may provide you the abilities and information necessary to set you up for a successful career, from financial markets and economics to the most recent management techniques.
  • Many businesses, notably KPOs and BPOs, favor hiring candidates with experience in accounting and finance.
  • Contrary to those in engineering or management, people studying commerce will always be in demand.
  • If you don't want to borrow money from your parents, you can work part-time, but if you're in the science stream, you have to spend all of your time studying.
  • You have more time on your hands than science students do.

                    Perspective of a science student: Why is Science better than commerce?

                    My name is Hari and I am a science student. There is no question that science wins commerce in terms of importance. After finishing the tenth grade, I would personally recommend to students that they consider pursuing a career in the science field because of the following reasons.

                    Why science is better option?

                    • Science in general, includes the study of chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, electronics, and biology.
                    • You may switch to Commerce or Arts after 12th grade. High school graduates from science have access to all streams. Commerce and art students have less opportunities.
                    • To enter the 10+2 program in science, you need high scores in Mathematics and overall from Class 10.
                    • The study of science disciplines such as biology, physics, and chemistry equips students with an understanding of the workings of the world, the mechanisms behind living systems, and the many applications of chemical processes.
                    • Preparing for the entrance examinations is a must for joining a professional sector such as engineering or medicine.
                    • A student will have a leg up when it comes to making discoveries and developing innovations that can help the greater good.

                    But if your scores on the boards are just ordinary (between 45 and 60 percent), then you should choose commerce since science will not actually help you and will instead make you the worst.

                    It all depends on how much effort you put in.

                    Final Words 

                    Shyam and Hari gave their opinions on which one is better. Again, I will say the choice is yours. All streams are good in my opinion. There isn't a single, perfect solution. Go for it if you're interested in a career in business or the arts, but only if you're completely sure you can succeed. Once your field has been chosen, you won't be able to modify it. You need to enhance your career in that area. You should thus stop and think about this.

                    Still puzzled? I have a solution.

                      • Open the 10th grade course.
                      • Pick subjects that you are good at, that interest you, and that don't cause you a lot of worry to get good marks.
                      • List all of your hobbies on a piece of paper, and then look for a job that relates to those areas of expertise. After that, choose a stream based on that field.
                      • Never do something that everyone else is doing. The stream you pick will have an impact on your future, so make an informed decision.
                      • Avoid the subjects you find dull and stick to the ones you like.
                      • Maintain the certainty of your choice.

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