7 Free Book PDF Download Sites ( Alternatives to Z Library)

So, if you are an computer programming student like me, or an engineering student, or a student from any field, obviously, you will be needing books. And, in many cases, if you go to download books from authors, then you have to pay for that on different different websites. 

And I know guys, not only you, but no one wants to pay for the books. So, in today's article, I will tell you guys that how you can download 99% of all paid books on the internet for free. And I will give you a live proof of this trick too. 

free book pdf download sites

How to download any book PDF for free using Google Search Trick?

So, guys, I am searching for a book named Digital Logic by Morris Mano. So, if I search about this book, then there will be many websites, and all these links are there to purchase this book. You will see Amazon and author website and other websites too, but all these websites are to purchase this book. 

Now, let me tell you a trick. So, the trick is that after writing the name of the book, you have to write these words like after the name of the book, just write-


So, by typing this, you are basically telling Google that "see bro idk from where you will find, but I need a pdf format of this book at any cost". 

In my case, I will search Digital Logic filetype:pdf.

There will be many websites came in searches. Let's go on the first website, and you can see here that there is a download button, and from here, you can download this book. Click on download button and book will just start to download. 

So, same as this, if you will type filetype:pdf, so many websites will come, and you can search on different websites and can download pdf of that book totally free, and you don't have to pay anything for that. 

7 Best Z-library Alternatives

As we all know, Z library, which was the world's most popular website for free books and novels, has been taken down. So now, most people, are in a state of dilemma looking for alternatives for websites they can use to get books for free. So, I'll just get right into it because I don't want to waste anybody's time. 

Ocean of PDF

The first option we have here is Ocean of PDF. I truly, truly love it. It's a very close alternative to Z-library and very easy to navigate, very, very easy to navigate. I love the fact that they have a genre section, also section recently added magazines and newspapers and web novels. And we have the option of requesting a book like you do, if you cannot find the book on the website, you can request for it. Like, they're so close to the library. So nice. And this is a very good option, and I hope this website actually stays out for long because we need it. We need it for thanks books and for materials for research papers. So, it equally has this option of like, you can click here and type any book you want, and you can find it easily, or you can use this other search bar or journalist or Autolist, and it only has the option of donating. This is so nice. 

Library Genesis

Now, the next option we have today is Library Genesis. Now, this is another widely recommended website for novels and textbooks. Novels or books as a whole. Library Genesis has been like so many people have recommended this particular website for others to download books from, and this is a very good source. You can choose any tag here, non-fiction, fiction, scientific articles, magazines. It has a whole like search icon here you can use to narrow down what you actually want. This is a very, very good option. You can actually upload your books and like topic stock on it. It has a forum and so many options. It's very, very nice. 

Open Library

Now, the third option, the third website I would choose is Open Library. Now, the landing page of this website is classic. It's so nice. It's so, so attractive. Like coming in here and seeing all these books that are already in my library, and it just took me in. They have trending books, they have classic books and every other thing. Like, you can find so many options on this website. So, so many options on this website. You can browse on romance, recipes. This is something I would love to go into as a writer because I'm a writer now. They have biography, scientific and fantasy, science fiction, and arts. This is one of the best. You can equally sign up as a member so that you can be getting newsletters or new books that have been uploaded and probably discount or anything. And they're all free. 

PDF Drive

Now, this is another option: PDF Drive. You can see manuals, books, tutorials, and everything here, and the book quality is like, it's so...it's their books. They are just so light. And I think they equally have an app on Play Store, so you can actually get this on your phone and on your PC, but it's one of the best. 


Now, Sci-Hub is equally another website. Now, their landing page is the lead. I got a bit confused when I came here, but I just had to like take my time and scroll down, and I actually saw what I needed. But first thing, you can just search very easy, enter your reference, enter what you want to find, and you see here, it's just so nice. 


Now, the next one is LibriVox. One thing I love about this LibriVox is you can actually search, then you can read any book. You can volunteer to read, and you can actually listen because I actually sometimes might be busy using my hands to do something. I'm not able to scroll on my screen, and having to listen to my book while working, it's like an ASMR for me. Like, it calms my brain and it's so nice. So, this is one reason why I recommend this website. 

Over Drive

Now, the last one on the list is OverDrive. This is another website that I love. The landing page is so attractive, and it has every single thing you need: any book you want, audiobooks, and ebooks. That's every single thing you need, and this is the best. I think I might do a part two of this video. So, I'm actually scrolling down and checking out books on this website, and they actually have African books. You can equally search for title, author here, and you can see. And they have a blog. They have their apps, and you can browse collection. I can sign in too. You can call it sign in. It is useful if you want to read or just listen, and it has many categories to choose from and so many different books. 

I highly recommend these websites if you are searching for free bok download sites that are best alternatives to Z library.

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