How to improve English Grammar? 5 Tips for Non Native Speaker

improve english grammar

English is the language that is accepted all over the world and having the knowledge to speak accurate and fluent English is one of the biggest skill that everyone wants to have. 

Learning English is not that much harder considering how many materials we have now these days. Among most sources, the biggest source to learn English is YouTube and Google. 

After learning English, how to learn grammar?. In this article, I am going to tell you exactly the ways to improve your English grammar. 

First of all, we need to understand that we can't learn English as well as grammar at the same time. First of all we need to be introduced with the English words. Then we will understand the grammar. 

So all the people who are currently learning English should focus on the fluency and the correctness of pronunciation rather than the grammar because if we started focusing too much and grammar at the learning phase then we will start hesitating due to fear of mistake and it will create a bad impression when we have a conversion with an native speakers. 

After you get very familiar with English words and their pronunciation, you can move forward to learning the grammar. Here are some tips to improve your grammar in this article.

Read a Lot

One of the effective ways to learn the grammar in English is to read the English literature like English stories English essays etc. It helps the learners to understand the context or the uses of specific grammar instances in English. Similarly, you should have the habit of searching the dictionary or Google ready for the words or the grammar problems if you ever get stuck.

In the same way, if you come across unfamiliar words, you should develop the habit of looking them up in a dictionary.

Practicing Grammar problems

If your primary language is not English, then the most important way to improve your English grammar is to exercise the rules of English grammar. You can improve your grammar using google or different websites. Many apps like duolingo, grammarly etc on google play store also have English lessons to imrpove your overall English language as well as the grammar. 

Use the Grammars in Real Life

If you understand the rules of this grammar so well, you should use them in practice. You can improve your grammar by using English in real life while speaking, sending emails, or sending texts with friends on Social media. Start testing your accuracy when you use English in day to day life and try to improve the points where you lack or have problems. This way you will be more importantly learn what's required in day to day life rather than mugging up all the rules.

Using chrome-extensions like Grammarly

Start using the free chrome extension liek grammarly from which you can make your articles and emails and other texts error free. You can go to the google chrome store to download the grammarly application and download its extension to your computer. You can also download its application to improve your grammar journey.

Playing Grammar Games

To improve your English grammar, there are many games available on Google through which you can improve your grammar. You can play such games to improve your grammar along with the entertainment. 

The most effective way, in above discussed method is reading. The more you read, the more you learn about the rules of grammar, the more you will learn how the grammar words are used in which context, the better your English will be. 

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