YouTube RPM Rates by Country - 2023/2024

YouTube RPM Rates by Country

So YouTube is huge, right? With so much variety, options, features, terminologies out there, content creators have to figure out how to make good money out of their videos. 

While there are many factors, one really important thing you, as a content creator should look at is called RPM, which stands for Revenue Per Mille. Basically it's how much ad money you get for every thousand video views.

Figuring out your RPM can really help you focus on it and increase your earnings, since the rates can differ a ton depending on where in the world your audience is. 

Creators in some countries might earn a average of $5 RPM while others only get $2. It is not the bottom, in third world countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, this rpm rate can go as low as $0.05.

When you're pulling in millions of views, even a few cents difference per thousand views adds up big time.

It's definitely worth researching about those numbers to see how your RPM compares internationally. Understanding those regional variations could help you tailor your content or promotion strategies. 

At the end of the day, getting more cents per view translates directly to bigger paychecks in the bank, right?

So, let's understand this game of YouTube RPM in detail. 

What is RPM and Why Does it Matter?

Okay, so before we check out how much cash creators make in different places, let me quickly explain what RPM is all about. It stands for Revenue Per Mille, which is basically a creator's earnings per every 1,000 views they get from ads.

RPM takes into account all the ways YouTubers can earn money like ads, channel memberships, Super Chat donations and views from YouTube Premium. 

All that ad and other revenue gets averaged out and divided by every thousand views.

So it gives you an estimate of what a creator will pull in for every 1,000 people who watch their videos. 

Knowing what your RPM is helps you understand if making videos is a viable money-maker or if you should have another side job!

So why should creators care about their RPM? 

It actually gives some useful info. RPM shows how well your youtube strategies for making money from videos are working. Like ads, memberships, etc. pulling in good amount or not so much?

It also gives an idea of how much money different types of videos might make. Knowing the RPM helps creators figure out what they should focus on making more of. Like if tutorial videos earn a higher RPM, they'll make more tutorials!

Plus RPM breaks down earnings by location. So creators can see which countries are most lucrative for ads. Then they can aim their content more at those high paying audiences.

Basically, looking at RPM stats helps YouTubers optimize how they do things to rake in bigger bucks. They can tweak what they post and promote in ways that makes more money from the best revenue streams. Pretty handy information to have if you're trying to turn YouTube into a career!

Now that we got that RPM thing defined, we can dive into the fun part - seeing how the pay rates vary all over the globe. Some countries really hook creators up compared to others.

YouTube RPM Rates by Country 2023 List

Countries CPM (USD)
Afghanistan $0.42
Åland Islands $0.39
Albania $0.81
Algeria $2.83
American Samoa $0.39
Andorra $0.39
Angola $0.17
Antigua and Barbuda $0.50
Argentina $0.85
Armenia $4.30
Aruba $0.05
Australia $39.83
Austria $18.55
Azerbaijan $0.65
Bahamas $0.39
Bahrain $0.39
Bangladesh $0.77
Barbados $2.20
Belarus $3.64
Belgium $16.97
Belize $3.30
Benin $0.39
Bhutan $6.93
Bolivia $0.80
Bosnia and Herzegovina $1.38
Botswana $9.76
Brazil $7.32
Brunei Darussalam $0.88
Bulgaria $7.51
Burkina Faso $1.10
Burundi $2.20
Cabo Verde $1.65
Cambodia $0.57
Cameroon $1.96
Canada $32.07
Cayman Islands $1.10
Central African Republic $1.10
Chad $0.04
Chile $0.59
China $1.10
Colombia $8.33
Comoros $3.30
Congo $0.39
Congo $0.44
Costa Rica $2.88
Côte d’Ivoire $2.46
Croatia $2.04
Cuba $1.54
Curaçao $0.39
Cyprus $8.04
Czech Republic $10.70
Czechia $3.25
Denmark $19.24
Djibouti $1.10
Dominica $0.50
Dominican Republic $2.94
Ecuador $1.68
Egypt $0.32
El Salvador $3.33
Equatorial Guinea $0.39
Estonia $0.39
Eswatini $0.50
Ethiopia $1.11
Faroe Islands $0.39
Fiji $1.10
Finland $12.42
France $4.96
France $17.08
French Guiana $8.53
French Polynesia $0.39
Gabon $0.39
Gambia $2.35
Georgia $3.81
Germany $20.67
Ghana $2.10
Gibraltar $0.39
Greece $6.85
Grenada $4.68
Guadeloupe $2.20
Guam $2.62
Guatemala $1.25
Guinea $1.10
Guinea-Bissau $2.20
Guyana $4.95
Haiti $3.30
Honduras $3.65
Hong Kong $18.95
Hungary $0.99
Hungary $7.17
Iceland $4.76
India $0.77
Indonesia $0.22
Iran $6.24
Iraq $0.78
Ireland $20.02
Isle of Man $0.39
Israel $15.49
Italy $0.98
Italy $15.03
Jamaica $5.43
Japan $11.58
Jersey $2.20
Jordan $1.65
Kazakhstan $1.95
Korea $9.77
Korea (the Republic of Korea) $0.33
Kuwait $7.22
Kyrgyzstan $1.35
Lao People’s Democratic Republic $5.60
Latvia $7.26
Lebanon $1.87
Lesotho $0.39
Liberia $2.20
Libya $5.16
Liechtenstein $1.10
Lithuania $7.55
Luxembourg $0.39
Macao $1.38
Macedonia $1.40
Madagascar $0.55
Malawi $0.39
Malaysia $1.54
Maldives $2.21
Mali $9.25
Malta $5.87
Martinique $5.25
Mauritania $4.18
Mauritius $7.76
Mayotte $3.30
Mexico $10.46
Moldova $4.18
Mongolia $6.44
Montenegro $0.39
Morocco $0.37
Mozambique $7.46
Myanmar $1.34
Namibia $2.20
Nepal $2.35
Netherlands $19.55
New Caledonia $1.46
New Zealand $30.97
Nicaragua $2.11
Niger $6.60
Nigeria $3.18
Northern Mariana Islands $0.50
Norway $22.19
Oman $4.16
Pakistan $0.65
Palestine $2.75
Panama $1.90
Papua New Guinea $2.50
Paraguay $2.73
Peru $1.36
Philippines $0.53
Poland $8.44
Portugal $11.35
Puerto Rico $8.86
Qatar $1.22
Réunion $0.39
Romania $2.04
Russian Federation $1.60
Rwanda $1.20
Saint Kitts and Nevis $0.50
Saint Lucia $0.39
Saint Pierre and Miquelon $1.84
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $1.46
Samoa $0.90
San Marino $1.65
Saudi Arabia $0.36
Senegal $0.88
Serbia $1.32
Seychelles $1.93
Sierra Leone $3.85
Singapore $19.53
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) $0.55
Slovakia $0.74
Slovenia $9.11
Solomon Islands $0.39
Somalia $1.36
South Africa $11.00
South Sudan $2.20
Spain $15.64
Sri Lanka $4.47
Sudan $3.10
Suriname $7.73
Svalbard and Jan Mayen $0.39
Sweden $14.70
Switzerland $25.44
Syrian Arab Republic $1.45
Taiwan $0.65
Tajikistan $1.84
Tanzania $2.16
Thailand $0.30
Timor-Leste $0.74
Togo $2.06
Trinidad and Tobago $2.63
Tunisia $1.10
Turkey $3.39
Turkmenistan $1.10
Turks and Caicos Islands $0.50
Uganda $2.44
Ukraine $1.40
United Arab Emirates $8.94
United Kingdom $23.75
United States $36.03
Uruguay $3.49
Uzbekistan $1.03
Vanuatu $0.39
Venezuela $4.13
Viet Nam $0.28
Virgin Islands (British) $1.10
Virgin Islands (U.S.) $3.62
Western Sahara $0.39
Yemen $1.22
Zambia $14.30
Zimbabwe $3.30

Why YouTube RPM Rates differ by geography?

Alright, let's take a look around the world at how YouTube payment rates can vary in different places. There's lots that goes into why some countries earn more than others from their videos.

To start, advertising demand is big - if companies in an area want to reach more viewers, they'll pay YouTube more which gets passed on to creators. Also things like who actually watches videos in each location, and what they're interested in watching makes a difference.

Economics in a country matters too - places with stronger economies usually see higher RPMs (revenue per thousand views). But it's not the only factor by any means.

Dealing with Different Revenue Rates Around the World

Making money from your online videos can be tricky since payment rates vary a lot in different countries. Here are some things you can do to optimize your earnings worldwide:

Know Your Audience:

Focus your content and ads on the type of people watching in each place. Understanding what folks like in specific areas really helps boost how engaged they are. More engagement means more money from ads.

Try Different Revenue Sources:

Look into membership programs, merch, and chat donations besides just ads. Having multiple income streams can balance things out and give you steadier cash flow when rates fluctuate somewhere.

Stay Clued In:

Keep an eye on how the ad market is doing region by region. Changes to demand and such impact rates, so staying informed helps you adapt your plan accordingly.

Which country has the highest YouTube RPM Rates?

Here are the top countries with highest YouTube RPM in the world. 

1. The US of America - Top Dollar RPMs

Being the home of YouTube, the U.S. is one of the best places worldwide for revenue per thousand views. There's huge companies always looking to advertise, and such a massive audience with every type of person you can imagine.

All that adds up to the creator money being real good. Peoples who are making videos for Americans audience tend to earn more RPM than in lots of other places. Probably helps that advertising is such a beast of an industry here too.

Everything from big corporation ads to little startup promotions, they're pumping cash into YouTube heavy in the States. And with over 300 million potential viewers, there's no shortage of eyeballs.

If you can capture the massive US audience, the payment rates are top notch. Of course you still need to make stuff people want to watch. But the opportunities are there like nowhere else with that kind of money flowing around.

2. The UK - High RPM for Quality Videos

Right behind the US is the UK in terms of YouTube money potential. The RPM rates for British creators are pretty sweet.

Maybe it's because UK viewers really know good content when they see it. Uk audience wants videos with quality production and real effort put in. Catering to that audience tends to pay off well.

With people paying closer attention to what they watch there, the ads YouTube runs get good money. So that revenue trickles on down to the creators. Make the kinds of videos that hook UK fans, and the payments will keep rolling in.

It takes effort to entertain such a selective crowd. But by doing it well, British creators can find themselves rewarded with favorable RPM. The audience appreciation translates to real dollars in their pockets. Not a bad deal at all if you can deliver for them.

3.  Australia - YouTube Sweet Spot

Australia proves to be a sweet spot for YouTube money. The RPM rates see it up there as a place where creators can make good amount and make a living out of it.

Part of that comes from their economy being solid and reliable. But Aussie viewers also really love quality and the videos they watch on Youtube. They're tuned into quality content just like people in the UK.

With viewers that engaged and willing to spend time watching, the ads that run are worth more bucks. So when revenue shares out to creators, the payments in Oz hold their own against most everywhere.

As long as you put in effort matching what that market watches, the returns can be really competitive per thousand views. Not a bad career if you like the beach lifestyle too!

Overall the landscape in Australia shapes up as quite lucrative for YouTubers. Both economics and viewers appetite for videos play a role in ensuring a healthy flow of dollars.

4. Norway - Nordic Nirvana for Creators

Norway has a reputation as a great place to live what with their high standards and quality of life. Turns out it's also excellent for YouTube money potential.

Even though its population isn't huge, youtube audience in Norway are super plugged in online. They're always looking for new videos to watch. Because the audience is so engaged, the ads that play pay well, which pumps up RPM rates for creators.

Also helps that Norwegians really appreciate high-quality productions and good storytelling skills. Catering videos towards their tech-savvy crowd is a sure path towards attractive earnings per thousand views.

If you're down to carve out a passionate following in Norway, it could turn into a goldmine. Their literate, connected viewers are primed to support hard working content-makers.

All in all, this Nordic nation emerges as a sweet spot for lucrative RPM returns. Their engaged audience and premium market comes together to reward committed YouTubers.

5. Canada - Dependable Dollars North of the Border

Being right next to the US, Canada has some similarities when it comes to YouTube money. The RPM isn't quite as high as down south, but it's still pretty solid and steady.

Just like Americans, Canadians come from every background you can imagine. They're also super plugged into videos online. With users that avid and an advertising scene that's always active, the view-to-dollar ratio stays pretty appealing.

If you're hoping to reach both US and Canadian fans, it's a smart extra market to tap. The audiences crossover lots too so content that works well in one place often does in the other.

By expanding your viewership internationally, you diversify your income streams too. Multiplying those RPM returns adds up quick.

So in summary, while it may not be quite as big as its neighbor, Canada provides dependable dollars for YouTube content creators all the same. A smart place to grow your fanbase north of the border.

6. Germany - Rake It In Across Europe

As a leader in Europe, Germany sets the standard for opportunities on YouTube. Their audience is super plugged in and companies love to advertise.

German viewers really dig quality productions and interesting stories. Make videos that hook them, and the ad dollars will roll in steady. All that cash gets passed down to creators in the form of competitive RPM rates.

With Germany’s solid economy and engaged users always watching videos, the environments built for YouTubers to succeed long-term. Just focus on absorbing what they like and communicating to their market.

The tech-savvy crowd and booming businesses mean consistent paydays waiting. As long as you put in effort catering content there, you can rake it in across the whole European region.

Germany proves itself a can’t-miss spot for video creators to thrive. Their thriving scene sets the bar high for payouts continent-wide.

7. Brazil - Big Opportunities in South America

Brazil is really starting to shine as a attrraction on YouTube. Such a massive, varied audience combined with more people going online all the time - it adds up to major potential.

With over 200 million people across every background you can imagine, Brazil offers a treasure trove of new fans just waiting to be won over. And as internet access spreads, more Brazilians every day are tuning into videos.

That growing digital scene means more companies wanting slices of those massive viewer numbers too. So ad rates keep climbing.

If you take the time to truly understand Brazilian culture and what kinds of content connect there, you could build something huge. Their passionate fans will support good channels long-term and help pump those RPM returns up.

Brazil shows plenty of room left to expand its YouTube scene. Move in early and you could rise along with a whole new frontier of viewership and profits down South. The opportunities are there for the taking!

8. India - A Rising YouTube Juggernaut

India is without a doubt one of the most exciting up-and-coming places on YouTube right now. While the RPM isn’t at bigger countries’ levels just yet, the scale of potential is off the charts.

With over a billion people, even gaining a small percentage of Indians watching draws massive numbers. Advertisers are waking up to that too. As more companies see the power of online video there, ad rates continue trending up up up.

The volume of views possible in India is simply mind-boggling. Be early building an audience as internet access expands further. When their YouTube scene really takes off, you’ll be poised to profit huge alongside that growth.

It takes creativity to capture India’s diverse, passionate viewers. But those who succeed will find themselves at the forefront of a true online video juggernaut. The emerging giant status of India makes it a priority market for ambitious creators.

Final Words

YouTube has viewers all over the world these days, so knowing how much creators make in different countries is super important. Especially if you wanna do YouTube as your full-time gig. Figuring out the RPM rates for each market can really help maximize your income.

Each place has its own quirks when it comes to how much ad revenue videos will pull in. But if creators learn what makes certain regions more lucrative, they can tailor their content accordingly. Maybe focus more on topics that resonate in high-paying areas.

Whether you're aiming your vids at busy New Yorkers, laidback Aussies or the colorful culture of India, thinking global will definitely impact how successful your channel can be. Figuring out where your videos earn the biggest bucks per thousand views should be a major factor in crafting content and expanding your audience worldwide. Keeping RPM rates in mind is key to thriving as YouTube changes.

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