This is how you can get Adsense Approval on Blogger Website in 2024

Are you trying to use Adsense to monetize your blogger website? In that case, you’ve found the proper site! There are many alternatives of Adsense in the market, yet Adsense is one of the most trusted advertising platform since it is owned by google.

In this article, I’ll discuss my own experience with ultimately getting Adsense approval for “”, a website hosted on Google free hosting provided on Blogger Platfrom. 

This website is devoted to offering insightful information and suggestions in the niche, Digital Advertising and monetization, also online making money methods. Let’s explore the techniques I followed to get Adsense approval and you can follow the same.

I was first hesitant to use Adsense to monetize my website since I wanted to maintain it free of advertisements for my audience to increase interaction and maintain adsense load times. 

However, many people and audience feedback suggested me that Adsense ads wouldn’t diminish the importance of the website content. This gave me hope, therefore I made the decision to try for Adsense approval. Subdomain v/s Custom Domain

For both Adsense approval and SEO goals, linking a custom domain to your website has a number of advantages versus doing so using a subdomain. 

First, a custom domain gives your website a more professional and trustworthy appearance, which brings credibility in your audience and potential advertisers. Google also favors trustworthy and authentic websites, this increased credibility can favorably impact Adsense approval.

Additionally, having complete control over your branding, design, and user experience with a custom domain enables you to build a singular and captivating platform for your guests.

A custom domain is more likely to rank higher in search engine results from an SEO perspective since search algorithms perceive it as being more credible and professional. 

This increased visibility can increase organic visitors to your website, raising the likelihood that Adsense will approve it and your potential earnings.

The Joy of Adsense Approval

Adsense Approval Email

I eagerly waited a response after submitting my application for Adsense approval. I applied five days ago, but to my surprise, just yesterday I got the long-awaited approval. It was a time of intense happiness and satisfaction for my efforts.

Important Steps for Adsense Approval

Adsense approval can be attained by taking a few important actions. Make sure your website’s interface is clean and user-friendly first. It’s essential to have 10 to 15 well-written articles on different topics relating to your specialty. Do not use copied, plagiarised, grammatical errors containing text,

Produce Useful and Niche-Related Content

The first and inevitable requiremet for adsense approval is quality content. You need to focus on creating excellent, niche-specific content as you go out on your path to Adsense approval. I made sure that every article on “” were related to my niche which is digital advertising and monetization.

Interlinking and Real Content

Google appreciates real content. A blog should not mix multiple languages or unrelated contents. Interlinking your articles improves user experience and aids in proper content indexing by Google.

Submitting your blog to Google Search Console is essential for keeping track of its performance and ensuring that search engines index it. Numerous YouTube tutorials are available to help you if you’re unclear how to proceed.

Important Pages

Make pages like About Us, Contact Us and Priacy Policies in your website. Including a contact form and contact information is important for giving users a simple way to get in touch with you. For questions and criticism, think about including a contact form and including your email address.

Learn from Rejections

If your blog receives its first negative feedback, don’t give up. Before reapplying, research the Google Adsense policies’ grounds for rejection and make the necessary adjustments.

Leverage Google Discover

If you are not getting traffic in your website, it might also be a reason for Adsense not trusting your site. Though it is not the explicit requirement written in Adsense Requirements page, it is always better to have some traffic coming to your site in order to make it easy for Adsense to approve your site. 

For that, I recommend you learning how to utilize Google Discover to increase your revenue. This feature can greatly increase blog visitors and enhance your revenue.


You can get Google Adsense approval for your website too if you’re determined, have excellent content, and pay attention to their requirements and policies. Your efforts can be rewarded by monetizing your website with Adsense and opening up additional money making ideas like sponserships, affiliate marketing etc. Never forget that the secret is to give your audience real value.

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