Class 11 Major/Optional English Model Question Paper 2080

Class 11 Major/Optional English Model Question Paper

Do you want to know how will be class 11 optional (Major) English model questions paper? Then, here you will exactly get the CDC model question paper of major English grade 11 according to the new specification grid 2080 along with PDF. You can get the PDF at the end of this article.     

             English (Major)  (Eng. 333)
            Model Questions for Final Examination
Grade XI 
F. M.: 75
Time: 3 hours
                                Group A
Choose and copy the best answer. (11x1=11)
1. In which of the following genre did Victorian literature achieve its greatest
i. the essay     ii. epic poetry
iii. lyric poetry     iv. the novel
2. The .................... age tended to favour the taste and search for truth in art.
i. Classical     ii. Romantic
iii. Victorian     iv. Elizabethan

3. The smallest unit of words is called .......................... .
i. phoneme     ii. allophone
iii. juncture     iv. morpheme

4. The word 'communication' has stress on .................. syllable.
i. first     ii. second
iii. third     iv. fourth

5. In the story 'The Cactus' by O'Henry, Trysdale proposes to a woman. How does
the woman respond?
i. She sends him a cactus with its name in Spanish.
ii. She sees him at dinner and says yes.
iii. She ignores his proposal.
iv. She sees him at dinner and says no.
6. What is the narrator telling us about in the story 'Boys and Girls'?
i. Her life in jail.     ii. Her life being rich.
iii. Her life in a fox farm.     iv. Her life being famous.

7. According to Bacon, the chief use of study is .......................
i. ability     ii. ornament
iii. delight     iv. adornment

8. Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 18 is addressed to .......................... .
i. his wife     ii. Queen Elizabeth
iii. a young woman     iv. a young man

9. What does the 'black ocean' represent in the poem 'Still I Rise'?
i. the speaker     ii. a deserted place
iii. a swamp     iv. Africa

10. What is not the theme of the play 'The Boor'?
i. money     ii. infidelity
iii. emancipation of women     iv. industrialization

11. The character Madana as depicted in the drama 'Chitra' is ............... .
i. the god of springtime     ii. the god of love
iii. a prince of the house of Kurus     iv. the god of eternal youth

                                    Group B
Write short answers to these questions. (8x5=40)
12. Write a short note on the development of English language during Elizabethan period.
13. Compare between the modern age and postmodern age in English literature.
14. What characteristics distinguish language from animal communication? Explain with examples.
15. What are the different types of phrases in English? Explain each of them with examples.
16. Write the three questions the king asked. Also, write the moral you learned from the story 'Three Questions'. How will you apply the moral in your real life? Explain.
17. How did the Silk Road affect towns and cities along trade routes? Give an example. (The Silk Road in the World History)
18. “Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven Shines, And often is his gold complexion dimm'd,” What does the expression ‘the eye of heaven᾽ refer to? What aspect of summer’s day is presented here? How does this aspect of summer help to establish the superiority of the poet’s friend? (Sonnet 18)
19. Is the title 'The Song of Death' suitable? Justify your answer.
   Group C
Write long answers to these questions. (3x8=24)
20. How does Steninbeck explore the theme of dreams in Of Mice and Men?
Analyze it with reference to the dreams of major characters.
21. "Her inability to deal with ideas helps her to become a writer" Why do you think
Didion says that? How is writing a way of finding out more about
our surroundings and lives? Also give examples of your own. (Why I Write)
22. Critically examine the poem 'United Fruit Co.'.
                                       The End!

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Curriculum development Center, Sanothimi Bhaktapur has published a Class 11 Specification grid and sample Paper questions. Class 11 major English Model Question Paper 2080 is a necessity for every major English student and teacher. This post will clear your all doubts regarding the questions papers. A curriculum is an important tool in achieving the national goal of education. The quality of education can only be improved if the curriculum is used effectively. An effective motivational process, as well as an assessment program, has a special role to play in the proper implementation of the curriculum.

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