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How amazing it will be if there is a method to get English all chapters exercise solution, literature all chapters notes and summaries of all poems, stories and essays

Now, it is possible indeed. You can now get all chapters notes of Class 11 English by The SR Zone. To get " Class 11 English Guide 2080 Android Apk", you can use the following link. Alternatively, if you want to access the notes online, you can do so from The SR Zone websites - and and you will be amazed to see everything available there. 

The SR Zone Class 11 English Guide : Main Features

  • Contains complete guide in Neat and HD, and handwritten Format
  • Summaries of all chapters from literature section and language development to better understand the chapter as well
  • 100% Unique Notes and Questions Answers
  • Can be easily understood in Nepali language
  • Answers written by Shriram Lamichhane and distributed by The SR Zone 

Steps to download the notes:

  1. Click on Get button given above.
  2. Clicking there will land you to a new webpage.
  3. Click on any chapter you want to study.
  4. To download, either click on three dots, then save the HTML version of webpage, or take screenshots.
  5. You can also long press the image to download them.

Note ⚠ :  Please respect everyone's hard work and copyright. These notes are absolutely made for studying puposes. It means you can study, write in your exams or write in notebooks to submit assignments. We have strict copyright policies against those who distribute the notes to facebook page, apps, blogs or youtube without author's consent or permission.

About Class 11 English Guide 2080

The Guide book includes two sections: language and literature. The area on language development offers a variety of current topic-based local and worldwide theme texts designed to improve intense reading skills and promote grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing abilities of various kinds. 

The literature area contains genre-based literary texts for intense and comprehensive reading, so that learners may distinguish various elements of literary texts and practise creative writing. Following each book, appropriate activities promote creativity and critical interpretation in learners along with interaction skills and awareness to culture and tradition.

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