Class 10 English Unit 13 The Chimney Sweeper Exercise Notes

 Unit 13
The Chimney Sweeper

Complete Exercise Notes:

The Chimney Sweeper Exercise: Class 10 English Unit 13 Notes

The Chimney Sweeper Exercise: Class 10 English Unit 13 Notes

The Chimney Sweeper Questions Answers :

1. Who composed the poem?
This poem was written by William Blake.

2. Why did the speaker cry?
The speaker cried because his hair was shaved. This was to keep vermin and soot from getting into his hair.

3. What does the expression ‘That curled like a lamb’s back’ mean?
This expression is actually a simile. It tries to point out the similarities between the child and innocent lamb (young sheep). In other words, the kid had curly hair, like lamb's wool.
The lambs are innocent, young animals. These kids are young and innocent, too.

4. How did the angel open the black coffins?
A unique key was used by the angel to unlock the black coffins.

5. In what condition would Tom get joy?
Tom would get joy when he becomes a nice kid.

6. What do you think there might be in their bags?
It's possible that they have tools needed for chimney sweeping in their bags.

7.What did Tom hear from the angel?
The angel told Tom that he would have "God as his father" and that he would never be unhappy again.

8. How was the morning?
It was cold in the morning.

9. At the end of the poem what message was given to Tom?
Tom was advised to be a nice kid at the end of the poem.

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