5 Ways to download notes from www.tsz.com.np

5 Ways to download notes from www.tsz.com.np

You see, there are a lot of contents available in this website right?

Now the question is, how can you download the contents, how can you download all the notes?

Today, I am exactly gonna share with you the best ways to download the notes from www.tsz.com.np website.

How to download notes from www.tsz.com.np?

Follow these ways to download the Notes for Offline Access:

1. Download the article in the PDF form using the 'PDF Download' button provided at the end of every article.

2. Save the page offline using chrome built-in feature. In chrome for mobile, click on three dots, then click on the download symbol given in the top row.

3. Using "Add to home screen" feature, you can add the desired webpage to your home screen and access it like an android application.

4. Using screenshot feature, you can manually take the screenshot of the webpage, though it looks tedious, it is worth it.

5. Using third party tools available on the internet, you can directly download any of our webpage in PDF format. You can search many online tools on google with keyword, " Webpage to PDF converter online". 

Conditions to Download Notes from this Website

These methods work best under the following conditions:

1. You should use chrome browser, browsers like Safari do not properly load some of our features in this website.

2. You should not be using any sort of Ad-blocker, using so not only blocks the ads, but also blocks some crucial scripts that our website needs to provide the great user experience to you.

3. Your browser must support Javascript.

This is all for today. Thank you for taking your time to read our article. We hope that you are now able to download the notes from our website more conveniently. 

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